Why is it that hate propaganda doesn't count when it targets women?

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martin dufresne
Why is it that hate propaganda doesn't count when it targets women?

(From the PAR-L distribution list)

On July 21, 2009, a delegation, spearheaded by the Ontario Public School
Boards' Association (OPSBA), met with Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley
to inform him about the work of the OPSBA Violence in the Media Coalition.
The delegation included Rick Johnson, Liberal MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha
Lakes-Brock (a past president of OPSBA), Rhonda Kimberley-Young,
Secretary-Treasurer, Ontario Teachers' Federation, Gail Anderson, Executive
Director, OPSBA, Jeff Sprang, OPSBA Communications, and Valerie Smith, an
anti-violence activist specializing in media violence (and operator of The
Free Radical web site).

The purpose of the meeting was twofold.

(1) The OPSBA Violence in the Media Coalition (VMC) hopes to enlist the
support of the Ontario government in raising awareness about the potential
harmful effects of media violence.

(2) Attorney General Bentley was asked to champion a change to the Criminal
Code that would see Canada's hate propaganda laws amended to extend
protection to girls and women, this being one of the VMC's legislative
priorities. He was asked to both write to the federal Justice Minister
requesting this change, and, more importantly, to take this issue to
meetings of the provincial and territorial Justice Ministers to enlist their
support for the amendment. The Criminal Code is federal, but it is routine
for provincial and territorial Justice Ministers to pressure the federal
government to make amendments to the Code and/or create new legislation, so
Attorney General Bentley is ideally placed to move this important issue

Attorney General Bentley promised to research the issues further.

Visit The Free Radical web site for additional information on the exclusion
of girls and women from the hate propaganda law.



martin dufresne

"Three Pennsylvania Women Killed in Hate Crime" (Ms.)

(From a U.S. ally)
Please add your organization's name as a supporter of the hate crimes bill and opponent of the amendment designed to keep the bill from being signed this fall. We all have worked long and hard for this important legislation and we can't allow our opponents to undermine its passage. Forgive this and thanks if you're group is already on board, and please pass along to other orgs. Deadline, of course, is today. Send your org's name to [email protected] to sign on, asap. Thanks



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Antonia takes on MRA at Broadsides

Putting some info only here so people who may need latest data can use the links she provides. Thank Antonia!


here are the facts:

You are cherry-picking here. Furthermore, you are citing decades-old numbers. So, let's go with the latest that I can find, shall we? (And the good news is, domestic violence is decreasing -- probably because, IMO, women have the means to get out more than they used to and because, researchers like Peter Jaffe, are helping police to identify possible wife-murderers before they commit their crimes.)

Statistics Canada numbers for 2007, the latest available.

Women continue to be about 4 times more likely to be victims of spousal homicide than men. In 2007, there were 51 women and 13 men killed by a current or former spouse. For both men and women, more victims were killed by a common-law spouse than by a legally-married spouse in 2007.

Stats Can figures for 2006:

Women are generally more likely than men to be victims of spousal homicide and 2006 was no exception. There were 56 women killed by their husband (including common-law,
separated, and divorced) and 21 men killed by their wife. The female victim spousal homicide rate was 2.6 times higher than the rate for male victims. However, in 2006, the rate for male spousal victims increased to its highest level in a decade, while the rate for females fell for the fifth consecutive year.

And for good measure, here's 2005:

There were 74 spousal homicides in 2005, 1 fewer than in 2004, resulting in the fourth consecutive annual decline in the spousal homicide rate. Consistent with previous years, the 2005 spousal homicide rate against women was five times higher than the rate against men.

None of these numbers accounts for the rate of much graver physical injury of women by their partners, sexual assault, or other forms of femicide such as the continued killings of sex workers.

More research here. Tons of it in fact. More. You get the point.

As for Dutton's book, his research/methodology has been savaged, and it seems to be all about denouncing feminism -- which is why Men's Rights guys love him

h/t BnR


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i support women and ending hate crimes against us ALL....