The Toronto Women's bookstore

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The Toronto Women's bookstore

So What's happening to the Toronto Women's bookstore?. I know that it hasn't been demolished, shut down  or taken over by hordes of Zombified canibals because the store website is still up, but what exactly is happening? Have the people behind the Business managed to find a permanant solution to its finacial problems?     

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TWB has been purchased and is now a privately-owned business.

Victoria, the owner, is AMAZING (she worked at TWB in the early 90s and left just before I started there in 1996). The store looks great, and has tons of amazing events, including, a few weeks ago, launching Jessica Yee's new book "Feminism for REAL". They've also started livestreaming events and interviews. And there's a café at the back, and free wifi. 

Please support independent bookstores.

Toronto Women's Bookstore.