Yes...Justin Bieber actually wrote this in the Anne Frank House guest book:

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Ken Burch
Yes...Justin Bieber actually wrote this in the Anne Frank House guest book:

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here.Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”(bold and underscore added).



It shouldn't surprise us that some celebrity is self-centered and narcissistic. That tends to be a by-product of living in a media spotlight 24/7 and being fawned over by millions of people for fairly mediocre talent.

It was a stupid thing to write but I didn't find it "offensive". I think it actually expressed something important. If Anne Frank had been born in another time and another place she may very well have been a "Belieber". She was, after all, a normal, typical teenage girl. It's precisely for that reason that her story has been found so compelling, relatable and tragic by so many people; because she was just like them.

Last week was Holocaust Rememberance Day and I remember looking at a great photo essay that showed pictures taken at the liberation of concentration camps and the one that stood out most to me was of a group of Jewish inmates who had just been freed and they were gathered around drinking big bottles of beer and smoking cigarettes. To me, it humanized and personalized the victims of the Holocausts who had been reduced to mere serial numbers by the Nazis and then turned into almost mythic figures by history and the picture showed them to be what they really were: normal, average people, the kind who (like me and you and most people) sometimes enjoy a beer and a smoke.


They also relished getting lipstick, silk stockings (ladies) and clean suits and shirts (men, but doubtless also women) as much as decent food.

I did think it was a bit arrogant of Bieber. Yes, Anne was a normal teenager who had clippings of film stars on her wall and had spats with her mum; she was also an exceptionally talented young writer. I think both of these are reasons why her story resonated with so many; the fact that she (and her mum and sister Margot) were perfectly normal, imperfect human beings, but also the loss of so much promise.


i can't believe this has even become a news story!  

people are just always looking for something they can condemn celebs for.  i have an idea, let's save our energy for when there's actually something to complain about.