Blue Jays vs. racist stereotype

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Blue Jays vs. racist stereotype


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When the Blue Jays head to Cleveland for the American League Championship Series, the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner wants news outlets to avoid using their opponent’s full name.

Commissioner Renu Mandhane is far from alone in her concern the name — the Indians — and the team’s bucktoothed, slant-eyed, red-faced logo is an offensive caricature of indigenous people.

[url=’t use Cleveland’s team name when covering next Blue Jays series, human rights commissioner urges[/url]

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I remain astonished at that mascot's name.  IIRC, it was a common catch-all slur for anyone indigenous when I was younger.

mark_alfred Short news video about a radio sports caster who's refused to say the full name of such teams since 1992.

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[url= Douglas Cardinal files human rights complaint against use of Cleveland's name, logo[/url]

"Mr. Cardinal, who has long fought for the rights of Indigenous Peoples, has simply had enough," says his lawyer. 

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Here's my question...if the nickname for Cleveland's team is "The Tribe", why don't they change the name to the tribe of the actual indigenous group on whose lands the city was built?  They'd be the Cleveland Eriez then.

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Go Cubs


I won't link to her, but Christie Blatchford has a surprisingly even-handed take on the whole thing in today's Post.

Oh, and the judge denied the injunction request.


The Human Rights complaints will be up next.