Sex-lies and videotape

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Sex-lies and videotape

The media is creating a debate regarding the online defamation laws - but what about the bigger picture -the actual act of betrayal and fraud online as well as the issue that though this is almost an everyday occurence;  few victims report these kind of crimes because they know that no action will be taken against these perpetrators by the police. So if they can't  expose the person and warn other women on the internet dating sites-what course of action is left for them to take? Should they just let it go and let the next woman fall prey to the perp?

Should the media not focus on it as well?

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This sort of reminds me of the case in israel of a arab man who is being charged with "sexual impersonation" by a jewish israeli for misleading her about his racial background before they were intimate.  

The obvious comparison would be outing someone as gay on the net.  Sure it's the truth, but what gives someone the right to talk about someone else's personal life in public unless there is some kind of criminal offense taking place?  I mean, it's distasteful to cheat on your wife but it's not illegal, perhaps that's where the line is.  

But when you get into lawsuit territory it gets muddy.  I mean, could someone be sued if they bought a defective product and then went all over the net posting in forums not to buy this product?  What if someone who was gay was posing as straight for some reason, are they being fraudulent and deserve to be publicly exposed?  Actually there have been apparent cases where gay celeb's have asked partners to sign confidentiality agreements to avoid this kind of thing.  

it's a tough question.



"Sexual Impersonation? Wow...that must be a "novel" case for them.
I however like the part where you say , could someone be sued if they bought a defective product and then went all over the net posting in forums not to buy this product? lolLaughing
But consider the media portrayal of this article. What about the bigger picture?

  • Online dating fraud issue
  • No recourse for victim of such crime
  • Action/Attitude of Police in these matters when a complaint is lodged
  • What other means the victim can pursue -if exposing him online makes her/him susceptible to civil suite
  • Re: Police not filing criminal charges of Voyeurism based on their own discretion

  • The moral values and conscience of Modern day educationists -Not being questioned at all. Running a Montessori School and conducting such immoral acts on the side.

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alisha, you sound a lot like a babbler that needed to be banned awhile ago for posting on this exact same issue.

It's not the issue that's the problem, it was the naming names and the potential libel/slander that was our concern as moderators.

Your comment about Montessori school kinda locks it in that you're the same person. Please note, if you've been banned you're not allowed to come back with a new nickname. Harping on the same issue no less. I recall I responded very well to you with the (limited) options before I knew what was really going on.


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