Who's a feminist? the old question with new angles...

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G. Pie wrote:

ennir wrote:
Women are not receptacles.

That's right, they're not.  And this is what I hate about the sex trade -- that their clients treat them as if they were.


And this is what I hate about people who refuse to listen:  over and over you are told that these are real men with real feelings who, for the most part, do not treat sex workers this way.  They are polite and respectful, in fact, so much so that personally I have had a lot more respect directed my way from them than I have from remind, and similiar comments.  Still continuing to try to twist my statements, and actually to try to mislead you all by saying that only 2 active sex workers have spoken up.  For one thing, susi represents the opinions of hundreds, all with the same stories, so when she speaks up it is from a position of knowledge.  For another thing, although not alot, at least 5 people joined up and told their stories, not 2.  remind prefers to ignore them because she cannot categorize and label them.



Okay, this is over a hundred posts, so I'm going to close it.


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