Texas’s effective anti-abortion law

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JKR wrote:
In Canada it means creating coalitions and supporting cooperation between those who vote NDP, Liberal, Green, and BQ, and the few who vote Conservative who are open to left of centre solutions. I think concentrating on blaming those you disagree with just fractures and weakens the left. I think finding common ground is essential.

Our FPTP system is designed to limit those kinds of coalitions and inter party cooperations.  The electoral system in Canada and in the US is incapable of providing real change because they were designed to reward the status quo and keep new ideas on the fringe of debate.

If people in North America want change then we need to stand with the Land Defenders in every part of the continent, trying to stop our climate chaos with electoral politics is like trying to bail a boat using a spoon.


Given the limitations of our rigged political system, I think the primary way we have to promote solidarity and coalition building is through our everyday personal lives that include our relationships with friends, family members, coworkers, community groups, social groups, etc.... From our different locations in society we have important yet different roles to play.