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A Guy Walks Into A Bar - Where's The Manager?

A Guy Walks Into A Bar - Strangers

China condemns US upgrade of Taiwan F-16 jets

Mixed reactions over Thai plans to subsidise rice prices

Uganda land grab claim by UK charity

Battle for Gaddafi hometown continues

Ballad of the Little Hater

Illdoctrine's take on the Roman Polanski ordeal

Obama: No shortcut to Middle East peace

Inside Story - Defining peace amid death in Afghanistan

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Learning Tagalog-Lesson 101: Learn how to speak Tagalog: Looking for Places

J. Edgar Trailer (U.S. Version)

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Worst Persons: Kinde Durkee, Bill O Reilly an the AFA

Game Geeks #184 Diaspora and Bulldogs! by VSCA Publishing and Galileo Games

The Key of Awesome: Group Discusses YouTube Success with Parodies of Justin Bieber, Ke$ha,

David After Dentist, Obama Girl: Where Are YouTube's Original Viral Video Sensations Now?

Netflix Fail Song

Mahmoud Abbas' speech at the UN [part 1/3]

US accuses Pakistan of aiding terrorists

Russian party faces waning popularity

Recognising the Palestinian state

Google launches latest tool in social networking

Freelance journalist reports from Bahrain

The Stream-What is the way forward in Bahrain?

101 East - Nepal: Children for sale

Zambia's 'King Cobra' Sata wins elctions

Al Jazeera Correspondent - Imelda and Me

Philippine school made out of bottles

The Stream-Malawi activists push for government reform

Inside Story - Battle brewing over Palestine's UN bid

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Worst Persons: Charlie Webster, Joe Walsh and Pam Olsen

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer (Trailer #2)

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Michael Moore on support of Occupy Wall Street protest

Matt Apuzzo on profiling by the NYPD of Moroccan Americans

Worst Persons: A "peck" of Republicans, O'Reilly and Pam Olsen

How To Make It In America Music Video: Luis Guzman By Duck Sauce

God Is Everywhere

Egyptian Cabinet meet over civil servants' strike

Selected voters cast ballots in UAE elections

NTC holds presser in Benghazi

Shias denounce Bahrain elections as fake

Barbershop Quartet (Jake and Amir)

Craig Crawford on the radicalization of GOP primary candidates

Dealing with Asia Pacific's housing crisis

Listening Post - Al Jazeera's change of guard

Saving Soweto - Pandemic

Inside Story - Who will support the Palestinian bid?

Experts warn of new recession

Counting the Cost - The BRICs to the rescue in Europe

New discoveries surprise scientists

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Keiser Report: Cultural Fragging (E188)

Volunteers keep lighthouse lights on in Michigan

Saudi women given voting rights

Black Libyans fear for their lives

IMF calls on Europe to act

Inside Story - Is Yemen heading towards civil war?

Brazil 'ketchup' murder tail ends in charges

Al Jazeera's Cal Perry on Palestine's UN bid

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The Terminator Documentary (Part 1)

Star Wars Begins - The Complete Documentary (2011) @jamieswb

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British firms eye up Lucrative Libya contracts

'Hikers' held in Iran 'due to US citizenship'

China prepares for space launch

Catalonia says adios to bullfighting

Congress gridlock threatens relief aid for US

Inside Story - Putin and Medvedev's job swap

Chomsky explains anarchism (1 of 5)

On Rick Perry and Superman

How The BET Awards, Rihanna and Chris Brown Changed My Life

How LeBron James Broke the Golden Rule of Sports

Martin Luther King on Extremism

Frances Moore Lappé - EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think ..., Sept. 14, 2011.

Joel Beinin - Joint Palestinian-Israeli Popular Struggle, June 4, 2011.

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One for the Money Trailer (U.S. Version)

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey Trailer (U.S. Version)

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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Edit

Monks protest against Beijing's rule of Tibet

Russian minister forced out over Putin deal

Keiser Report: Pax Americana Pyramid Nightmare (E189)

Zimbabwe to impose equity deadline on foreign firms‎

How Argentina's economy bounced back

Argentina's Economic Collapse (FULL VERSION)

The Stream-Roma minority struggle to find a place

CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

US consumer confidence remains weak

Saudi woman driver to be lashed

Bolivia protest crackdown causes backlash and resignations

Gaddafi's toxic Libyan legacy

Al Jazeera speaks to Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar

Syrian musician's family beaten

CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Keiser Report: The Greek Depression (E190)

A rugby hero of another kind

Election date set for Egypt parliament

Vermont battles Irene aftermath

Libyan fighters 'capture Sirte airport'

US activists take on Wall Street

RAP NEWS 9 - the Economy - w. Ron Paul & Peter Joseph

Sam Seder: The latest on the Occupy Wall Street protest

Worst Persons - UC Berkeley

Valerie Wilson: Her work to rid the world of nuclear weapons

Worst Persons: Dick Morris, Sen. Rand Paul and CNN's Dana Loesch

CMOT Dibbler

Inside Story - Is Saudi Arabia really opening up?

President Morales suspends Bolivia Amazon highway

Baltimore strives to replace lost jobs

Chilean students meeting government for talks

Sarkozy backs Greece amid protests

Egyptian's return to Tahrir Square

101 East - Taiwan: Sex in the city

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Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger PARODY! Key of Awesome #46

The Key of Awesome!: Moves Like Jagger! Behind the Awesome!

Worst Persons: Bill O'Reilly, Rep. Al Pscholka and Allen West

knownothing knownothing's picture

Jim Flaherty impersonates Donald Trump

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Welcome to New Zealand

French vineyards eye China market

Listening Post - Two leaders, two visions, many narratives

Inside Story - Egypt: Reclaiming the revolution

Mexican 'MataZetas' & Blacktags

Earthrise - Six Legged Meat

Talk to Al Jazeera - FW de Klerk

New steps to solve Eurozone's debt crisis

Indonesia tackles leprosy scourge

'Global mood swing' reflected on Twitter

China's class war?

Counting the Cost - Financial firms back under scrutiny

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The Other F Word Trailer (U.S. Version)

CMOT Dibbler

Romanians oppose Canada miner plan

Afghan concert drops beats not bombs

Tribal skepticism stalls Libyan politics

Patton Oswalt: NPR

Inside Story - The death of Anwar al-Awlaki

Doubts over Nepal's education overhaul

Philippines reels in second typhoon's wake

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"The TRUTH About The Occupy Wall Street Protests" - MOC #80

"Will Computers Take Over The Earth??" - M.o.C #34 by comedian Lee Camp

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Noam Chomsky to RT: Bush torturer, Obama just kills

Penn Jillette: What Will Magic Be Like in the Future?

Penn Jillette: Camera Tricks Are Not Magic

Penn and Teller Are Not Lovers

How Penn Jillette Prepares for a Show

"An Uppy-Downy, Mood-Swingy Kind of Guy"

Ricky Gervais on the Principles of Comedy

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Trailer (No. 1)

Saudi-Yemen ties in limelight

Scores of Copts leave faith over divorce laws

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India angers Bangladesh over river's flow

Greek cabinet approves 2012 draft budget

Civilians fleeing Sirte describe desperate situation

Unions Join Wall Street Protests

Protesters cripple state in south India

Venezuela to improve prison safety

Canadian police cracks down on alcohol smugglers

Moves Like Jagger Comments!

Inside Story - Kabul's new strategy for peace

Al Jazeera Correspondent - The Crying Forest

CMOT Dibbler

Growing concerns over Egyptian blogger on hunger-strike

Scientist gets posthumous Nobel prize

Smuggling threatens Guyana's gold rush

US blocks F16 sale to Taiwan

Greek plan to cut budget angers public

British economy mass employment decline

Thailand floods threaten Bangkok

Surprising Europe - Home Sweet Home

Inside Story - Wall Street protests

ZANEWS Daily - Graze Anatomy

What's behind Gaza's baby boom?

Revisiting the site of Hungary's worst environmental disaster

US withholds $200m in Palestinian aid

Americas Occupy Wall Street turns online for basics

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Epic Tales Of The Internet: Post Apocalypse - Chocolate Rain

Worst Persons: Michael Bloomberg, Hank Williams Jr., GOP supporters

Revenge of the Electric Car Trailer (U.S. Version)

CMOT Dibbler

Meltdown - Paying the price

Scuffles in Athens as workers strike

Saudi Arabia blames protests on 'outside forces'

Banking crisis is hitting Europe

Inside Story - Sending a signal to Pakistan?

Machine Guns and Stupid Choices

Inside Story - Who will support the Palestinian bid?

Activate - Challenging Chavez

New Apple iPhone fails to wow fans‎

Activate - The Dreamers

'Horrific aftermath' of Syria clashes

'Horrific aftermath' of Syria clashes

Kenyans wait for ICC verdict

Challenging Indonesia's sexual taboos

India creates world's cheapest computer

What Girls Can Teach the World

(pt 1 of 4) Alan Moore interviewed by The Art of Dismantling

Resistance Trailer (Trailer #1)

CMOT Dibbler

Adele Someone Like You PARODY! Key of Awesome #47

Shell's delayed clean up of the Niger Delta

Bahrain medics to face civilian court retrial

Amnesty International on sentenced Bahrain medics

CMOT Dibbler

North Korean children bear brunt of food crisis

NY protest turns violent

The Steve Jobs business legacy

Libya's anti-corruption unit to hunt missing billions

Hispanic students leave Alabama schools

Inside Story - Is technology and education inseparable?

Police confront barrier-storming protesters

CMOT Dibbler

Witness - Children of the Riots

Aid cuts could impact Palestinian security

Apple co-founder passes away

CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

My Week with Marilyn Trailer (No. 1)

Greek debt could spell economic catastrophe

War-torn Chechnya undergoes transformation

Protesters converge on America's capital to 'Occupy DC'

Countdown with Keith ...: Worst Persons: Roger Ailes, Herman Cain

Tutu laments Dalai Lama visa delay

Russian media professionals persecuted

Hank Williams Jr. Apologizes!

earthrise - Episode 2

101 East - Tale of a modern city

Inside Story - What is the legacy of Steve Jobs?

CMOT Dibbler


CMOT Dibbler

Tower Heist Trailer (No. 2)

Young Adult Trailer (No. 1)

CMOT Dibbler

Puss in Boots Trailer (No. 3)

The Raven Trailer (No. 1)

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Trailer (No. 2)

Keiser Report: Price Propaganda (E194)

Worst Persons: Bill O, Sarah Palin and Neal Boortz

Wall Street protesters have little faith in US democracy

Mental illness 'rampant' in Somalia

Kenyans bid farewell to 'Mother Tree of Africa'

CMOT Dibbler

UK defence minister under fire

Anglican Church divided in Zimbabwe

Signs of US debt crisis in food insecurity rates

Pakistan's mental health programme inadequate

Fighting rages in Libya's Sirte

'Nouveux Riches' laps up Indonesian wealth

Dalai Lama slams China's 'immoral censorship'

Global ID theft ring busted in New York

Palestinian officials tell Tony Blair to quit

Ban on palm frond export hits Gaza farmers

Global warming melts Montana's famous glaciers

Philippines farmers struggle for justice

CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Civil War - James. M. McPherson - This Mighty Scourge, Perspectives on the Civil War, part 1

Bangkok braces for floodwaters

S Korea hopes to reunite with North

Talk to Al Jazeera - Donald Rumsfeld

Canada's Inuit battle high suicide rates

Frost over the World - Cote d'Ivoire: Overcoming division

Cairo on edge after deadly clashes


Wall Street protesters want every voice heard

Empire - Palestine state ... of mind

Counting the Cost - Steve Jobs: Innovator, genius and businessman

Rula Amin updates on the latest Syria news

Epic Meal Time - Epic Tales of the Internet: Post Apocalypse

Final push into Sirte

Mattress Sale!

Listening Post - 'Occupy Wall street: A media blackout?

Middle East in WWI: Blood and Oil (1/2) - Inecom (2006)

The History of the Vibrator

CMOT Dibbler

Liberian elections get under way

Tony Birtley reports from the Sirte front line in Libya

Lack of investment worsens food crisis

Swaziland orphans struggle to study

Inside Story - Female fighters for peace

Kids In The Hall - Fag!

Inside Story - Liberia: the shadow of civil war

UN finds 'systematic' torture in Afghanistan

BlackBerry users suffer blackout

Keiser Report: Ground Zero of Financial Terrorism (E195)

Marwan Bishara on Hamas Israel prisoners swap

"What Future for Israel/Palestine?" by Marwan Bishara, Pt. 1

Slavery: A 21st Century Evil - Food chain slaves

Inside Story - Is the promise of democracy fading in Egypt?

Putin in China to boost bilateral ties

Indian opposition starts anti-corruption tour

Dragon Age: Redemption - Tallis (Episode 1) ft. Felicia Day

Worst Persons: Herman Cain, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh

Someone Like You Parody! Behind the Awesome!

Hazel's Back...and Still Mad as Hell!

Chapel, Season 2, Episode 1: LOADED teaser

Suitcase (Jake and Amir)

Feministing Rom Com Review: Sex and the City 2

Foreign firms eye Argentina's lands

CMOT Dibbler

Thailand braces for further Monsoon damage

Myanmar starts to release prisoners

Meltdown - After the fall

US links Iran with plot to kill Saudi envoy

Activate - How to Stop a Multinational

Inside Story - Partners and rivals

Obama's jobs' council irks protesters

Happy Feet Two Trailer (No. 2)

The Avengers Trailer (No. 1)

War and Peace in Ireland (Part 1 of 9)

Secret History of the IRA (Part 1 of 5)

Nazis In Ireland (Part 1 of 5)

Rebel Country (Part 1 of 6)

Off Our Knees (Part 1 of 6)

Blanketmen (Part 1 of 5)

Serbia clears EU membership hurdle

The Latest Worst Persons in the World

Slovak politicians reach EU bailout-fund deal

Preparing for Palestinian prisoners' homecoming

Valentine's Day Sucks

Camping out in protest at New York park

CMOT Dibbler

I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street

Keiser Report: Dog & Pony Show (E196)

Berlin fears left-wing attacks after latest firebomb

Someone Like You Comments!

Berlusconi government mired in political crisis

Former Afghanistan MP continues hunger strike

Randa Slim: Hezbollah in the Wake of the Arab Spring (1/7)

People & Power - Gilad Shalit: a bargaining chip in a political game

Witness - Bitter Root

Egyptian military defends conduct

Pros and cons of US free-trade deals

BlackBerry users cut off for fourth day

CMOT Dibbler

Scientists to explore Antarctica's hidden lake

Egyptian activists accuse military of killing Christian protesters

Carnage Trailer (U.S. Version)

CMOT Dibbler

This Means War Trailer (Trailer #1)

Sleeping Beauty Trailer (U.S. Version)

Worst: Dr. G.Hinshaw, Congressman J.Walsh, Rep. Brad Drake

TBBT - Best Friends Forever

Curl Up and Dye

Greenpeace sails into new waters

Yuan sen nothin' yet, my chinas!

Occupy Wall Street activists remain defiant

Wall Street protesters trigger protests in other US cities

Hollywood stars under fire for attending Chechen president's birthday

Kazakhstan passes restrictive religion law

Israelis frustrated over prisoner swap deal

Zimbabwe law targets foreign businesses

Gaddafi loyalists fight back in Sirte

Mexico police 'ready' for Pan American Games

US pressing for Iran sanctions

Tuvalu's drought woes continue

Renewed clashes in Syria leave many dead

CMOT Dibbler

The latest trailer for The Muppets!

CMOT Dibbler

Rome 'Occupy' protest turns violent

Counting the Cost - Land grabs: Threat or opportunity?

Listening Post - Egyptian media: In its new rulers' grip?

Talk to Al Jazeera - Professor Michael Sandel

Inside Story - Berlusconi's struggle for political survival

Earthrise - Episode three

Yemeni security forces fire on protesters

Al Jazeera surveys 'occupy protests' in Asia

Opposition raise questions over Liberia's elections

A look at man behind alleged Iran murder plot

Day of 'Occupy' protests begins in Europe

ANC resumes Malema disciplinary hearing

CMOT Dibbler

You've Been Trumped Trailer (U.S. Version)

US honors Martin Luther with memorial

French Socialists gear up to oust Sarkozy

Charles Stratford on Palestinian prisoners' possible place of exile

Language of Palestinian prisoners' release terms

Frost over the World - 'New Blood'

Uganda: US help against rebels overdue

AL Jazeera Correspondent - Mustang: A Kingdom on the Edge

Tensions linger along Kosovo border

Thousands rally in New York's 'Occupy Wall Street' protest

300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds

Susan N. Herman - Taking Liberties, Oct. 3, 2011

Yetta Kurland reacts to NYPD's defense after injury at Occupy

CMOT Dibbler

Game Geeks #185 All For One: Régime Diabolique Paris Gothique

CMOT Dibbler

Tony Birtley reports from Bani Walid, Libya

Fallen S Korean soldiers returned to families

Inside Story - Demanding 'economic justice'

Swaziland's health services affected by economic crisis

Mexico City looks to tackle high divorce rates

The new battle lines between employers and workers in Britain

Activist turned 'preacher' slams Wall Street

Wounds of Beslan tragedy will bleed for years

CMOT Dibbler

Don't Legalize Weed

Inside Story-Hamas and Israel seal prisoner swap deal

Ahmadinejad rejects assassination plot claims

Bok Autopsy

The high price of Berlusconi's phone calls

Malta struggles to treat Libya war victims

For some Palestinians return means deportation

CMOT Dibbler

Al Jazeera talks to Gershon Baskin

Hamas and Israel exchange prisoners

Old and new media meet in British Library

The growing economic toll of Thailand's floods

L'Oreal heiress deemed unfit to manage wealth

New hotel opens in China's richest village

Virgin Galactic opens commercial spaceport

Keiser Report: Live by Fraud, Die by Fraud (E198)

Marine Corps veteran Sgt. Shamar Thomas on Occupy Times Square

Worst Persons: Tom Leppert, Anita Perry and Glenn Beck

ZANEWS Daily - Liar Liar, pants on fire

Dragon Age: Redemption - Cairn (Episode 2) ft. Felicia Day


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