Freedom Press, London's anarchist bookstore and publishing house (circa. 1886), firebombed

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Freedom Press, London's anarchist bookstore and publishing house (circa. 1886), firebombed

FREEDOM, a legendary anarchist bookstore in east London, was firebombed on Friday morning. This is the store that Peter Kropotkin helped found in the 19th century, and the home of a monthly newspaper that published Emma Goldman. No one was hurt, and no one seems to know who did it, or why. The store was uninsured.

Wiki article on Freedom Press

The bookshop was attacked by neo-fascist group Combat 18 in March 1993, and eventually firebombed. The building still bears some visible damage from the attacks, and metal guards have been installed on the ground floor windows and doors, intended to ward against any further violence.

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drifting away...


..your post brought a memory 2008 in the south of france i met a young man around 20 years old. he wore a political tshirt re anti facism and i asked him about it. he told me he went out now and again looking for facists to beat up. i asked him why and he said he didn't like facists. he went on to explained that his grandmother secretly had a nazi tattoo on her shoulder and ridiculed his mother who was arabic. i struggled hard to try and understand what he was telling me. he may have not been the poster boy for anti fascism but it was all around him. this surprised me.

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In Greece, the criminals live in other Villas

Claiming to fight lawlessness and chaos, the Greek state is cracking down on one of the last bulwarks against fascism: the anarchist squats of Athens.

Last week, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, together with Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias (the same man who threatened to sue the Guardian for publishing a report on the torture of 15 anti-fascist activists by the Greek police), ordered the police to raid one of the oldest and most active anarchist squats of Athens: Villa Amalias....