Sexual Assault By Stealth

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Sexual Assault By Stealth

Condom removal without consent is a form of assault, according to advocates:

Haley is referring to "stealthing," the secretive and non-consensual removal of a condom during otherwise consensual intercourse. (CBC has agreed to not publish Haley's full name as well as those of the other women who spoke about the practice.)

Not everyone considers stealthing akin to rape, she says.

Haley said she had consented to protected sex with a man she knew and trusted. But after a few minutes, she noticed something amiss.

"I looked down at one point, and [the condom] just wasn't there," she said. "It was really scary."

After confronting the man and speaking with friends who had the same experience with him, she says she realized he'd removed the condom intentionally.

"With other people, he would find sneaky ways to take it off," Haley said. "[He would] stop having intercourse and chat for a second, then … start again and it wouldn't be on."

Just what on earth is wrong with peole?


Interesting case out of BC that deals with this issue:


B.C.'s appeal court has ordered a new trial for a man acquitted of sexual assault after he allegedly reneged on a promise to wear a condom during sex.

In a case that explores the boundaries and definitions of sexual activity and consent, the three appeal court judges all reached the same conclusion — while apparently disagreeing with each other on exactly why.

Two of the judges agreed that sex without a condom is a fundamentally different activity — legally — from sex with a condom. 

And one of those judges then switched sides to join the dissenting judge in finding there was evidence the accused had defrauded the alleged victim into having sex with him.

Either way, Ross McKenzie Kirkpatrick faces another trial.


Either you both (or however many of you there are) both agree on how it is to be done (with safe woods if necessary) or it is not, in any way consensual. Full stop


I know the guy in this case. He always just does whatever he wants and hopes for no consquences after. He strictly has his own interests in mind. Hope they find him guilty this time