Women as an identifiable group under attack: Part 3

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Women as an identifiable group under attack: Part 3

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Vancouver Police, meanwhile, say there have been 303 reported sexual assaults in the city so far in 2010 as of June 30. That's up from 250 as of June 30, 2009, an increase of 21 per cent


Police also issued an appeal for information involving a possible abduction of a woman in the 600-block East Pender Street at about 10:40 p.m. Tuesday.

Vancouver police were called to the scene after witnesses reported seeing a turquoise 1995 Ford Aerostar van in the block and a woman shouting for help from inside.



The missing former lover of a top Brazilian football star was strangled and then fed to dogs, police say.

Eliza Samudio, 25, was a former girlfriend of Bruno Fernandes, goalkeeper for Flamengo, Brazil's most popular club.

He handed himself into police after a warrant was issued for his arrest over her disappearance nearly a month ago.


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 A day after his wife's body was found in a southeast Edmonton home, an RCMP constable was charged with second-degree murder in her slaying.


Const. Tarith Sehmbi, 36, is expected to appear in court on the charge on Monday, said Clifton Purvis, executive director of the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team.


The provincial organization, which investigates major incidents involving police, is leading the homicide investigation.


Purvis declined to make any further comment on the case.


He has said police were called to a home in southeast Edmonton early Saturday morning after neighbours reported hearing what sounded like gunshots.


An RCMP officer was arrested at another location just over an hour later, Purvis said in an interview on Saturday.


Sehmbi will likely be suspended from his job within days as a result of the serious charge against him, said Sgt. Tim Taniguchi, an RCMP spokesman.


"He will be suspended and this process will come very quickly now that charges have been laid," Taniguchi said in an interview on Sunday. "The suspension will initially be with pay. That will be pending a review to consider the option of stopping the pay."


There's no specific time frame for the review on whether to stop paying the constable's salary,



....a woman's dead and they talk about her murderer's pay....







Alleged, after all.


Maybe OJ did it.


Too depressing to handle, sometimes.

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though this was reported in the Don't Rape thread, will add it here for record compliation.


Woman sexually assaulted in cemetery



Police are looking for a male suspect after a woman was violently sexually assaulted Monday evening in an east Toronto cemetery.

The woman, 61, was visiting the grave of a loved one at Pine Hills Cemetery, located at Birchmount Avenue and St. Clair Avenue East.

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Yesterday, the Catholic Church announced  new useless rules fo combatting sexual abuse, at the same time it announced new rules making the attempt to ordain women an equal crime as sexual abuse in the church by the clergy.


It was meant to be the document that put a lid on the clerical sex abuse scandals that have swept the Roman Catholic world. But instead of quelling fury from within and without the church, the Vatican stoked the anger of liberal Catholics and women's groups by including a provision in its revised decree that made the "attempted ordination" of women one of the gravest crimes in ecclesiastical law.

The change put the "offence" on a par with the sex abuse of minors.



church puts female ordination on par with sex abuse

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For all of the UN declarations, a 2006 report found that one in three women around the world suffered from serious violence by their mates. The report was naturally called "Ending violence against women: From words to actions."

As for right here in Canada, the 42 women murdered on average each year in Ontario tells only a small part of a tragic story. In Canada as a whole, no fewer than 178 women on average were killed each and every year between 1994 and 2008.

We need a perspective here. Between 2002 and July 20, 2010, a total of 151 members of the Canadian Forces have been killed serving in Afghanistan. Each received respectful coverage in the media, as they should have. Yet more women are killed on average each year, often with no public attention at all, than the total of soldiers killed since we joined the Afghan war. Why has our government not declared war against the enemy at home who continues to murder so many women?

Violence against women doesn't always end in murder. In Canada in 2007, nearly 40,200 incidents of "spousal violence" (i.e., violence against legally married, common-law, separated and divorced partners) were reported to police. And yet the figures show that such reported incidents had actually decreased by 15 per cent between 1998 and 2007. Let's put that another away. Despite a 15 per cent decline in those years, more than 40,000 Canadian women still reported being subjected to violence by their partner in 2007.


So the struggle for women's equality, including the simple right not be abused or murdered, continues


*Also posted by writer in the blamming the victim thread.

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Photographs of a girl being raped at a Pitt Meadows rave are spreading across on the Internet.

The 16-year-old was gang-raped in field by five to seven men - some adults and other teens - at "Another Night in Bangkok," a party held on a farm at 12993 Harris Road, Friday night...
The gang-rape and distribution of graphic photographs has shocked even seasoned investigators.
"The very public discussion about this victim and the taking and subsequent sharing of photos depicting this rape is disgusting, morally corrupt and criminal," said Sgt. Jennifer Hyland, the officer in charge of Ridge Meadows RCMP's serious crime unit.

"Regardless of what some believe they were watching, this was a rape," said Hyland.
"The very public discussion about this victim and the taking and subsequent sharing of photos depicting this rape is disgusting, morally corrupt and criminal," she said.

Police said the girl was likely drugged during the attack and required medical attention afterwards.

The images were taken by a youth who is facing a number of charges for his alleged part in the rape and the subsequent production and distribution of child pornography


Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Photos+teen+rape+gang+viral+Internet/3537298/story.html#ixzz0zmrIgXm2


This is so absolutely disgusting that really what can be said other than go on a rant, or note; the sexual objectification of girls and women must stop.


This kinda shit, IMV leads directly to men believing they have a right to do whatever they want to women/girls once they have put the label "whore" upon us.


A discrimination case involving a female bartender who claims she was asked to wear short skirts, revealing tops and high-heeled shoes to work has sparked another debate about whether it's appropriate to ask someone to wear sexy clothing in the workplace.

The line is drawn where the employee begins to feel uncomfortable, said MacGregor, who also noted that it is discriminatory to ask a woman to wear makeup when there is no such requirement for men.
"Someone can look just as attractive and just as cute with no makeup on and a skirt that comes to their knees or a pair of trousers."
Karolina Bil has launched a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal against a popular sports bar, saying she was required to dress in a fashion that elicited sexual harassment from customers.

Since this complaint was lodged, 2 more servers have come forward from 2 other restaurants the franchise owns in Vanacouver, with complaints of the same, and stating their forced dress code has prompted them be called whores by the patrons, at best.

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Have to do a bit of a rant, in addition.

That any men/boys would believe that a 16 year old was up for being gang "banged", need to give their head a fucking shake.


And just wtf are parents teaching their sons, besides sfa.


A 31-year-old Moncton man accused of assaulting murder victim Sabrina Patterson had a brief court appearance on Tuesday afternoon to face a new charge.

Fred Prosser, the former boyfriend of Patterson and the father of their two children, is charged with assaulting Patterson, breaching a court order to stay away from her and theft under $5,000 for allegedly stealing Patterson's cell phone.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2010/11/09/nb-fred-prosser-court-appearance.html#ixzz14stR69Ie


Heard this depressing story today:

Iran and Saudi Arabia may get seats on the board of a new UN super-agency to promote women's rights, prompting outrage from human rights and women's activists.


Activists acknowledge that other countries on the list also have poor track records on human rights, but say these two in particular systematically discriminate against women through their legal systems.

Overstating the obvious once again: more women need to be in positions of power.



Sean in Ottawa

remind wrote:

Have to do a bit of a rant, in addition.

That any men/boys would believe that a 16 year old was up for being gang "banged", need to give their head a fucking shake.


And just wtf are parents teaching their sons, besides sfa.

There is a huge responsibility here. I think a lot of parents assume that this is a passive one where as long as they are not overtly sexist they are doing their jobs.

I have noticed from our boy that sexist attitudes do come home and they do need to be addressed. If parents are not actively involved in this education and if they are not talking to their kids and responding to and engaging the ideas they have then yes they can blow it and produce a sexist child. My parents knew this and said so 35 years ago. I am not sure why so many don't realize this today. Remind is right on the money in addressing this responsibility.

And included in this is to teach your kids not to stand by silent when other kids spout garbage-- it can be rough for them at moments but having principles feels a lot better than just comfort and growing up with character is a group effort.

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Thanks for that Sean, and when you say "if parents are not actively involved in this education and if they are not talking to their kids... they can blow it and produce a sexist child", I believe you are accurate, but you know it is more than " just blowing it". They could very well be destroying their child's life, and other children's lives as well, if they do not teach their children sexism is wrong. Or they do not teach their children treating other people as lesser beings is wrong.

If you allow dehumanization and objectification to be alive and well in your home, people as parents may have to deal with their male children in other situations which couldl be like the murder of Ms Proctor in Victoria.

The recent case of the 2 boys in Victoria that lured that young girl, who they knew, to the one boy's place, where they raped her and murdered her. They had had it planned out to do so, and indeed had tried to lure another girl they also knew there to do the same thing, thankfully she refused and thereby saved her own life.


George Victor

The Mennonite Economic Development Associates in Waterloo (MEDA) is helping more than 2,000 women in the Parwan province of Afghanistan (a relatively safe area for NGO activity north of Kabul) to extend their gardens to not only feed their families, but produce enough to sell at the markets. The women learned about drip irrigation, solar drying, fertilization, weeding and planting in rows, trellis grapes and tomatoes and how to grade the produce for market, buildrough greenhouses of studding and plastic, create underground storage... 

"Children are seeing women taking leadership roles." Before project "Garden Gate" cold even start, however, it was necessary to get approval from the men in the village.  They were rejected by only one village.

Women are considered old there "by age 45 to 50."

I hunted for a place to post bits of this piece from the local Record , and decided that, perhaps in a place where women have been an identifiably exploitable group for many centuries, it might fit. 


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George, no matter how interesting and perhaps rewarding to read, it is, this was not the thread for it.

 Perhaps it shoulda had a thread of its own, or put in a Afghanistan thread?



The Crown prosecutor at the trial of a Saint John woman charged with murdering her common-law partner told the court Tuesday that the couple's relationship was turbulent and involved domestic violence.

Crystal Dawn MacKenzie,28, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Patrick Thomas, 29.

MacKenzie and Thomas were in a relationship and had three children together, Crown prosecutor Jill Knee said in her opening statement in provincial court.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2010/11/16/nb-mackenzie-trial-208.html#ixzz15Y4B9LCG

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From caissa's article link


The defence intends to argue that MacKenzie was a victim of domestic violence and acted in self-defence.

MacKenzie - a petite woman - sustained several injuries that night, police said.

Const. Glenn MacLeod showed the court photos of her back, which was covered in scrapes and bruises that he described as being consistent with being dragged. He said she also had what appeared to be defensive wounds on her hands.

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Great article on the front page about Charter of Rights attacks upon women being sanctioned by the City of Ottawa to name one city...and to see the Anglican Church participate in this travesty against women religates them to the equivalent of the Catholic Church.


Probably we all know this, but it bears repeating.  From a recent StatsCan page:

Statistics Canada wrote:
Women continue to be about three times more likely to be victims of spousal homicide than men. In 2009, 49 women were killed by a current or former spouse, 4 more than in 2008, while 15 men were killed by a spouse, 2 fewer than in 2008. In addition, there was 1 same-sex spousal homicide.

Also, women continue to be more at risk than men of being killed by an ex-spouse. In 2009, 14 of the 49 female spousal victims were killed by a separated or divorced spouse, compared with 2 of the 15 male victims.


This verdict was a pleasant surprise. Listening to media coverage, I thought she would be convicted of manslaughter.


A Saint John woman has been acquitted of a second-degree murder charge in the killing of her common-law husband.

Crystal Dawn MacKenzie, 28, was accused in the stabbing death of Patrick Thomas, 29.

The Saint John provincial court jury deliberated for eight hours Tuesday before returning their verdict.

MacKenzie took a deep breath, her eyes welling up with tears, as she looked back at her mother from the prisoner's box.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2010/11/23/nb-woman-aquitted-of-murder.html#ixzz16CXHW1zR


A Saint John man has pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of his estranged wife that happened in May outside of a tanning salon.

Jason Getson entered the plea in a Saint John court on Wednesday.

Getson's sentencing is expected on Jan. 4.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2010/12/01/nb-saint-john-murder-plea-140.html#ixzz16tLyEWsr


The jury selection process began on Monday morning for the sexual assault trial of a Esgenoopetitj man.

Curtis Bonnell, 30, is accused of sexual assault and three related charges against a 17-year-old female.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2010/12/06/nb-bonnell-trial-149.html#ixzz17RBvRKvh

Sean in Ottawa

Heard on CBC yesterday that the Toronto police strip searched over 400 girls under 17 back in 2004 and then in spite of a commitment to do so decided to stop keeping stats. In the same radio program they had a heartbreaking interview with a woman of 69 who was subjected to a strip search. They know say perhaps as many as 50% of those arrested in the GTA are strip searched and that it is known that there is no purpose beyond harassment in the search. Other cities have never kept stats at all. The police mostly think it is not a big deal.

I think this does belong here --

As well on the way in to work today I heard interviews about the latest Conservative backbench attack on choice -- to criminalize coercing women to have an abortion. The MP bringing the bill refused to say why the bill would not also criminalize those who coerce a woman not to having an abortion or address violence against women.

Of course I also thought about the chill effect of laws upon the innocent -- such a bill raises the prospect of accusations against any people whose friends or partners become pregnant and then exercise their right to an abortion. The authors of the bill of course insist that this would not extend to professional providers of abortion services who are already trained to look for any signs of abuse. Such a bill provides a remarkable tool for anti-abortion activists to go after everyone around a woman who has made a choice to have an abortion to accuse them and intimidate those who provide information and comfort to women faced with the choice.

It would be interesting to see if government social policy which is anti-women and anti-poor could ever be examined as potential coercion under such a bill. Would you think it is coercion to tell a pregnant woman on social assistance that there is not going to be enough food to feed her baby because social supports have been reduced? Thankfully this stinker of a bill won't pass- it is just something for the Cons to put in the window to remind their base that they still believe in putting women in their places-- at least for now. Down the road of course they will keep at it and eventually get something through.


A Nova Scotia man has admitted he strangled his wife, elementary teacher Paula Gallant, in an argument over a $700 gambling debt.

Jason Wayne MacRae, 37, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax on Wednesday.

He was sentenced to life in prison. Justice Kevin Coady ruled that he would be eligible for parole in 15 years.

"The reality is he is a very dangerous person," Coady told the court. "[The] potential for violence is real."




Two terrifying cases of domestic violence from the past week here on PEI. One happened today, the other a few days ago.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/story/2011/03/08/pei-... Domestic Abuse Standoff with Police [/url]:


A Covehead man was charged Tuesday with assault and firearms offences after a standoff with police Monday night.

Joel Lawrence Clow, 41, was charged with one charge of assault, three charges of making threats, possession of an unregistered shotgun and careless storage of a firearm.

An RCMP news release said it began with a domestic dispute. It said a woman fled a residence and called police saying she was being threatened by a man with a gun.



[url=http://www.theguardian.pe.ca/News/Local/2011-03-04/article-2301530/Man-g... Man gets 90 days for hosing wife in sub zero temperatures[/url]


Crown prosecutor Cheryl Schurman had told the court during an earlier court appearance that neighbours saw the man tackle his wife, push her head into a snowbank and spray her with a hose before leaving her out in the cold.

The RCMP separated the couple for the night, but when she was at a neighbour's house the next day, the man confronted her and one of the neighbours had to intervene to get him out of the house.

The court heard the man then called the neighbour's house repeatedly before returning a second time, at which point he grabbed the woman by the throat and pushed her up against the wall before telling her she was his wife and he would take her if he wanted to.



New Brunswick saw an increase in women killed by a partner or ex-partner in 2010, according to researchers.

Deborah Doherty, the executive director of the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick, said five women were killed in acts of domestic violence in 2010.

Doherty said the past year has seen a higher than average number of cases of domestic violence.

"Five women this year is perhaps a little higher than normal, but there's been other years where there have been three or four," Doherty said.

"So there have been 34 deaths in the last 20 years, so that definitely is more than one each year."



Patrick Chareka was in Antigonish provincial court surrounded by five police and sheriff officers on Thursday morning.

The 47-year-old was there to be formally charged with the first degree murder of his wife.

Police say Patrick Chareka's wife, Ottilia Chareka, 42, died from injuries sustained in the family home Wednesday morning.

RCMP responded to a 911 call about a disturbance at 27 Centennial St. They found Ottilia with life-threatening injuries.

She died two hours later at St. Martha's Regional Hospital.




A national women's organization says it's a mistake for the New Brunswick government to eliminate an arm's length agency dedicated to women's rights.

In Tuesday's provincial budget, Premier David Alward's government announced the elimination of funding for the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women, calling the decision a tough but necessary choice for the Progressive Conservatives.




Two Castlegar, B.C., men who created a Facebook guide to having sex with girls as young as 13 will not be criminally charged, but they are not off the hook, according to the RCMP.

Police say the two men in their early 20s created the webpage, which included recommendations about which teens to target, what music to play, how much liquor to ply them with and what to do if caught by the teens' parents.



Watch out slippy ground.

The case of violence again women is only the top of an iced berg of misery, in the lower class people, a women got greater chance of been beat up or raped. But i don't say that people of lower class are "inferior" people, it rather there situation that tend to bring the worst to the surface in each people. It is why i think that in order to fight violence again women we must investigate each case induvially. For that kind of case walking in the street won't work. Field work is the key.


Shocked staff and students at St. John's College at the University of British Columbia are raising money for a colleague who was viciously attacked and left blind while on a visit home to Bangladesh.

Rumana Manzur - who was at UBC pursuing a master's degree in political science and is a professor in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital - was allegedly brutalized by her husband earlier this month.

Her husband is in police custody.

From her hospital bed in Bangladesh, her face battered and bruised, Manzur struggled to tell her story.

Manzur's doctors in Bangladesh have said the 33-year-old's eyes are so damaged she is unlikely to see again. They are trying, however, to figure out of if there is a way to restore her vision.


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Lafauve wrote:
 It is why i think that in order to fight violence again women we must investigate each case induvially

I've been mildly concerned that this series of threads, despite the name, have more and more been a place to post news articles about individual violence against women stories, leading to the flawed tactic quoted above.

In the past 40 or so years, the anti-violence against women movement in Canada has moved from unpaid staff working from homes and community centres, to fully funded shelters that have full time paid staff, fundraising departments, public education programs and advocacy. If, tomorrow, double the number of shelters were to appear across Canada, they would be filled and there still would be waiting lists.

Having spent 5 years on the front lines, 2 years in management and 6 years as a consultant, I can tell you that individual solutions will guarantee that we will heal women forever and never get to the root causes of violence against women, namely, a societal lack of prioritizing of any and all kind of violence against women, as well as a society that encourages men to be violent towards women, as well as towards other men.

Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses

BC Society of Transition Houses

If people know about other provincial organizations (there is no national one) please post them here.

Men need to join the systemic fight against violence against women. Tony Porter's TED talk: A Call to Men.

VAW is not only about individual behaviours. It never was. See the discussion in this thread for information about (lack of ) conviction rates and lack of justice for women who've survived male violence.


A Statistics Canada study shows New Brunswick has among the highest incidents of stalking in the country, with a rate well above the national average.

At 80 reported cases per 100,000 people, New Brunswick is narrowly behind Prince Edward Island, at 82, for the worst provincial rate in Canada, The national average is 59 cases per a population of 100,000.

Criminal harassment, commonly referred to as stalking, refers to repeated and sustained conduct that causes victims to reasonably fear for their safety. It can include following or communicating with another person, repeatedly watching someone's house or workplace, or directly threatening another person.

According to the study, Saint John has the second-highest stalking rate in Canada with 149 cases per 100,000 people, behind only Kingston, Ont.

Along with Saguenay, Que., the three were the only cities with rates higher than 100.

Women are most likely to be affected, accounting for 76 per cent of harassment victims. The study also found that 69 per cent of such crimes took place within the victim's or someone else's home.

A former intimate partner is the source of harassment in 45 per cent of the cases involving women, the study found. While current partners accounted for six per cent of cases involving women.


Wilf Day

There must be lots of Dec. 6 National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, Remembering Victims of Violence, ceremonies.

Join Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) members outside the Westin Hotel (11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa) at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, December 6 for a march to Parliament Hill and a rally to save the gun registry and end violence against women. Guest speakers at the rally will include Nycole Turmel, Leader of the Official Opposition, and Tracy Gierman, Executive Director of the Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses.


Even in Cobourg, at noon downtown in “The Gathering Place”, Victoria Park.

Should there be a thread to list them?


Cambridge City Hall, 7 p.m.


[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Montreal+cops+face+hearing+over+woma... Montréal cops face hearing after being cited for negligence in murder of woman by estranged husband[/url]

Five members of the Montreal police force will appear before the force’s ethics commission next year to explain why they didn’t respond to Maria Altagarcia Dorval’s desperate calls for help in the days leading up to her brutal slaying by her estranged husband. [...]

In an unusal move, Quebec’s minister of public security ordered that the police ethics commission look into why no one on the force responded to Dorval’s complaint. Police ethics commissioner Claude Simard concluded in August that three officers and two detectives failed Dorval and her children and ordered that they appear before the police ethics committee, which acts as a tribunal to ensure that the Quebec police code of ethics is upheld. It can impose sanctions on officers found to have breached the code.

The strange part:

Hearings are scheduled to begin Nov. 21 and run several days into December.

Yes, that's "next year". I guess the police ethics commission has a lot of more pressing business on its plate...




[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Montreal+cops+face+hearing+over+woma... Montréal cops face hearing after being cited for negligence in murder of woman by estranged husband[/url]

Five members of the Montreal police force will appear before the force’s ethics commission next year to explain why they didn’t respond to Maria Altagarcia Dorval’s desperate calls for help in the days leading up to her brutal slaying by her estranged husband. [...]

In an unusal move, Quebec’s minister of public security ordered that the police ethics commission look into why no one on the force responded to Dorval’s complaint. Police ethics commissioner Claude Simard concluded in August that three officers and two detectives failed Dorval and her children and ordered that they appear before the police ethics committee, which acts as a tribunal to ensure that the Quebec police code of ethics is upheld. It can impose sanctions on officers found to have breached the code.

The strange part:

Hearings are scheduled to begin Nov. 21 and run several days into December.

Yes, that's "next year". I guess the police ethics commission has lots of more pressing business on its plate...




Police have confirmed they are treating the suspicious death of a woman in Clifton and the death of a Bathurst man as a possible murder-suicide.

"Looks that way," said RCMP Sgt. Alain Tremblay.

The body of Tanya Couture, 38, was discovered in her home on Route 11 shortly after 11 a.m. on Monday.

Earlier that same day, Bathurst police received a 911 call from a house about 20 minutes away. Inside a basement apartment there, officers found the body of Jason Scott, 27, who died of an apparent suicide.

The two victims were known to one another, said Tremblay.


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Strong People Don't Have Needs and Other Myths that can Kill You


I've been tweeting all morning about #rapeculture & #abuseculture, and someone asked me what I meant when I referred to Strong People Myths. I think some/most of us are familiar with the Strong Black Woman Trope right? Right. For those that are unfamiliar with it, it can best be summed up as the idea that black women are so strong they don't need help, protection, care, or concern. It's a racialized super human idea that leaves little to no room for real black women with real problems. That myth contributes to black women experiencing higher than average domestic violence rates, & an increased rate of sexual assaults. It is literally killing black women, but it persists & is often referenced as a positive thing despite it denying the basic humanity of black women.

Similar myths flourish inside rape culture & abuse culture and contribute to ideas like "Men can't be raped", "It's her fault for staying with him after he hit her", "She/he/they didn't fight back so they must have wanted it" or (and this one is always guaranteed to make me want to throw things), "I would never be in that position" during discussions of domestic violence or rape. The idea that strong people are safe people is perpetuated relentlessly throughout our culture & it ignores not only the reality that anyone can be victimized, but also that it takes strength to survive. It feeds into external & internal victim blaming when people insist that only the weak can be prey. The One True Way To Be Strong So You Are Safe idea is comforting right up until it backfires on people who are victimized.

Red Tory Tea Girl

I'm going to have to read that blog more often. Always count on the kind of people the second-wave missed to cover rape erasure.

I especially nodded at:

"Meanwhile rapists & abusers have a free pass to continue their behavior since we propagate this idea that only the strong deserve to survive."

Though I guess we're somewhat off the intention of the person who started this topic, since now the conversation isn't limited to women, and these victims are often never really identified, and ridiculed and marginalized when they do come forward, to the point where CDC will call forced penetration rape but not forced envelopment.

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"Please come forward," she said. "It would mean the world.

"There's no doubt in my mind that what happened to me on the night of September 11th was a sexual assault. No one in their right state of mind, including myself, would let something like that happen to them willingly," she said....


The girl's statement comes after Crown prosecutors stayed chargesTuesday against Colton McMorris, 19, the only man accused of sexual assault in the incident. McMorris's lawyer said the Crown admitted it did not have strong enough evidence against his client to proceed with a trial.

The young woman, who was 16 at the time of the alleged assault, said she was devastated the charges were stayed. She insisted she was assaulted and said witnesses are covering it up.

Police support her version of what occurred.

remind posted this story at post #10. With these charges stayed, it means that no one will go to trial for sexual assault. A boy has been convicted for sharing the videotape and another adult is awaiting trial for the same offense, but no one is being charged with rape.