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i made a video about all of this, i find it interesting how in our supposed post-feminist age, where radical feminism is a dirty word (concept), a lot of some ugly undercurrents are rearing their heads...


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Great video!!! The sound track is especially impressive.

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Could we have a few details about the video please?



Originally posted by remind:
[b]Could we have a few details about the video please?[/b]

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remind, for you and other dial-up babblers, if there's ever a Youtube that you absolutely want to see, here's a way to download it (slowly) to your desktop and view it at your leisure:

1. Download [url= Player[/url] - it's free and it will play just about any video or audio file around.

2. When someone gives you a Youtube url, just go here:

[url=]YouTube Video Download Tool[/url]

and paste the url into the box. That will allow you to download the video - sure it may take a couple hours, but you can still babble while it works in the background.

3. When it's finished, it will create a file which is always called get-video.htm. You have to change the filename to anythingyoulike.flv (the flv is essential) - and then you can play it back using the VLC player.

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you can also use free online converter sites such as zamzar, it works great.

The video was a first draft for a project that I am working on that was in part inspired by this nytimes article: [url=]http://www.nyt...

As a purported third-wave or post-feminist, I tended to have trouble identifying with socialist feminism and identity politics, it had done its job and does not allow for multiplicity and difference, but arguing that all women are united in their being women. This Hillary Clinton thing has brought to light sexism that I never thought existed, it shows us that the proverbial fight is not over, women are still either ball-busters or young ingenues. Sexism is not as dead as the media has lead us to believe thus feminism needs to be rethought...

The voice-over is Dennis Prager, an American centrist and supposed "liberal" (in the economic sense). It was recorded on his radio show.