What are you listening to Part 'You Linear Thinkers ... Arrrghhh'

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I'm about to listen to Rachmaninov's "All-Night Vigil", as performed by the Latvian Radio Choir (Sigvards Klava). The CD arrived by post this afternoon, and I'm eager to unwrap its contents....

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Cechk Yo-self - Ice Cube






I know it's an oldie, but I like it?


Don't Let Me Down as sung by a 2 year old and his daddy.  Really cute!


Here's an oldie from '72, by one of the better bands that "never made it".  The Punk Band "The Dictators" did a cover of this in the 80's, I believe.  Nice slide guitar here:


Before Buster Poindexter got Hot, Hot, Hot, he was David Johansen, and he freakin' ROCKED



Here's a song that probably began life as a work song, akin to a "stomp and go" sea chanty.   Originally, a "Black Betty" was the truck used to move prison inmates from job to job in the Southern U.S. states.  But it morphed along the way.  

Here's Leadbelly:


Of course yer more familiar with this by Ram Jam



Blind Willie Johnson, "In My Time of Dying"  


Some English Cover Band doing the same song:



This song is credited as laying the groundwork for maybe the psychedelic sound ten years later.  Deffinately lead the way to heavier rock genres.



Seeing Tommy_Paine in this thread reminded me of [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHuIj3dYVhM]Mira Bilotte's cover[/url] of [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBV6hH7pGlU]this[/url] Bob Dylan song.

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Del McCoury Band "I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome"

The only song co-written by Hank Williams and Bill Monroe




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Three Little Birds version of [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2iozyqbx1Y&list=FL2fZjMBNRcXXtDfklGu_r4A... Internationale[/i][/url]

Cannot speak highly enough of these three women.

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Live version of [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl5TdBcAUts]Gardening at Night[/url] by R.E.M., from their induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

On account of tonights Only in Canada segment on CBC News the National, about midnight activities during the solstice in White Horse, including, among other things, night gardening.


I've never been much of a Slayer fan, but today's passing of guitarist, Jeff Hanneman led me to stumbling across Hellsongs, a Swedish band that does indie-folk covers of metal classics.

Slayer's [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LOarjz5EeY]Seasons in the Abyss[/url]

Metallica's [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md0qY7Bpbc4]Seek & Destroy[/url]

Black Sabbath's [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWLHSRnVqug]Paranoid[/url]

Iron Maiden's [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77PE1LoDr2o]The Trooper[/url]



Rolling Stone wrote:
"As Gen X-ers wonder how they became middle-aged so soon, [url=http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/20-songs-you-cant-believe-are-20-... are 20 tunes[/url] they can't fathom are 20 years old."

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..fred mcdowell wasn't "discovered" until he was in his 60's.

Mississippi Fred McDowell - Shake 'Em On Down



Mississippi Fred McDowell - You gotta move



epaulo13 wrote:

..fred mcdowell wasn't "discovered" until he was in his 60's.

Mississippi Fred McDowell - Shake 'Em On Down



Mississippi Fred McDowell - You gotta move


I do not play no rock & roll



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I'm getting a bit manic. Any recommendations?

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..maybe some dylan depending on your intent. did you want to fly with it or try and ground yourself? or something else.

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I'll try Dylan. Trying to ground myself. That has many different meanings. ;) So, probly, something else.

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The times they are a changing





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Tom Petty - Learning to fly:



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Subterranean Homesick Blues-Song


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Leon Redbone - Shine On Harvest Moon



Tubthumping (i get knocked down) - Chumbawamba


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Kronos Quartet and Tanya Tagaq - Nunavut


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The "Everything is So Political" picture on the rabble homepage today has promted me to listen to, what else...

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXYxxHXAf_U]Political -- Spirit of the West[/url]

Why did everything
Every little thing, every little thing
With you and me have to be so political?

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Bob Dylan - With God On Our Side


Oh my name it ain't nothin'
My age it means less
The country I come from
Is called the Midwest
I's taught and brought up there
The laws to abide
And the land that I live in
Has God on its side.

Oh the history books tell it
They tell it so well
The cavalries charged
The Indians fell
The cavalries charged
The Indians died
Oh the country was young
With God on its side.

The Spanish-American
War had its day
And the Civil War too
Was soon laid away
And the names of the heroes
I's made to memorize
With guns on their hands
And God on their side.

The First World War, boys
It came and it went
The reason for fighting
I never did get
But I learned to accept it
Accept it with pride
For you don't count the dead
When God's on your side.

When the Second World War
Came to an end
We forgave the Germans
And then we were friends
Though they murdered six million
In the ovens they fried
The Germans now too
Have God on their side.

I've learned to hate Russians
All through my whole life
If another war comes
It's them we must fight
To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on my side.

But now we got weapons
Of the chemical dust
If fire them we're forced to
Then fire them we must
One push of the button
And a shot the world wide
And you never ask questions
When God's on your side.

In a many dark hour
I've been thinkin' about this
That Jesus Christ
Was betrayed by a kiss
But I can't think for you
You'll have to decide
Whether Judas Iscariot
Had God on his side.

So now as I'm leavin'
I'm weary as Hell
The confusion I'm feelin'
Ain't no tongue can tell
The words fill my head
And fall to the floor
If God's on our side
He'll stop the next war.


Peter Gabriel, Here Comes The Flood, Disposable Heroes' cover of California Über Alles.

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Rebel Diaz- "I'm An Alien"


“This song and video are inspired by the actions of youth in Arizona defending immigrant rights; by the urgent struggle to change the narrative on the issue of mass incarceration; by our friends, families, and neighbors struggling to live a life of dignity in the face of constant attacks on workers, immigrants, and youth. We are called aliens to deny us our humanity. But with “I’m An Alien” we reclaim the term. We will not let ‘legality’ as defined by this oppressive system to determine our worth as human beings.” – Rebel Diaz

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..this is spectacular. from the romanian mass protest going on as we speak


..more about the protest here:


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Pink - Slut Like You




Recommended by my sister. Why was she looking at me that way?

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Santana - Luz, Amor Y Vida



Santana - Blues Latino



La Danza - Santana Brothers



Richie Havens "License To Kill"


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[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2KUR5Vi2WU]Why do you let me stay here? -- She & Him[/url]

I've been kinda obsessed with this lately, due to my celebrity crush on Zooey Deschanel.


The New Riverside Ramblers - Creole Stomp -- J'Etais au Bal (Cajun)



Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - 'Rainstorms In My Knees'



Empire State Express - Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir



Was talking to my 29 year old kid the other day. Her self-described retro hippy friends are listening to Dead Can Dance. So great to hear that this music transcends generations, just like I listened to Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground when I was young (no, I'm not THAT old, it was a decade or so ahead of my time). Now, if I can get my youngest to stop listening to Bruno Mars and start listening to Patti Smith, I'll consider it a job well done.

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knownothing wrote:

Bob Dylan - With God On Our Side

I used to know the lyrics and sing so many of his long songs on me guitar. I was so much older then....


Here is my latest collection of favorite songs from Toronto.

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..it's been much to long since i've heard a patsy tune

PATSY CLINE - Got a Lot of Rhythm in My Soul (1959 Rocker!)



Patsy Cline - She's Got You


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Sweet Honey in the Rock - The Women Gather



More Than A Paycheck - Sweet Honey In The Rock



So beautiful. Thank you.

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..glad you enjoyed it unionist! i sure am enjoying rediscovring their music. i first became aware of sweet honey at the wpg folk fest back in the early 70's shortly after the group started up.

..the 2nd post in #199, a song began that wasn't finished. here it is.

I Remember, I Believe performed by Sweet Honey in the Rock


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..it is said that our formal histories are written by the victors. and our real history, buried in struggle, are written in folklore. or something like that. this song is a way that it is passed from one generation to the other. from person to person. i find this piece quite beautiful and deeply moving at the same time.

Sweet Honey in the Rock - Ballad of Harry Moore


eta: use headphones if you can!

..where the last link leaves off

Sweet Honey in the Rock - A hard concert