Wine tasting - is all in your head?

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Wine tasting - is all in your head?

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It's all plonk to me. Some of it is better with a bit of sugar and ice cubes - and shaken, not stirred.


radiorahim and I love to go to wineries when we take little day trips or weekend trips.  My parents live in the Prince Edward County area, so there are lots to choose from there.  We've also visited a bunch in Niagara region, as well as lots of fruit wineries in the southwestern Ontario/Erie Shore area.

I know nothing about wine, really.  I can't do the "hint of such and such with a such and such finish blah blah blah" thing, and I don't really want to.  It's enough that I know a few different types of grapes, and know the difference between sweet and dry.  I didn't even know that much before we went on our first little DIY wine tour in the Niagara region.

So this study makes me feel much, much better about my ignorance:

Wine Tasting: Expectations influence sense of taste, tests show

Wine study shows price influences perception

Higher price makes cheap wine taste better

Basically, we taste the wine and if we like it, we buy it.  If it's cheap, so much the better.  Works for us!