Women legislators turn the tables and introduce bills regulating men's reproductive health

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Women legislators turn the tables and introduce bills regulating men's reproductive health

Good for the goose and good for the gander...?:

Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner (D) isn't happy with bills that seek to control women's access to contraception and abortion. She has joined a trend across the nation by introducing a bill that would require men seeking a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress test and "get a notarized affidavit signed by a sexual partner affirming impotency." Sex therapists would be required to present the option of "celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.”

State Senator Nina Turner:

"When a man makes a crucial decision about his health and his body, he should be fully aware of the alternative options and the lifetime repercussions of that decision," Senator Turner said today. Men will be more easily guided through the process of obtaining treatment for impotence so they can better understand and more effectively address their condition.

I haz LOL.


Over my dead body!

So to speak.




Okay, I laughed out loud at this one.

There are so many onerous requirements now being placed on women when it comes to seeking abortions (e.g. the creepy pseudo-rape bill in Virginia, requiring they listen to the hearbeat on an ultrasound, etc.). The Onion did a parody a while back about all the other onerous, silly "pre-requisites" they could require of women before they could have an abortion, e.g. you can have an abortion but first you have to assemble a crib and paint a nursery or no abortion until you watch a video of what your baby would look like at 5 years old saying "I love you, mommy"


good, maybe by giving these guys a taste of their own medicine they will figure out how ridiculous it is to have someone tell you what you can or can't put in your body.