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Information, Please!

From Wikipedia:

Information Please was an American radioquiz show, created by Dan Golenpaul, which aired on NBC from May 17, 1938 to April 22, 1951. The title was the contemporary phrase used to request from telephone operators what was then called "information" but is now called "directory assistance".

The series was moderated by Clifton Fadiman. A panel of experts would attempt to answer questions submitted by listeners. For the first few shows, a listener was paid two dollars for a question that was used, and five dollars more if the experts could not answer it correctly. When the show got its first sponsor (Canada Dry), the total amounts were increased to five and ten dollars respectively. A completeEncyclopædia Britannica was later added to the prize for questions that stumped the panel. The amounts went up to ten and twenty-five dollars when Lucky Strike took over sponsorship of the program.

You might as well give up your podcast listening schedule for the next few months, because here are loads of episodes available for free! (Linked to page two, where stronger episodes begin)

Dorothy Parker on the radio? Yes please!

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Wow. Just wow. There goes my life. Thanks a lot, CF.


Francesca Allan

Like I don't waste enough time already between babble and Seinfeld reruns.


Thanks for posting this, Catchfire. I like Clifton Fadiman as a writer and editor (Any Number Can Play, The New Joy of Wine, Fantasia Mathematica) but I've never heard the radio show.