Top 100 non-fiction feminist books

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Top 100 non-fiction feminist books

Thanks to all the Ms. readers who submitted their choices for the top 100 best feminist non-fiction books! We were thrilled with your enthusiasm, and we’re even more interested in what you think of the final outcome.

Today, we begin to roll out the finalists, beginning with 100 through 91. You’ll soon see that it’s an eclectic 100! If there was ever any doubt, we’ve learned again that feminism is not a straitjacket but a multitude of subjects, perspectives and passions.

These first ten offer refreshing reinterpretations of women’s experiences on levels small and large. They deal with how men and women communicate, how women perceive their bodies and mind, and how we have pushed past crushing bigotry and stereotypes. And, fittingly, you’ll also see one woman’s account of how classic feminist books changed her life.



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Red Tory Tea Girl

Oh joy... Robin Morgan's on here... *sighs* and Gloria Steinem's Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, with a blatantly misogynistic essay on transition that's never been retracted... And Judith Butler's subversivism...


I'm just going to have to mollify myself with the knowledge that Whipping Girl beat them all at #16, and that Bell Hooks topped the list... also that Greer, Daly, and Raymond are nowhere to be found.


Oh, bitter, bitter, RTTG. Next thing you know, she'll be angrily demanding reproductive freedom on... er... demand. ^_^