York university dean orders accommodation of male student who won't work with women

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There is a branch of woman Masons, in Missisauga, grandfathered in before it was disallowed

Women from all over, the States included come for its meetings


I wonder how many women or Islamic men there are in the Knights of Columbus.


Given that its run by the Catholic Church (as a counter to the Masons actually), none I would imagine



The two membership rules the K of C has are you must be male and a practicing Catholic. But then it is a private members club and can set whatever criteria they want.

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Precisely!  There are also any number of cultural clubs and organizations who prefer to limit their membership to people of their own ethnicity as well.  There are many clubs that restrict membership to age, or sex or whatever.  But it's not acceptable for government agencies or public service providers to discriminate for any of those reasons.

It's amazing how the women-only gym example always gets dragged out in this sort of conversation.  It's almost as if other examples are hard to find...