Save the Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic!

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Save the Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic!



Background: So, thank you, you ever-so-progressive New Brunswick government types. And federal government who is failing to hold your feet to the fire, no surprise. No funding for clinic abortions; your idea of access is to have it in (only two) hospitals that provide abortions, when two physicians sign off that the abortion is medically necessary. Didn't this exact same restriction get struck down by the Supreme Court oh, OVER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO??? Aren't we, courtesy of the Canada Health Act, supposed to have universal access to health care? Huh.

The Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton has been limping along, chronically running in the red because although they have to charge for abortions (no coverage, remember?) they also reduce or waive the charges if a woman is unable to pay.

As Unionist posted, they announced they were going to have to close. Now as a last-ditch effort to keep abortion even slightly accessible in New Brunswick, Reproductive Justice New Brunswisk is running a crowd-funding campaign to raise a paltry $100K to take over the lease. It's here: 

They're almost there, after some good coverage by the Globe and the CBC. [b]If you can, please contribute. [/b]

It galls me that they've had to crowdfund for what should be a public service. But at least they're getting somewhere and many of the donors' comments are gratifying.[/quote]


In NB we just heard about some assassination in Sarajevo. We fear war may be declared soon.


Great news, thanks for this Tehanu! Sometimes you need to look at the calendar to believe that we're in [s]1914[/s] 2014.

ETA: Thanks for the correction, Caissa!



Was listening to the clinic head on 'As it Happens' this evening. Apparently they have exceeded the fundraising target. well done! 


They should be getting some of that $20 million the govt appears to have available that will never make it to any sex worker anyway.  


Far better use will be made of the $$.