Prestigious Canadian Director Resigns Amid 'Serial Sexual Predator' Allegations

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Prestigious Canadian Director Resigns Amid 'Serial Sexual Predator' Allegations

4 Soulpepper Artists Resign in 'Support' of Actresses Alleging Albert Schultz Sexual Misconduct

"The allegations against Schultz were reported Wednesday by CBC, as part of an investigation by the Fifth Estate, The National and The Current into sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. CBC News will carry a news conference LIVE at 11 am ET..."


Albert Schultz Resigns From Soulpepper Theatre Company Amid Sexual Assault Allegations (and vid)

"Albert Schultz is the face of Soulpepper. He had the power to cast or not cast an actress,' said Tatha Swann, a lawyer for the women. 'There was a fear to make a complaint. The power dynamic was extreme.' In their four statements of claim filed this week in Ontario Superior Court, the women allege Schultz groped them, exposed himself, pressed himself against them, or otherwise behaved inappropriately. 'There's a sanctity of the theatre that is being violated,' Hannah Miller said..."

Soulpepper Board Faces Tough Questions in Wake of Albert Schultz's Resignation

"...Among the most prominent current board members are Rogers Communications Inc. CEO Joe Natale and Delaney Capital Management partner David Fleck. Nancy McCain, a scion of the McCain Foods Ltd dynasty and wife of federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau, serves alongside Maureen Dodig, who is married to Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce chief executive officer Victor Dodig - a former Soulpepper board member himself. James O'Sullivan, who heads Canadian retail operations for Bank of Nova Scotia is one of several senior bankers around the boardroom table. And another member, Deborah Barrett, was formerly chief financial officer of Woodbridge Co Ltd, which owns the Globe and Mail. Her spouse, former Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan CEO Jim Leech, now serves as a special adviser to the Trudeau government.

But now they find themselves under scrutiny for their oversight of a company in turmoil, and facing questions about its governance. They are also tasked with investigating allegations filed in separate lawsuits against the company and Albert Schultz, through which four women who worked at Soulpepper are seeking millions of dollars in damages.

Soulpepper's board, which has a human resources committee, also faces tough questions about the company's governance structure. Under company policy, complaints about violence or harassment were to be directed to executive director Leslie Lester, or to Sarah Farrell, the director of human resources. But Ms Lester is married to Mr Schultz and now on voluntary leave, while Ms Farrell also serves as Soulpepper's general counsel..."


Soulpepper Allegations Spur Boycott Talk Among Actors, Patrons (and vid)

"As the women discussed their allegations at a news conference in Toronto, others in the theatre world vowed to support them any way they could -- starting with a boycott. 'It's the only way that we have to show our support for women coming forward. We have to put it in action,' said playwright Erika Reesor, who is based in Hamilton and co-facilitates the all-female playwrighting initiative Feminista.

'As an audience member, I won't go to see any shows produced by Soulpepper, and I don't mean just until this court thing is resolved. It is my intention to put my money where my mouth is. 'And as an artist, I won't myself work with them and I won't encourage other artists to work with them..."