Holocaust movies about The Roma

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Holocaust movies about The Roma

There have been many movies made which deal with the fate of Jews during the Holocaust. Unfortunatley it seems as though there haven't been a lot films made about the Roma expierence during the Shoah . I was wondering whether the Babble community knew of movies that deal with that aspect of Hitler's campaign of mass murder.

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The French film Korkoro (2009) made some hay in Quebec a few years back, although I haven't seen it. It's not a documentary though. Is that what you were after?


Check out this site http://www.gypsyfilms.org/ you will find a couple of excellent documentaries on the Roma/Sinti and the genocide perpetrated against them


I was looking at that site, Tisme, but couldn't find any documentaries - would you mind linking to them a little more specifically?

BTW, I'll be watching Korkoro fairly soon - I'll let you know what I think of it.



Facinating site. Thank you Tisme. And Unionist (though you don't communicate with alleged "Zionists") I easily found at least one documentary entitled "The Forgotten Holocaust" http://www.gypsyfilms.org/FilmBios.htm


Sorry MCsquared for being dumb - I had already looked at that page several times and was, and am, unable to find any link to a documentary. Of course I see the announcement of a screening of the film. The page is not well constructed. Maybe I'm using the wrong browser?

Do you have an actual link to a video that you can post here, please?



Hopefully MC can find a link to the video. I am unable to find it

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I've watched Korkoro, the film by Tony Gatlif, who is part Romani.  BTW, they people themselves prefer the term Romani for plural or singular description and Romani language vs. Roma or gypsy.  Have also attened a conference at UT Austin where Ian Hancock, also a Romani, is a professor of Romani Studies.  The film may not be a documentary, but it was on its way to being one when the director decided he did not have enough detail and sources.  But it is clsely based on actual events in France regarding the French collusion with Nazis to round up Romani, hold them in French internment camps, from which they were sent to Auschwitz.  There was a famous rebellion of Romani at Auschwitz in 1944 I believe.  These events are all quite relevant today with current attitudes toward those looked upon as "Others" in present-day Europe.  Dr. Hancock was the beneficiary of a program in England, I blelieve, where teachers followed Romani travelers vs. making them attend schools in place.  Korkoro is available online many places and through Netflix.  A grandson of Charlie Chaplin plays a significant Romani character in the film, and some Romani from Romania are in the film as well.  Mr. Gatlif has also done documentaries on Romani culure and peoples.

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Also, the Wikipedia site for Korkoro has a good bibiography of all things Romani Holocaust, including articles by Ian Hancock form 2005 and 2000.

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Thanks for the info and review, jill! And welcome to babble. I've been meaning to check out Korkoro for awhile now, and your post might just put me over the edge to do it.

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Still haven't seen Korkoro, but this showed up in my rabble inbox this morning, about an upcoming film directed by rabble Parliament Hill Reporter Karl Nerenberg!

First Canadian film on the Roma in Canada and in the countries they have fled. Make up your own mind about the Roma, targeted by Bill C-31 ( new refugee proposed law).


A new film on the Canadian Roma refugees and the countries they fled

Who are the “Roma” people anyway?

Why do they want to come to Canada?

Are they genuine or bogus refugees?

Find out for yourself.


Join us for the free Ottawa premiere of NEVER COME BACK!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Library and Archives Canada, Wellington and Bay.

Doors open at 6:30PM    Film at 7:00 PM

Panel discussion to follow.

Presented by the Ottawa One World Film Festival

The documentary Never Come Back was made possible with 100% funding from the OMNI Television Independent Producers Initiative. The 32.5 million fund is a seven year commitment created and made available for the independent production of third-language ethnocultural programming. The fund is not only dedicated to helping Canadian independent producers tell their stories in their language of comfort, but also to make sure that these stories are accessible to other ethnocultural communities through re-versioning in different languages. More details on the fund are at OMNI Television’s website www.omnitv.ca

 Producer: Karl Nerenberg, Nerenberg-Plaine Media Inc., [email protected]  

Directed by: Malcolm Hamilton and Karl Nerenberg


Tisme wrote:

Hopefully MC can find a link to the video. I am unable to find it

Hello, MCsquared, are you still there? Did you find a working link to the video yet???


Actually don't mind doing the work for you since it is for a good cause. But really it wasn't difficult


Try "The Forgotten Holocaust"

Try, "Roma website"

Try " Forgotten Holocaust Roma Sinti"

Try "Voices of Memory"

I hope this is helpful. Have a good Passover.

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