Straw Feminists

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Straw Feminists

Typical Hark, a Vagrant awesomeness


Best quote from twitter version: "you don't want a training bra, little girl. You want all men in the world to be dead."

I thought we could post/discuss other instances of "straw feminism" in this thread. ("Everywhere" is the most correct answer, but we can probably be more specific...)

Issues Pages: 

I really get annoyed when feminism is presented as a violently anti-male monolithic culture.  I get the straw feminism angle, and as the toon illustrates it's absurd, but at the same time it also illustrates some of the things that feminists aren't willing to discuss without a great deal of rancor among some people who identify as feminists.  Can we, as feminists, be reactionary?


"Can we, as feminists, be reactionary?"

Everything and anything can be reactionary in its many and multifarious applications. [So what?] [Is this Relativism 101?]

Maybe more to the point for me- and it cant only be just me [and definitely not just men]...

... I'm made uneasy by satire that I'm pretty sure is making a point, and one I likely think needs to be made, but I dont actually get it, and figure it must have a lot [or everything?] to do with not being familiar with the post-something or another variant of theory[s] running around.