The War on Women - especially mothers

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martin dufresne
The War on Women - especially mothers

The War On Women

By Gail Lakritz

A few years ago, we had organizations and people who, when the disturbing
trend of court abuse became apparent to many individuals, were willing to
stand up to the slaughter. They aided the women who were not knowledgeable
about court matters and were too poor to afford the help needed to make the
fight a fair one. Today, they all seem to have crawled into holes to hide
from the War On Women perpetrated by law enforcement, the media, the
mental health profession and those associated with the courts. Even our federal
government has abandoned women by funding any fly by night fatherhood
program that applies for funding, refusal by the FBI and DOJ to investigate
allegations of corruption and a White House that has created the Council of
Women and Girls, an underfunded and ineffectual council designed to quiet the
many complaints lodged against the government but have no power to do
anything to prevent the cause of the complaints.
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