Urgent Action Needed: Nellie's Shelter: Help Lucy Kim

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Urgent Action Needed: Nellie's Shelter: Help Lucy Kim


If Lucy Kim returns to her abusive husband, she will most surely be killed. This is what the Provincial courts have mandated her to do -to return to Timmins from where she has fled for her life -in order to attend court for custody of her two children.

Lucy Kim arrived at Nellie's Women's Shelter last month fleeing for her life. After coming to Canada 3 years ago as an immigrant from China, Lucy found herself in an abusive relationship and in constant fear for her safety. Lucy's husband has already been charged with assault against her, as well as being in illegal possession of firearms.

Fearing for her life and the lives of her children, and without any family support or close friends, Lucy initially escaped to a shelter in Timmins. She was later transferred to a Toronto shelter when it was deemed too dangerous for her to stay in Timmins.

Lucy and her husband are engaged in a custody battle over their two young children, both under the age of 2. For this reason, Lucy has been ordered by the courts to return to Timmins. Despite Nellie's advocacy efforts on her behalf concerning the dangers that Lucy and her children face if forced to return to Timmins, the courts have ignored all pleas, and mandated that she still return to Timmins tomorrow.

To help Lucy and her children, it is imperative that her custody court case be moved to Toronto or another city away from the imminent threat of her husband, and where she is able to access the language and cultural interpretation and supports for a fair hearing.

Help Lucy Kim by contacting the Minister of Community and Social Services, Madeleine Meilleur, your local Member of Provincial Parliament, as well as Gilles Bisson, the MPP for the city of Timmins to demand that this court case be transferred to Toronto.


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Why is the husband engaged in a custody battle if he has been charged with assault and illegal possession of firearms?  this is appalling.