Real men don't rape

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Real men don't rape

[Url= Muslim street cleric wants to protect Canadian women from sex assault by forcing them to cover up[/url] My my ... This character really hates men (ie, himself) if he thinks they are all (like himself) prone to violence (rape) at the sight of feminine skin. Here's a clue: Real men don't rape women. Rapists rape women. You can add comments here ... :D


I agree with you about the subject, Deb - that's a given. 

But this Toronto Sun article is ridiculous.  They made a front page story out of some nobody street preacher?  They're a dime a dozen in Toronto, in various religious flavours, and they're all pretty sure that the rest of us are going to hell, and that society's ills can be directly attributed to the non-pious behaviour of the unsaved masses.  I'm pretty sure that the only reason they bothered giving a full page story to this guy is to bait their troglodyte Sunshine Girl-loving readers (I'm not including you in that description, by the way!) and whip up some good old-fashioned Muslim-bashing.  The only time the Toronto Sun pretends to be feminist is when they're bashing a group they hate more than they hate feminist women.


Red Tory Tea Girl

I'm pretty sure that men rape (60% of perpetrated rapes according to CDC estimates when those estimates include forced envelopment). Also women rape (40% of perpetrated rapes by the same metric). Degendering doesn't really work as a method of preventing rape, masters tools and all that jazz. What degendering rapists does do is reinforce a unidirectional narrative about rape that imperils those rape victims who aren't raped by a partner of the other binary sex, and downplays the possibility of women having agency wrt sex.

Ironically, this same attitude was on my mind yesterday morning when, in the wake of Edmonton's 9th pedestrian killed by a car this year, I read in metro that police were urging pedestrians to not assume that drivers would (obey the law and) stop for pedestrians.

So yeah: Clothing doesn't prevent rape. Rape and rapists know no gender. And at some point we need to stop blaming the victims of violent crimes for not having anticipated criminality in a society that is largely not criminal.

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RTTG, babble is a feminist site which subscribes to feminist thinking. That means that the governing ideology of this site holds that rape is a overwhemlmingly a crime against women perpetuated by men. I have no idea where you found the statistic that 40% of "forced envelopment" rapes are perpetuated by women, but I suspect you have either misread the statistic or picked up a common anti-feminist trope and incorporated it into your thinking. I have no idea why this CDC survey pops up as "proof" that rape has no gender so often, but that argument is entirely false. See this diary on Daily Kos for a more nuanced examiniation of the statistic which likely incited this bizarre anti-feminist trope.

To be clear, this isn't up for debate. I'm not interested in hearing any more on he subject. As far as I'm concerned, and as far as babble has ever been concerned, rape is overwhelmingly a tool of violence against women perpetuated by men. Point.

As far as the OP is concerned, I agree with Michelle -- while this "cleric" appears to be a misogynist asshole, I sense a sensationalist, divisive and orientalist move from the Sun (must be Wednesday!) rather than rigorous cultural analysis from a feminist perspective. Let's continue in this thread, started by Snuckles.

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