What is it about dentistry faculties?

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What is it about dentistry faculties?



We've heard about Dalhousie. Now this?

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/misogyny-complaints-emerge-from-m... complaints emerge from Manitoba dentistry program[/url]


A University of Manitoba investigation into inappropriate and misogynistic conduct within one of its graduate dentistry programs has never been made public, CBC has learned.

According to documents obtained by CBC News, the university hired an external investigator ​two years ago ​to examine "breaches" relating to its "Respectful Work and Learning ​E​nvironment" policy. The investigation involved 42 interviews with dental residents. The investigation largely focused on a ​complaint made by a female resident around the ​actions and behaviours of a male resident​.​

​One document summarizing part of the investigation acknowledges the female resident did not have the support she needed​ from the university soon after initial complaints were launched. ​But the university has never told the complainants or the public the full contents of the 142-page report dated Feb. 17, 2013.

All the university will say today is that "a number of actions were taken by the university including appropriate disciplinary action."

CBC News sat down with one female resident who shared what she feels the university was "trying to keep a lid on."

"It was hell," said the resident, CBC News is calling "Sarah". We have agreed to protect her identity because she fears retaliation​ and damage to her professional career.​



What do you mean "What is it about dentistry faculties?"?

How about asking: What is it about misogyny? What is it about men at universities? What is it about over-representation of males in the professions?

I think this article is the tip of the iceberg showing us who makes it in our society, and why. That male student should have been expelled. He was clearly demonstrating sociopathic behaviour. Obviously not suitable for a field which requires working with people. Instead, he was allowed to carry on and is now practising in another province. And we are not allowed to know his name.

The article mentions that the women he targeted all [mysteriously] failed their licensing exams. That's quite a coincidence.


Apparently Unionist was not that far off:


Leadership of the dental profession and of Canadian dental education remains a white male bastion. The deans of all ten faculties of dentistry in Canada are men, and of the 18 directors of the Canadian Dental Association, only one is a woman. There are no people of colour on the CDA board, yet many dentists reacted angrily to a July 2013 online post in the Journal of the CDA by Dr. Ernest Lam calling for greater diversity in the leadership of the profession. One dentist argued that rather than worry about diversity, CDA leaders should limit the number of graduates to promote greater profitability for working dentists.

Like all forms of discrimination, the misogyny and callousness at Dalhousie have been carefully taught. The CDA and the Deans Committee of the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry should reflect on the message sent by their glaring lack of diversity and their failure to care about the growing number of Canadians who do not have access to essential dental treatment.

The “tone at the top” in the CDA and in dental faculties creates a sense of entitlement among dental students and encourages a lack of empathy for the many Canadians who need their care. Dental students receive no mandatory training in treating special-needs patients and are taught that, because dentistry is private, they can offer any service and charge any fee they wish....

The members of the Dalhousie dental “Gentlemen’s Club,” which was responsible for the offensive comments, could dedicate their first year of practice to working, under supervision, in hospitals, geriatric residences, not-for-profit clinics, and in remote areas of the province, to serve patients who desperately need dental treatment. The chauvinistic professor who showed his class a safety video featuring bikini-clad models could dedicate time to supervising the Gentlemen’s Club members during their year of service, as could Dr. Tom Boran, Dean of Dalhousie’s Faculty of Dentistry, who has so far remained silent about the culture that developed within his Faculty.....

That sounds appropriate.