Video shows militants stoning woman in Pakistan

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Video shows militants stoning woman in Pakistan

I don't normally post here, but this story really affected me (more than normal) for some reason. Can't explain it.


Video shows militants stoning woman in Pakistan


  By Michael Georgy, Reuters September 27, 2010 8:02 AM Comments (5)  


ISLAMABAD - Turbaned men in Pakistan gather around a woman with a black hood over her head, pick up large rocks and repeatedly throw them at her until she lies motionless, stretched along the ground.


The stoning in the northwest of the country was apparently carried out by Pakistani Taliban militants, incensed because she was seen out with a man. It was shown in a video obtained by a Dubai television station.


The footage is a stark reminder that despite a series of military offensives the military said had weakened insurgents, militants still control areas of northwest Pakistan and impose their harsh version of Islam at will.


Al Aan television, which focuses on women's issues in the Arab world, said it obtained the tape from its "sources" and that it took place in Orakzai agency in the northwest. It said it had other footage of a man who was executed by shooting, possibly the one the woman was seen with.


It was not possible to verify its authenticity or when it was filmed.


Such videos aren't unique. Last year Pakistanis were outraged after footage widely aired on television showed militants in the northwest Swat Valley publicly flogging a teenage girl accused of having an affair.


The government had virtually ceded control of Swat to militants under a deal to end fighting there and some Pakistanis, disillusioned with a police and judiciary critics say are corrupt and ineffective, initially welcomed the Taliban in the former tourist resort.


That video greatly undermined any public support the Taliban had in Pakistan, and this one, with its stark brutality, could further sour public opinion against the al-Qaida-linked Taliban fighters waging a campaign of suicide bombings which have killed civilians, police, security forces and soldiers.


Militants have also blown up hundreds of girls' schools.


Stonings occur elsewhere, too. This month Iranian authorities suspended the planned stoning execution of a woman convicted of adultery - the only crime which carries the death penalty by stoning under Islamic Shariah law - after the case drew weeks of condemnation from around the world.


A stoning in Afghanistan also drew attention to the practice, a slow form of execution.


In August in Afghanistan, a couple was executed for adultery, drawing condemnation from Amnesty International. It was the first known Taliban executions by stoning carried out in Afghanistan since 2001.

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I agree - 'capital punishment' is murder

Virginia Woman Executed, Georgia and  California Executions to Follow


Oh look, over there! We must never ever comment on a religious far right practice that isn't Christian. No, better to point somewhere else and pretend that we are doing something by simply ignoring it. Because that will make things better for women in oppressive theocracies. Clearly.


No religion should get a pass on horrible treatment of women. I don't give a rat's as what version of the misogynistic "Holy Book" they abide by.


my what a lot of assumptions...


You know, there's something sick about a person who'd try to hi-jack a thread about a serious incident like this (I'm talking to you, NDPP).

editted to add: You know what? Fuck it. But you're damn lucky you're not pulling this shit in the FN forum NDPP.

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Would it be safe to point out that any time some story from Asia appears where someone is being brutally treated by Asian men in Turban's it is always the "taliban" that is doing it? All turbanned men from Asia are Taliban it seems. I am reminded of the recent cover of Time magazine where it showed a woman Aisha whose nose and ears had been cut off by one of her relatives, and the story rebounded around the western press, until Time Magazine reported that it was the "Taliban" that did it, when in fact it was really gross spousal abuse that had nothing to do with the Taliban.

Point being that these things are always politicized and used for propaganda.

In my view, the main point of argument is not how people are put to death, but should they be put to death. In that light, NDPP pointing out that the USA puts men and women to death on a regular basis is not inapproriate. It is to say that people in glass houses should not throw stones.


I honestly don't know how the women on this site put up with the shit dished out by men in the FF. The news report is about a women stoned to death for being out with a man, and all the male "progressives" here want to talk about is the political aspect of it.

Disgusting and Sickening don't cover even one eighth of what I feel right now.

Maysie, you might as well just close this thread.



hey Cue, I totally agree with you. I just don't think it is fair to ignore the huge inequality between the sexes in other countries besides our own.

Anyways, here is some more anti-women news from the lovely state of Colorado:


“This is really a human rights campaign,” said Mason. “A pre-born child’s rights began where the mother’s rights end.”

Some crazy right wingers are talking about forced sterilization of women going around "intentionally" getting pregnant.

Every day I say to myself, those nut bars down south couldn't get any worse, and yet, every day they do.






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E.Tamaran wrote:

I honestly don't know how the women on this site put up with the shit dished out by men in the FF. The news report is about a women stoned to death for being out with a man, and all the male "progressives" here want to talk about is the political aspect of it.

Disgusting and Sickening don't cover even one eighth of what I feel right now.

Maysie, you might as well just close this thread.


Women get beaten and killed for that kind of thing all the time in this country. Well... not all the time... but it happens on a fairly regular basis.


And in North Carolina, rape is legal:


Once you’ve initially consented to the act, you relinquish the right to your own body, according to a 1979 state Supreme Court ruling: “no rape has occurred though the victim later withdraws consent during the same act of intercourse.” If your partner ignores your pleas to get off you or causes physical injury to keep you from leaving, that’s still just not rape.

Trigger warning:

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Hi E.Tamaran and everyone.

It's always important to look at why certain stories get play in the mainstream media, and others don't.

Is the MSM especially concerned about violence against women? Violence against white women? Women of colour? First Nations women?

No, the MSM is not.

But violence against women if such violence can be used to "show" how "violent" non-USian or non-Canadian countries are? Yes. But not for the reasons that you think.

This of course is not to say that the video depicted isn't horrible, but for full disclosure, I didn't watch it, and don't watch any videos with that kind of content in them. I don't require new violent images in my head to be convinced that violence against women is a horrible thing. And those who carry out such violence, for whatever "reason" is invented by them, the media, religion or society, are at the very least abusive violent fuckwads.

E.Tamaran, you're feeling enraged, helpless, pity (for the woman) aren't you? That's what you, and anyone human, is supposed to feel when seeing those images. The question to ask yourself is, why isn't the death of every woman who's experienced violence ANYWHERE in the world, met with those same feelings, by people who have the power to do something about it? The answer is, unless such violence meets certain criteria (and happening "far away"  in a country that for various political reasons needs to be presented as a "violent" culture, meets some of that political criteria) then it simply doesn't matter.

Look at the murdered and missing FN women in Canada to see how little violence against women matters to the Canadian state, and Canadian society.

And THAT is what further enrages me.


It's worth noting the disgusting practices of other nations when it comes to executions, torture and oppression of women, but really is there anything we can do about it?

seems the only thing we can do is hopefully build decent diplomatic relations with them or their allies in the region and hope they can be persuaded by their own populations to do away with such heinous crimes like stoning, mutilation, etc.  And we're certainly not doing that, in many cases it's the opposite (iran)

the only place we really have any say is in our own country, so i think we'd be better off focusing our energies there, since there is still plenty of work to do. 

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Meanwhile, a 15 year old girl was beaten to death in North Delta Saturday afternoon, with a football game, with watchers, going on 100 yds away.

Everyone ignored her screams, except allegedly her friends walking down the path to meet her.