Trafficking, Migrant , Lured or Seduced proab+exploit

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Trafficking, Migrant , Lured or Seduced proab+exploit

Theme:  "Who is exploited?"


I frequently come across the claim, from sex industry promoters, that many prostitutes are migrants not victims of trafficking. While that may be true in common usage trafficking is used as an umbrella term that includes willingly smuggled migrants who are heavily indebted to the smugglers and often speak no English.


As a country we have quotas of immigrants and refugees.  If anyone could move here because they want to our social systems would be destroyed.  For example, we can't afford to absorb the entire population of Bangladesh.


Economic migration is not a human right.  If we want to allow more immigration I would increase family reunification. If we want to allow more refugees based on human rights violations I would pick LBGTQ, Roma and persecuted religious minorities.  Voluntary sex workers are not a persecuted minority.


The following is the result of legalizing prostitution:


It's an online internet survey of 195 self-selected, 95% independent escorts. This is from a pro-prostitution organization.


Of those surveyed, only 12.6% were Irish.  Rounding that up to 13% that means a whopping 87% are migrant.




Some 90 percent of France’s estimated 20,000 to 40,000 prostitutes are foreign, mostly victims of Nigerian, Chinese and Romanian human trafficking networks, the government says.

That is a very different picture from just over a decade ago when only one in five prostitutes were foreign and mafia rings much less omnipresent – one of the main reasons why the law needs tightening, proponents say.




Around the corner from the side street where Sandra and a handful of other women say they choose to be, dozens of Chinese prostitutes in mini-skirts or tight trousers await clients.

They won’t talk to journalists and Sandra and her friends say they are “owned” by human trafficking networks. “They (the authorities) would do better to help those poor girls who are not their own boss. They have the means to do it,” said Myriam, also a prostitute for 25 years.


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The best guess is that Germany has about 400,000 prostitutes catering to 1m men a day. Mocking the spirit of the 2001 law, exactly 44 of them, including four men, have registered for welfare benefits.


 Of particular concern are girls from poor villages in Romania and Bulgaria who may have been forced, tricked or seduced to come to Germany. Once there, they are trapped as Frischfleisch (fresh meat) in brothels, perhaps because they owe money to their traffickers or fear reprisals against their families at home.


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New Zealand


The arrival of illegal Chinese sex workers have driven an industry that has been decriminalised back underground, says the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective.

"We're now looking at two industries - an industry which is supported by decriminalisation, and an industry which is having to be underground again," said Catherine Healey, the collective's national co-ordinator, when asked how Chinese sex workers have influenced the sex industry here.


The collective does not record if a prostitute is working illegally, but Miss Healey said Chinese now make up nearly a third of the 1700 sex workers in Auckland - outnumbering Maori and Pacific Islanders, and behind only Pakeha.


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(New Zealand made it specifically illegal for foreigners to work as prostitutes in order to prevent the above)


Everywhere prostitution is legalized a huge percentage of them are either trafficked,  illegal migrants of one sort or another and/or aboriginals.

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