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Topic: Women buried alive in 'honour' killings



You see Kelly, One is not allowed to discuss barbaric acts allowed by backwards countries unless you can first proclaim an even more disgusting backward act allowed in the USA.

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Kelly's history here probably worked against her - as did her poor judgment in placing her thread in the feminist forums rather than international news.


Kelly didn't really have a lot to say. I have a feeling Kelly would be happier over at FreakDumbinion.

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Why are we talking about Kelly as if she's gone?

Why aren't we saying goodbye to the troll who started this thread?

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Good question.

Kelly Martin


Originally posted by Lard Tunderin' Jeezus:
[b]poor judgment in placing her thread in the feminist forums rather than international news.[/b]

I think the feminism forum was the perfect place to discuss this. Those women were buried alive because the wanted to make life choices on their own. They wanted self-determination. But that was taken away from them by men.

The moderator chose to shut down any discussion of that horrible anti-feminist act but allows endless threads about the USA election.



Why? Do you think there should be a limit to threads on the US election? I mean after all, are they not the rulers of the "Free World"? Is it not newsworthy enough for you? Do you not care who wins the election and what that means for people all over the world?

Where is your outrage over the thousands upon thousands of dead Iraqi women and children?


It was shut down because we have trolls who post such things with no context or purpose, other than some attempt to show how barbaric those "other people" are. It does not belong in the feminism forum. Without appropriate context, it does not really belong anywhere.

Kelly, your posting history does not support the benifit of any doubt when it comes to posting trollish little snippets.

Ktown, if your sole reason for being here is to express disapproval of our little site, your presence among us will be brief.

Closing this for obvious reasons. Don't bother starting a new one.

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