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Johan Galtung: Uprising and the End of Empire

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Tornado leaves scores dead in US city

Yemen's Gulf-brokered deal stalls

Revolution halts tourists visiting Egypt

Spainish protesters challenge status quo

Inside Story: Sudan divided

Mexican police chief faces abuse criticisms

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Marvel/DC/Pirates of the Caribbean Parody

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Robert Fisk doubts Syrian sanctions will work

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Risking it all - DRC

Keiser Report: Savers vs Speculators (E149)

Hardly Working: Hoagies

Inside Story: Yemen's presidential power

Flights cancelled as Iceland ash cloud spreads

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Tom Hanks' 1st Starring Role: So Bad It's Good Movie Reviews

Leopard Skin Bikinis? So Bad It's Good Movie Reviews

Thor's 1988 Movie: So Bad It's Good Movie Reviews

Inside Story: Death of the super-injunction

Interview: Hakim al-Masmari from Yemen

Japan to sign international child custody treaty

Netanyahu addresses US congress

Witness - Lagos

Iceland's eruption spreads ash far and wide

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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

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Volunteers continue to fight in Libya

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Keiser Report: Gold Stands Rock Hard (E150)

The Arab Awakening - Absolute Power

Inside Story: Obama's push against UN-approved Palestine

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Amnesty slams Syria's 'shoot to kill policy'

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Jake and Amir: Facebook Privacy

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Marvel/DC Kung Fu Panda Parody

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101 East - Reeling them in

Former British ambassador criticizes US commander

Antonia Juhasz - Black Tide: The Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill, Apr. 25, 2011.

Eminem I Need a Doctor PARODY! Comments!!

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Inside Story - Who will come out on top at the E-G8?

Google unveils the 'mobile wallet'

'Vuvuzelas could spread diseases'

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The Fabulous Picture Show - Senna

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The Fabulous Picture Show - Senna

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Marvel/DC Hangover 2 Parody

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides - Trailer 2

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The Muppets (2011) - Official Movie Teaser Trailer

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Green Lantern - Official Movie Trailer 3

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The Muppets 2011 Movie: Beyond The Trailer

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Opening the Rafah crossing

Residents fight to stay in Manila slums

On the Egyptian side of Rafah

Update: Deadly bomb blast hits Pakistan

Frost Over the World - Reflections on Netanyahu's speech to Congress

Frost Over the World - Cuba Gooding Jr.

One on One - Alain Robert

Listening Post - Al Jazeera and the Arab awakening

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'Secret Libya' talks under way

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'50/50' Trailer

Happy Feet 2 - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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Yemen opposition 'willing to tackle al-Qaeda'

Update: Nigeria's new president sworn in

Counting the Cost - Glencore

Tribesmen and government agree to Yemen ceasefire

Iraqi refugees leave Syria for home

Inside Story - Does Mladic's arrest open a door to the EU?

Inside Story - Reopening Rafah

Zombie Love Song - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

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Zelaya vows to address Honduran poverty

President Zuma in Tripoli

Game Geeks #177 Supernatural, Serenity, Leverage and Smallville supplements

Questions over Palin's ambition

Germany pledges nuclear shutdown by 2022

Life inside Colombia's FARC

Inside Story: Malta says yes to divorce

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Colombia rebel army brings healthcare to the jungle

No sign of ceasefire in Yemen

Troopers: Rescue Mission

Girls Watch Porn Too

SKITLETS 6 (Boyfriend, Owl, Kid)

Keiser Report: Neo-Feudal Gulag Casino State (E151)

Risking it all - Colombia

Fat? Depressed? Try Pills

Canada probes use of toxic chemical

Inside Story - The future of nuclear power

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Death by Soda Machine: So Bad It's Good

Food prices could double by 2030

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Inside Story: The end of Berlusconi?

Witness - Teen Miners

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Freedom for Palestine by One World

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Jim Parsons on Letterman

Key of Awesome Auditions! New Characters!

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Mladic appears before UN court

Mitt Romney joins race for White House

Losing the 'War on Drugs'

Inside Story - Has the global war on drugs failed?

Rising tension ahead of Asia defence summit

Interview: Keiko Fujimori, Peruvian presidential candidate

101 EAST - India: Eat, pray, give

Troopers: Interrogation

Yemen update: Fighting rages in Sanaa

China blamed for Google hacking

The Real Stephen Colbert (Out of Character)

US probes banks over recession

Inside Story: FIFA's red card

The Invention of Iced Tea with Christopher Walken, John Madden, and Morgan Freeman

Egyptian army denies 'virginity tests'

Alleged mastermind pleads not guilty

Space shuttle, Endeavour's travels come to an end

Uganda elects first white politician

Prison conditions 'too good' for Mladic

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Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf tells what it means to be Muslim

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: X-Men First Class and Green Lantern

Troopers: Space Improv

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Trailer #1(The American version)

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One on One - Brian Eno

Endangered tigers of Thailand

President Saleh 'leaves Yemen'

Indian guru on hunger strike over graft

Interview: Ollanta Humala, Peruvian presidential candidate

Remembering Tiananmen

Dr. Death dies

Iran marks death of Ayatollah Khomenei

Syria's brutal crackdown continues

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Inside Story - Europe's E-coli crisis

Bahrain F1 race given green light

E-coli outbreak is 'German problem'

Counting the Cost - The battle for the South China Sea

The Fabulous Picture Show - Bullhead

Listening Post - Where was the media hunt for Ratko Mladic?

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Portugal set for $114 billion EU-IMF bailout

Inside Story - FIA: Putting money before morality?

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Geronimo E-KIA, a poem by the 1491s


I made a 10 minute youtube video/tutorial for a class I'm teaching on use of spreadsheets. It was a first for me and did it all with freeware downloaded from the web. If anyone's interested in doing something similar, I'll post links to the software.

Mike Stirner
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Rebels wrest Yafran from Gaddafi forces

Bahraini doctors, nurses charged for helping injured

Inside Story - Filling Yemen's power vacuum

Humala claims victory in tight Peru poll

Big build-up for Turkish general election

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The Run-In

Struggle over the Nile - Egypt: Hussam Swailam

Turkey opposition set aside gripes ahead of elections

Mohammed al-Qadhi speaks about the situation in Yemen

Al Jazeera speaks to Hussein Shobokshi, Jeddah-based newspaper columnist

Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra discusses the situation in Yemen

Inside Story - Turning around the EU's poorest country

Apple unveils iCloud to cover device storage

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Risking it all - Mexico

Rising food prices hit Africa's HIV infected

Human Rights Watch demand Libyan rebels stop detentions

Migrants descend onto Italy's Lampedusa

AIDS cure still out of reach

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Dan Savage at Rhodes College - Dan Discusses Ex-gay Camps

"Pills For Big Noses" Dr. Moley

Dan Savage at Rhodes College - Catholic Church and Celibacy

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Dan Savage at U of Montana: Is lust for the young and love for the old?

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Dan Savage at U of Montana - Do you let your son listen to the podcast?

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Hardly Working: Suck It Out


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