Ways to protect children from Jerry Springer?

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Erik Redburn
Ways to protect children from Jerry Springer?


Erik Redburn

This is something I've been meaning to ask for awhile, but want to open it in this forum first. (I'll try to keep my own opinions out of this after this opener, irony detected) Is there some way to protect kids from the really vicious programing on teevee now? Why for example is something as age (or human) inappropriate as Jerry Springer allowed on during the afternoon? Weren't there at least some programming guidelines at onetime? Could it be made an issue on the larger political level now? I'm not exactly a prude but it seems to me that there is some truth to monkey see-monkey do when it comes to young children and we are talking about a medium thats freely accessible to everyone. At the very least these 'reality' shows are teaching some very misanthropic if not misogynistic attitudes that can't be healthy for young minds. Is there any possibility for another more successful alliance between the left and right perhaps, or would that just be asking for more trouble than its worth? Anyone else on the left concerned by this and looking for some avenues towards action? (I have some vague ideas myself but want to see what women here think)

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Protection of children is a women-only issue?

Why is that, Erik? Because women are solely responsible for raising and protecting children?

Why are you seeking to restrict this discussion to women only?

Erik Redburn

To avoid this kind of distraction for starters. Of course it's not a 'womens only' issue, I just want to see what if any feminist perspectives there might be on this first. It seems to me that television has devolved to an even lower stage of evolution lately so maybe theres more concern being expressed over this again, something I may not have heard as yet. If there's interest in this I can open another like it in media or somewhere else, later.

ETA: Ok, I removed my 'womens only' request then. I only ask that any concerned guys/fathers try and restrict themselves to the odd "I think" comment and follow up, thanx. I think this is an important subject again, with all the openly toxic and hateful stuff on today.

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My kids watch very little television, particularly in the afternoon. If they do watch tv, it's usually DVDs. Lots of Miyazaki animation and movies that we've vetted. Most kids' programming is so badly done that they would rather go read a book or play a game instead.

That being said, we make sure that there is a lot of open discussion about what is seen, what's right or wrong and where it all breaks down. If my daughter wanted to watch Springer, I'd probably let her, but there would be a lot of talking about messed up humans afterward. Fortunately for me, neither of them are the least bit interested.

ETA: I don't see this as necessarily a feminist issue, although the blond guy and I are most definitely raising the wild girls with a feminist sensibility... It's a parenting issue, both parents have to be on the same page.

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I just turn off the tv. About half the year we don't have cable - if they are bored there is a ton of stuff to do.

The bonus is that my kids score incredibly well in reading and comprehension, and can find ways to entertain themselves when necessary.


Sorry, Erik, but I think I'm going to move this to the media forum, as I don't think this is specifically about a feminist issue.

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