A voice for rural women of China

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martin dufresne
A voice for rural women of China


martin dufresne

"A fervent activist aims to convince maltreated wives and daughters that they are men's equals."

[url=http://tinyurl.com/2guqwp]L.A. Times article on feminist activism in rural China[/url]


(...) Along with her 14-year-old magazine, Xie founded the Cultural Development Center for Rural Women, China's first nongovernmental organization focused on women living outside the city.

She has sponsored programs in literacy training and suicide prevention, as well as some aimed at increasing women's political participation. She dispenses micro-loans for enterprising rural women.

These days, she focuses on the plight of China's largest underclass -- the millions of women who leave the countryside as migrant workers -- and especially on abduction and trafficking schemes that enslave women as prostitutes.(...)

Fascinating article but... American media expressing concern for women's rights in a country? Uh oh, looks like another war up ahead... According to U of Ottawa Professor Michel Chossudovsky, there are already 29 U.S. Army bases encircling China.

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There's no way in hell the US would attack China. Not even the slightest chance.

That said, this is an interesting article.

martin dufresne

I certainly hope they won't but... reead this from globalresearch.ca

[url=http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=5605]Global Military Alliance: Encircling Russia and China[/url]


The U.S. itself wouldn't attack China with a ground invasion. At least I can't imagine so after MacArthur concluded that land war in Asia wasn't feasible due to the sheer numbers of actual and potential soldiers in and countries bordering China.

But General MacArthur did propose nuking North Korea in order to draw the Chinese and Soviets into a nuclear war. The General and his advisors were prepared to incinerate hundreds of millions of human beings to murder an idea.

The UN wasn't sure who was calling the shots at that time, Truman or MacArthur. I think the scary thing about it is, Dubya is just another cosmetic leader himself. A shadow government accountable to no one has been in control of the USSA for some time.

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