Take Back The Night marches

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Take Back The Night marches

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Ok, so there's this [url=https://www.facebook.com/events/125752994262014/?ref_newsfeed_story_type... Back the Night Rally March and Speak Out[/url] tomorrow at 5pm at UBC in response the recent spate of sexual assaults on campus. This is an important event, for many reasons.

The question is whether it's acceptable for men to attend such an event. A handful of my male friends are listed on the Facebook event page as attending, and I've received an invite to the event. Yet I seem to recall that when this issue came up on babble a number of years ago, some babblers were of the opinion was that men ought not to go to Take Back the Night marches and that theses should be womens only events. That's the position I'd be inclined to lean to myself, but I'd like to see what responses I get on here before posting some comment on the event page to that effect.


Good question, but never mind what we think; Call the organizers and ask them.

I've seem marches where all are welcome, ones that are women only, ones where men are asked to walk behind, and ones in which men are asked to help in other ways.


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There was an article in the Tyee about this march and the organizers want male allies to attend.


A grassroots global movement, Take Back The Night events are anti-violence against women marches that originated in the United States in the 1970s. Although typically women-only events, the UBC organizers Emily Monaghan and Rain invite people who identify as men to attend the rally and march on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

"We really want to focus on male allyship because men are a part of this problem, and by confronting and deconstructing sexism within themselves, and by becoming part of the movement and not impeding upon women's voices and spaces, we want to teach man what good allyship is (and) how they can contribute," Monaghan, a first year environmental science and sustainability student, told The Tyee.




Yes, it is up to the organizers.