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Nigerian president declares state of emergency

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Coffee Snobs

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

Behind the Scenes: Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

Pakistan's dying ship-breaking industry

Malaysian opposition to face sodomy verdict

Talk to your Filipina Girlfriend - Filipino Bad Words 101

Captain America Therapy! Session #6

The Bachmanns Wish You Merry Christmas

Mexico goalkeeper arrested over kidnappings

Romney remains in pole position after debate

London Olympics fail to deliver

Nigerian Christians told to defend themselves

Inside Syria: Has the Arab League failed in Syria?

Egypt's Brotherhood wins third of vote

Karachi boys punch their way out of violence

Iranian leader seeks support in South America

Poor US citizens barter their way to health

Stephen Hawking defying time and space at 70

Sirte citizens lament tough life post-Gaddafi

Arab League considers UN help in Syria

Argentina's president 'never had cancer'

Joan of Arc divides French politics

Jamaica 'to cut ties with British monarchy'

Philippine mines to 'close' after landslide

Palestinian population boom worries Israel

S Africa's ANC marks its centenary

An exotic 'forest' of trash

Counting the Cost - North Korea: A time of uncertainty

Inside Story US 2012 - US elections: Funding unlimited?

Inside Story - Iraq: Back to chaos?

Listening Post - The News Corp. hacking saga

Wrongly deported teenager returns to US

Game Geeks #192 HellFrost Region Guides & Heroes and Villains by Triple Ace Games

Arrr! Pirate Party boarding German politics

Mormon Stories #313: Part 1 of 4 - Serving as an LDS CES Seminary and Institute Teacher

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CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Patrick Stewart's "A Christmas Story" (Behind the Scenes)

How The Gingrich Stole Christmas narrated by Paul F. Tompkins

Sexual Fruitcake

Booking Agents

9 Voters Who Lost Iowa For Santorum

Guantanamo detention centre is 10 years old

Arab observer says Syrian mission a farce

Many US citizens unsure about their vote

Witness: Life in San Salvador

Inside Story: Is Bahrain on the path to reform?

Inside Story Americas: Is Iran finding new friends in Latin America?

Rwandan president cleared in 1994 air crash

In Senegal, a singer's bid for presidency

Video-game profits score high in US

US seeks China's support on Iran sanctions

'Doomsday Clock' might be reset

Top Obama aide steps down

laine lowe laine lowe's picture

[url=]The Photographs of Your Junk (will be publicized)[/url]

CMOT Dibbler

Nigerian oil union issues shutdown deadline

UK won't prosecute spies over torture claims

Russia's Putin promotes 'softer' image

Egypt's hushed economic crisis

Quake's impact rattles Haiti two years on

Syrian refugees struggle in Lebanon

Witness - Grandma's Tattoos

Pakistan's top soldiers in crisis talks

Portuguese seek jobs in former colonies

Relations with China dominate Taiwan vote

Web addresses up for sale

Doctors help Bangladesh patients online

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Shias go on pilgrimage despite deadly attacks

Angolans invest in Portugal's sinking banks

'Irregularities' reported in Egypt polls

Myanmar releases more political prisoners

US first lady under fire in controversial book

Libyan art, from the heart

US job seekers remove tattoos to find work

Inside Story Americas - Haiti: The republic of NGOs?

Inside Story - Is Pakistan facing a military coup?

Investigators seek return of Ben Ali wealth

101 East - Anwar Ibrahim: After the Trial

Ugandan shopkeepers strike over cost of loans

Polio almost eradicated in India

US officials identify marines in Afghan abuse video


Lost Girl on Syfy - Mondays after 1/16

Joker & Harley Quinn Therapy! Session #7

The Lost "Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC"

The Stream: What's at stake in Taiwan's elections?

Nigeria unions vow more strikes unless government concedes to protests

Mississippi stalls gubernatorial pardons

People & Power - The Cancer Sell

CMOT Dibbler

Chomsky: Obama's Imperialist Policies

What If Einstein Is Wrong?

Bad Tagalog Words - Part 2

Tagalog Lesson #2 - Flirting in Tagalog!!!

CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

My Word: A Documentary about Smith College Prt. 1

Sandy Stone. Transgender Feminism. 2006 1/5

CMOT Dibbler

Argentina fines big pharma firm

US college offers overnight classes

russian protests and the Internet

Frost Over the World - 'Why it's all kicking off everywhere'

Blast kills Iraqi Shia pilgrims in Basra

Talk to Al Jazeera - Zhang Weiwei: The China Wave

Keiser Report: Wall Street Gangsta! (E236)

Counting the Cost - Who needs the IMF?

Cruise liner runs aground off Italy's coast

Inside Story - Egypt's Islamists: Threat or opportunity?

Inside Story US 2012 - Are environmental issues being sacrificed?

Qatar's emir suggests sending Arab troops to Syria

Listening Post - Super PACs: A new media weapon

Low-key run-up to Kazakhstan polls

Romney fires back at Republican rivals

US Marine to be executed in Iran

Filipino workers escape Syria violence

Researchers unveil new nano-data technology

CMOT Dibbler

Snow adds to Afghan refugees' woes

Romanian protests enter fourth day

Kosovo & Serbia: No bridge between

Muhammad Ali celebrates 70th birthday

Tourism industry suffers big losses in Tunisia

Bahraini king proposes constitutional reforms

El Salvador's bitter civil-war legacy

Inside Syria: The cost of Syria's crackdown

Most rescued after Italy ship disaster

'God's Quarterback' botches first miracle

In Bangkok Vespas combine substance and style

Factional fighting claims lives in Libya

Perez sworn in as Guatemala's president

Incumbent president wins Taiwan election

China turns to Middle East for oil

Tunisians honor anniversary of revolution

Eurozone has long road ahead: Germany

CMOT Dibbler

President marks Salvadoran Civil War with apology

Analysing Europe's economic crisis

Haru Mutasa on the Nigeria fuel strike deal

Thailand rebuffs terrorism warnings

Pakistan England set for first post scandal match

NASA in legal battle with veteran astronauts

Another body rescued on Italian ship

Inside Story: Is Kazakhstan moving towards real democracy?

Africa losing billions in tax evasion

India opens stock market to foreigners

Libya moves to legalise Egyptian workers

Allegations of voter fraud in Kazakhstan

Chinese imports 'sinking' Brazil's fishing sector

A Dale Tale! Barely Guys #15

Why I Do What I Do: Video for IAWTV Awards!

Rap News USA#1 w/ "Rahmbo's Sit Down and Shut Up Protest Ordinances"

CMOT Dibbler

Who is responsible for U.S.-Iran tensions?

US gaming industry gets high scores

Fears that 'fracking' causes Ohio earthquakes

Iranian film shines at Golden Globes

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Casa De Mi Padre Full Theatrical Trailer

Worst Persons: Mike O'Neal, Mitt Romney and Donald Ainsworth

Occupy the Dream: Russell Simmons on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s

Guy's "Drive" Inspired Outfit With Todd Womack and Mark Douglas!

The Economist's Adam Lebor on Hungary's legal issues

Striking Greeks bring transport to a halt

Spain's human rights judge goes on trial

Revolution through Arab Eyes - Tahrir Diaries

Revolution through Arab Eyes - Suez: Cradle of Revolt

Indonesia aims for locally produced car

Wave of discontent grips Romania

'Old media' lives on in New Delhi courts

Inside Story - The cost of Iranian oil

Inside Story Americas: El Salvador's open wound

CMOT Dibbler

Weird Al Yankovic in Studio Q

Muppet in chief Kermit the Frog in Studio Q

Oscar the Grouch on Q TV

CMOT Dibbler

Four Days in Guantanamo-Web Only

Boing Boing editor speaks to Al Jazeera about SOPA and PIPA

Ex-rebels eager to 're-build' Libya

Inside Story - Is the IMF right for Romania?

Inside Story Americas - Myanmar: What is in it for the US?

Captain of wrecked Italian ship under house arrest

US voters reconsidering Obama support

Slow Africa drought response 'cost lives'

Dozens killed in South Sudan tribal violence

Supporters lament verdict in Hrant Dink case

Websites 'blackout' over anti-piracy bill

INTERNET FIGHT SONG! (Anti-SOPA/PIPA song by Funk Vigilante)

CMOT Dibbler

Malibu Days: Nights with Casper Van Dien

Dealing with mounting e-waste in India

Cop-Puter with Jennifer Beals & Adrian Paul

Bamboo still holding its own

Your Storytelling Brain

Family petitions freedom for Peru's Fujimori

Fears of corruption before Russian presidential poll

French unemployment becomes key issue

Somebody That I Used To Troll -- Parody of Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye

The Student Film Awards

CMOT Dibbler

Rick Perry "Strong" Parody

CMOT Dibbler

SOPA: Innovation Blackout

Keiser Report: Scam On Epic Scale (E238)

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover)

The Joker Blogs - IndieGoGo Campaign

RMR: Radical Groups

RMR: Rick's Rant - No Debate

College Conspiracy

Shipwreck deals double blow to Giglio Island

Pakistan court to probe president's immunity

Kodak goes bankrupt amid digital world of film

Time war between astronomical and atomic

Egyptian activists in information war

Panic buying sparks fuel crisis in Egypt

Australians push for Aborigine recognition

Kabul house prices take a tumble

Somalian region struggles with refugee influx

Obama rejects Canada pipeline plan

People & Power: Collapse of the Celtic Tiger

Inside Story - SOPA: Freedom or profits?

Inside Story US 2012 - Minority vote: A growing force in US politics

Praying for a righteous US president

Obama fails to rescue ailing US school

Worst Persons: Bill O'Reilly and Bernard Goldberg, Dr. Ruth Jacobs, and Newt Gingrich

CMOT Dibbler

Michio Kaku on The Holy Grail of Planetary Astronomy: The Search for Earth's Twin

Obama Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

US kids: keeping up with old technology, or not

Hope fades of finding cruise ship survivors

Kodak makes mark as film company declines

France suspends Afghan troop training

Libyans work to remove mines left over from battle

AU troops battle al-Shabab in outer Mogadishu

Gingrich takes offense at US media charges

101 East - India: Toxic Trade

London steps up security ahead of games

Moroccans burn selves in unemployment protest

US shuts down MegaUpload as founders are arrested

Inside Story - Who is Pakistan's supreme court really after?

Inside Story Americas - US oil pipeline: Storm in a barrel?

Al Jazeera's May Welsh on return of Tuareg fighters

China to open pollution data to public

Russia's strategies 'failing' to fight HIV

Iraqiya's Allawi talks to Al Jazeera

Yemeni group threatens to take over Sanaa

Brazil megadam washes residents away

Mali music festival draws thousands

Argentina and UK spar over Falkland Islands

Spy games 'rocked' Russia-UK ties

Mexican tribal region battles drought

Save the Rich- Garfunkel and Oates with Weird Al Yankovic

Chapel, Season Two, Episode Three: MATCHED


CMOT Dibbler

Worst Persons: Bryan Fischer, Rush Limbaugh and Lamar Smith

CMOT Dibbler

MS One: Maximum Security - Official Trailer (2012) [HD]

Alter Egos Official Teaser Trailer #1 - Superhero Movie (2012) HD

Detachment Official Trailer #1 - Adrien Brody, Tony Kaye Movie (2012) HD


LOWKEY: 'Terrorist'? (official music video)

CMOT Dibbler

Frost Over the World - Pakistan's power struggle

Inside Story - Is the Middle East on the verge of cyber war?

Inside Story US 2012 - Showdown in South Carolina

Africa Cup of Nations arrives in Equatorial Guinea

Tea off the menu for many Pakistanis

Counting the Cost - Puntland: In search of black gold

Talk to Al Jazeera - Vangelis: A message of hope

Listening Post - Murder in Tehran

Violence spurs Somali aid groups to cut back

Gingrich leads in S Carolina opinion polls

Scientists index Oman's galaxy of meteors

Blasts target state offices in Nigeria's Kano

Soul singer Etta James dies in California

Keiser Report: Sinking Ship In Credit Sea (E239)

Plenty of rich guys have been president -- but is Romney just too out of it

Worst Persons: Steve Beshear, Newt Gingrich and Keith Ablow

CMOT Dibbler

Knight Blade with Robert Davi & Ray Wise

Why I Love Bikini Kill - Guest Vlog

2011 Feminist Highlights!

Meet the Pesky Dames

Big Fat Profits

Moonrise Kingdom Official Trailer #1 - Wes Anderson Movie (2012) HD

FDR American Badass Official Redband Trailer - Barry Bostwick Movie (2012) HD

CMOT Dibbler

Feminist Rapper Episode 1: A Lady Made That

Feminist Rapper Episode 2: Real Ladies Fight Back

Feminist Rapper Episode 3: This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

CMOT Dibbler

Shit Straight Guys Say to Gay Guys

Shit Gay Guys Say to Straight Guys

CMOT Dibbler

Talk to Al Jazeera - Vangelis: A message of hope(repost)

Dutch teenager completes world solo-yacht trip

Croatians vote in crucial EU referendum

Illegal logging endangers south Philippines

Iraqis say government is abusing protesters

Inside Syria: Is it time to increase the pressure on Syria?

Mumbai slum redevelopment fuels fears

Libya prepares itself for its first election

Gingrich wins South Carolina primary

CMOT Dibbler

Accomplished Women: Feminist Movement 1970s Documentary - Part 1 (1974)(well, I found something close to what I was looking for. Be warned. The sound is a bit crappy.)

Feminist, Cynthia Enloe PhD Lectures at Quinnipiac

Slut Shaming - Totally Not Cool

Ollie MC - Navigate the Crosswind

Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius (Ep.1 1/4)

CMOT Dibbler

bell hooks Pt 1 cultural criticism and transformation


'The Age of Stupid' (feature)

for all who haven't seen it - must watch!

CMOT Dibbler

Little G - Invasion Day.wmv

Rap News 11: Australia Day


Magneto & Professor X Therapy! Session #8

Greeks' eroding faith in the state

Inaugural session of Egypt's new assembly

Nick Spicer on the EU Iran sanction talks

BlackBerry sprouts new CEO

Inside Story: Why are the Libyans protesting again?

Bolivian president marks six years in power

Mexican rubbish dump raises stink over jobs

US Republican hopefuls prepare for Florida

Little-known past of China's 'next leader'

CMOT Dibbler

Turkish anger over French 'genocide' vote

Honduran farmers slam land deal

Zambia playing for memory of 1993 crash victims

Inside Story: Can the ICC deliver justice to Kenyans?

Libya's football revolution

UK seeks to straighten out Big Ben

Record sales usher in 'age of the tablet'

Inside Story - Canada's Katrina moment?

US marine pleads guilty to Haditha killings

Laptops reduce male fertility say researchers

Obama readies for State of Union address

Inside a Chinese Communist Party school

Clashes in Brazil eviction raid

Does 'biopiracy' endanger world food supplies?

Egypt's new assembly appoints speaker

The Stream: Will reform come to Saudi Arabia?

Court case against Harry Redknapp begins

Turkey's shrinking media freedoms

Gaddafi loyalists retake Bani Walid

Homeless teenager to addend State of the Union speech

Campaign Doctrine: First Thoughts on Gingrich vs. Romney

Kristen Bell's Body of Lies

A Sexy Education For All!

CMOT Dibbler

Aid agencies sound warning in South Sudan

Bus driver goes on deadly rampage in India

Turkey booming as EU continues to languish

Revolution through Arab Eyes - The Republic of Tahrir

Nigerian police raids anger local Muslims

Inside Story - Will the West interfere in Syria?

The time is now for Ivory Coast

Egyptians mark first anniversary of revolution

Obama delivers populist speech

China's young power base

Solar storm, most powerful flares since 2005

Somalia's global diaspora

Shit Cosmo Says...

CMOT Dibbler


Keiser Report: Kill Hollywood! (E241)

Australia's PM dragged from protest

Keiser Report: Dangerous Species of Bankers (E240

Web War for Kremlin: Viral videos target voters

Star Wars: the fans strike back

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut



France makes arrest in breast-implant scandal

South Korean pop goes global

Turkey extends grip on armed forces

People & Power - Pirate Fishing

Inside Story - Egypt: A year on and still unresolved?

Republicans take on Obama over oil pipeline

Interview: Papua New Guinea troop mutiny

Infants still dying at hospital in India's West Bengal

New online privacy policies cause furore

One year after Egypt's uprising

Faulty medicine kills scores in Pakistan

The Roast of Weed

Call My Phone

Wings of a Dragon

The New 007



CMOT Dibbler

Sex Education: Not just a johnnie on a banana, kids.


The far reach of China's Communist Party

Scotland to launch independence referendum


CMOT Dibbler

Sweden's Gender War (Könskriget)


CMOT Dibbler

Body Hair & Beauty

Your Letters, Part 1! (Check out Part 2 on our new channel!)

Australia Day 2012 - riots, protests, cannibalism WTF?

Game Geeks #193 Agents of Oblivion by Reality Blurs

More January Letters! Welcome to Awesome!

What Is ACTA ?

Indian political campaign wraps up before elections

Fears of clashes in Belgrade

Nigeria's president calls for dialogue with Boko Haram

West Bank woman imprisoned by father speaks out

Omani communities resist moving despite wadi threat

Iraqi Sunni and Shia tensions intensify

Sri Lanka: Eye for eye gives the world sight

Empire - Tunisia: A revolutionary model

Davos meeting seeks to ease Europe tensions

Britain's 'lost generation' of unemployed

Inside Story - Who is really controlling Libya?

Gas crisis hits Pakistani industries

UNHCR on Sudanese refugee crisis

Pakistan's unregulated drug industry

101 East - South Korea's Pop Wave

Condemnation of Shias by Sunni leaders lead to new attacks

Scientists pioneer cloaking technology

The Stream: America's fracking problem

Former Guatemala leader appears in court to face genocide charges


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