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Youtube Goodies 35

Shtick Yeshivish People Say At Shivas POV

A Life Apart: Hasidism in America - Part 1 of 9

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: The Avengers and Batman

I AM FAT! (Veda 22)

Monday Is Fat

Kremlin: What's hidden from public eye? (RT documentary)

The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour - Episode III: Date

How It Should Have Ended : How The Hunger Games Should Have

How It Should Have Ended : How Game of Thrones Season 1 Should Have Ended

US manufacturing company bringing work back home

Private security companies continue to operate in Afghanistan

The Stream: Greece's right wing: a new dawn?

Falling crime levels coincide with gang truce in El Salvador

Economy puts Istanbul in Olympics race

Study finds causes of high rate of myopia among Asian school-leavers

Exile discusses Chinese dissident's case

Sarkozy and Hollande in final election push

earthrise - Series two, episode six - Tales from Virunga

China says activist can 'apply to study abroad'

Zimbabwe tobacco sales slowly rising

Inside Story - Should sports and politics mix?

Indian Hospital: Episode 1

Alcohol-related violence increases in Australia

Inside Story Americas - The battle for Brazil's forest land

Zookeepers use iPads to talk to apes

Argentina celebrates nationalisation of oil firm

101 East - Unquenchable Thirst

Syria's propaganda war

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CMOT Dibbler

Dark Knight Rises - NEW Trailer Voice Over!

Final Spider Man Trailer

Hamas's Shifting Political Calculations

Lizzie Bennet - Questions and Answers


Darth Seder

TALMUD - 2007 Documentary by Pierre-Henry Salfati

The Trail of Genghis Khan - 1/6

Inside The Actors Studio - Conan O'Brien


Keiser Report: Bribe Masters on Shopping Spree (E284)

Outcry over India rape attacks

Philippines students invent mobile phones for the blind

CMOT Dibbler

The Infidel [Full Movie]

CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Tractor Beam

White Man's D!#k with Susan Sarandon

Primary Exit Polling

Fifty Shades of Grey Parody!

Suicide Forest in Japan

Colombian Fashion Week: Ass Implants & Couture: VICE Presents

Keiser Report: I Steal, Therefore I Am (E286)

Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow

Louis CK - Hilarious - Part 6 - Cell Phones And Flying

Louis CK in Vancouver (being broke)

Single and Happyish - Ep: 9

The Gentlemen's Rant: Movie Theaters

The Gentlemen's Rant: Marijuana

The Guild - S5 Ep5: Focus Problems

Codex & Zaboo - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 5


Maybe for all the Scooby Snacks in the world...

Decisions, decisions...

Sex With the Hulk

Sudan grapples with economic crisis

Cats and Chinchillas

Mother's Day Interview with our EMOTIMOMS!

What to Wear When...You're Invited to Mother's Day!


Sir Andrew Likierman: Why We Need to Embrace Whistleblowing

Third Greek party leader tries to form coalition

Illegal mining in Peru destroying Amazon

Video game chips used in US clinical trial for cancer

Anger spreads in Libya over illegal weapons

'Breakthrough' drug hailed in HIV prevention

China says citizens not safe in Philippines

Inside Story: Benjamin Netanyahu's political coup

Christians on Syria's border wary of future

Listening Post - Tunisia's multiplying media

Astronomer's Paradise

Dozens dead in twin Damascus blasts

Australia launches new programme for asylum seekers

Parliamentary elections under way in Algeria

Bodies found at Russian jet crash site

Inside Story Americas - Who is to blame for the US obesity epidemic?

Witness - The Great Book Robbery

Bolivian strikers clash with police

Decapitated bodies found in Mexico

People & Power - Afghanistan: Power Girls

Haiti 'abuse victim' to testify in court

The Stream-On the Syrian frontline

Obama steps into gay marriage rift as election looms

Neighbours keep an eye on China drilling

Air India grounded by striking pilots

Al Jazeera World - Common Pain

Inside Story: US 2012 - Are moderate Republicans on the way out?

Inside Story - Will Greece exit the eurozone?

Living the Language - Bolivia: The Aymara

North Carolina voters ban same-sex marriage

Writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak dies

CMOT Dibbler

Marriage Equality and Symbiotic Evolution

Rethinking Social Networking

2012 Washington D.C. Circling the Wagons Conference - Mitch Mayne and Carol Lynn Pearson

Bodies found at Russian jet crash site

Eye-tracking technology's 'revolutionary potential'

Protests in Philippines over China dispute

Indian Hospital - Episode 2

Inside Story: US 2012 - What is Obama risking by backing gay unions?

Inside Story - Will Turkey extradite Iraqi fugitive leader?

The Stream-Questioning US-Israel relations

Alleged UN abuse victim testifies in Uruguay

101 East - The Republic Of Hunger

Indigenous Malaysians protest new law

Egypt rivals spar in presidential debate

CMOT Dibbler

Barack Obama Comes Out

Draw Something

Interview with Lev Grossman & our Hyperion kick-off!

World's Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

Maurice Sendak: by Spike Jonze and Lance Bangs

CMOT Dibbler

"The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson-Unforgivable Blackness" (Part 1 of 2)

Black in Latin America - Episode 1 - Haiti & the Dominican Republic - An Island Divided

MALCOLM X 1992 Full Movie HQ High Quality

A Spike Lee Joint: He Got Game[1998] Full Version

Blacktino: SXSW 2011 Accepted Film

Gangster Squad (2012) Trailer

'We Live to Survive': One Week with Lakota (part 1)

Keiser Report: Central Bank Monarchs (E287)

Greece in final bid to avoid fresh elections

Turkish giants set for Super League showdown

Major hurdles ahead of Libyan elections

US resumes weapons sale to Bahrain

Frost Over the World - Afghanistan: Success or failure?

Inside Story Americas - The US military's 'anti-Islam classes'

Italy comedian gets last laugh in local polls

Turkey funds school for Syrian refugees

Talk to Al Jazeera - Moncef Marzouki: Tunisia at the crossroads

Making new connections over lunch in Japan

EU funds training for Somali soldiers

Listening Post - Au revoir Sarkozy, bienvenue Hollande

Counting the Cost - The cost of sustainability

Exclusive wire taps on Gaddafi's inner circle

Brazil deploys troops to border to repel crime

India's Satara district parched by drought

Experts warn of Jakarta's earthquake exposure

JPMorgan loses $2bn in hedging 'error'

US university janitor earns Ivy League degree

Land grabbing in Bangladesh

US military under fire for 'anti-Islam class'

Former Murdoch editor denies calling in government favours

Lead poisoning continues to stalk Nigeria

CMOT Dibbler

Inside The Actors Studio - Spike Lee

Anti-Putin demonstrators march in Moscow

Update: Lebanon boosts security after deadly clashes

New York bans 'fake narcotics'

Peace negotiator killed in Kabul

Indian Hospital - Episode 2

Vigilante killings target 'criminals' in South Africa

Rival fans riot at Turkish football match

Snakebites prove deadly in Sri Lanka

UK clinic offers new solution for obesity

Guatemala's land grab and massacre

Spain's "indignados" return, but are politicians listening?

Support dims for Germany's junior coalition partner

Half a million Afghans displaced by war

CMOT Dibbler

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized

PUSH GIRLS | Premieres Monday June 4 | Sundance Channel


Jaron Lanier: Why Facebook Isn't Free


Epic Tea-Time with Alan

Imagine: The Art of Stand Up part one 1/5

Watching Ourselves: 60 Years of TV in Scotland part one 1/2

Dudes, I'm a Chick

The Charming Mr. Lee - Ep: 11

Revolution - Trailer

Go On - Trailer

THE GOOD DOCTOR Trailer (2012) [HD]

Jane Chimes In - EP: 12

An Amazing Mento Cover Of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" - Noisey Meets The Jolly Boys, #14

The Guild - S5 Ep6: Revolving Door

Soda Prank

Hugh Jackman's Teacher Interview

Bassists Look Too Bored

American Spring: The Documentary

Keiser Report: Debt-a-holic Zombies (E289)

Karzai Exclusive: 'No Blackwater mercs in Afghanistan in 10 years'

Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Surviving Guantanamo (E5)

Obama hosts world leaders for G8 summit


Master Chiefs - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 6

Inside Man - Chaiyya Chaiyya

10 Reasons for Not Supporting Marriage Equality

Religion and Gay Marriage

Facebook goes public

D.R. Congo refugees flee to Rwanda

New biofuel makes headlines in the US

New evidence aids both sides of Trayvon case

Soccer hopes to score in the US

Bahrain king's invitation to Windsor Castle stirs controversy

Libya on the Line - Part 1

Affluent Greeks moving cash abroad

Facebook interview at NASDAQ with Max Wolff

Kabul wants to take lead on corruption fight

101 East - The People Smugglers

Inside Story Americas - How many has the US wrongfully executed?

Census: More minority babies than whites in US

Inside Story - Saudi troops in Bahrain a warning to Iran?

Indian Hospital - Episode 3

'Disco queen' Donna Summer dies

Facebook's Asia challenge

The Stream : Brazil's racial quotas

Bionic suit helps ease mobility problems

CMOT Dibbler

Rehab Monologue

Craig Ferguson on The View

The Avengers - Movie Review

CMOT Dibbler

Holly, however, loves weddings

Steph doesn't like marriage

Men of the Night's Watch - O Death

Game Of Thrones - All Along The Watchtower

Game of Thrones || SAIL

The Funeral - Game of Thrones

Hot Problems - feat. Mitt Romney!

Romney Problems - Behind the Scenes!

Wolverine Therapy!

S Korean monk scandal prompts calls for religious reform

Afghanistan to top NATO agenda

Argentina turns to dogs to hunt disappearing dollars

Serbia's economy hinges on elections

Libya Elections: Voters cast ballots in Benghazi

Mexican centre puts its finger on autism

Frost Over the World - The changing face of world politics

Mafia suspected in Italy school blast

'Red Shirt' crackdown marked in Thai streets

Chinese dissident leaves Beijing for US

Iranian artists negotiate government guidelines

Talk to Al Jazeera - Ali Salim el-Beidh: Separating South Yemen

Egypt's revolution fails to benefit slum dwellers

Libya on the Line - Watch part two

Inside Story Americas - Does the G8 represent a modern world economy?

Listening Post - China: Soft power or hard sell?

Counting the Cost - Is Thailand an economic success story?

CMOT Dibbler

Game of Thrones Violin Cover

What is secular marriage for? - [Guest Vlog]

Details emerge over Megrahi death

Deadly quake hits northern Italy

Abdel Basset al-Megrahi dead

Inside Syria: An opposition divided

Afghanistan improve standards for woman and girls

Terror charges ahead of Chicago NATO summit

Army clashes with rebel fighters in the DRC

India's plummeting rupee raises concern

Euro crisis dominates G8 talks

China dissident arrives in the US

CMOT Dibbler

Van Jones to Conservatives: Put Down the Red, White & Blue Wrecking Ball

The Motherland Calls: Russia's symbol of victory (RT documentary)

"Sodomy Is Not a Civil Right"(watch the whole thing!)

Keiser Report: Guernica of Financial War (E290)

Bing! It's time for dinner - EP: 13

Game of Thrones - Solo Acoustic Guitar

Game of Thrones intro(Accordion Cover)

Game Of Thrones Harmonica Cover

Game of thrones intro (bagpipes cover) by Mermicolión

Game of Thrones - Vocal Cover

Driving Mitt Romney

Felicia Day, the Mistress of Bass, Fishes in the Missouri River

The Gentlemen's Rant: Graduation

Post- by Ernesto Schnack, Solo Acoustic Guitar

We'll Always Have Siberia - Ernesto Schnack - Solo Acoustic Guitar

Inside The Actors Studio - Samuel L. Jackson

Inside The Actors Studio - Don Cheadle

How Your P*ssy Works

Why I left Jehovah's Witnesses

Knocking (Jehovah's Witness Documentary)

Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA

Cult Leader Thinks He's Jesus (Documentary Exclusive)

The power company is against us

Convicted Lockerbie bomber buried

Many Italian earthquake victims still homeless

Town caught in midst of Sudan conflict

Tackling Egypt's rising crime wave

Converting US warplanes into art

Sri Lanka releases former army chief

Chile investigates Pablo Neruda's death

Inside Story - How does China define human rights?

Anti-war protesters clash with police at NATO summit

Nationalist Nikolic wins Serbia presidency

CMOT Dibbler

Facebook IPO Song: The Zuckerberg Anthem ft Sean Parker (Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars "Mirror"

CMOT Dibbler

Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked

Secret Gay Agenda Revealed

No feminism without trans* feminism

Teenage Polar Bear Cam

John Mayer's Hologram

The Real Conspiracy Against Hip-Hop

The Guild - S5 Ep7: Downturn

American Idol vs. The Voice!

Keiser Report: Scatological Finance (E291)

Why You Should Care: GMOs on your plate (E6)

The Julian Assange Show: Rafael Correa (E6)

Michael Chabon - Berkeley Seminars In Modern Jewish Culture

CMOT Dibbler

I really suck at Video Games.

Physics of Superheroes

Trans* inclusive feminism

The Least Interesting Man In the World!

Israeli public opinion turns against Sudanese migrants

When volunteering becomes big business

Egyptians cast ballots in presidential poll

Somalia peacekeepers claim progress

Facebook shareholders sue social networking site

More talks to be held over Iran nuclear issue

Summit on eurozone crisis ends in failure

Syrian parliament opens as unrest continues

Head of Secret Service addresses US congress

Extreme dieting catches on in the US

Ntaganda accused of leading DRC rebellion

Curtains lifted for new Soweto theatre

Inside Story Americas - Why has Mexico turned deadly for journalists?

Cambodia's crackdown on land grab protests

Keiser Report: Stripped To Teeth (E292)

Inside Story: Averting a crisis in Yemen

Azerbaijan evicts Baku residents for Eurovision contest

Fixing America's 'worst city'

People & Power - Cambodia's Orphan Business

Amnesty criticises UNSC Syria handling

British stuntman leaps from helicopter

Chinese activist's last call

The Stream : The currency of protest

Returning Lebanese tell of kidnapping

Al Jazeera report prompts Sierre Leone crackdown on illegal fishing

Al Jazeera World - The Brotherhood and Mubarak

Inside Story Americas: Breaking point for US-Pakistani relations

Argentina bomb 'targets Colombia ex-leader'

Living the Language - Over the airwaves

CMOT Dibbler

Iran: The Phantom Menace

Don't Freak Out About the White Babies

Racist Remarks: 'What if they think Ukraine's in Africa'

Interview with Ernest Cline & our Hyperion wrap-up! Sword & Laser

Werewolf in a Girls' Sorority

The Universal Teacher

Waco ~ The Inside Story

The History of the Devil - Network Ireland TV

THE SS ~ Himmler's Madness

Pope's butler charged in 'Vatileaks' scandal

Sweden wins Eurovision contest final

Mali government rejects Azawad council

US candidates look to swing state N Carolina

Activists seek cooler place for polar bear

Nigeria's rusting shipwreck problem

Secrets of Body Language

Putting Libya's army back together

Jimmy Carter speaks to Al Jazeera about the Egyptian elections

Egypt presidential candidates submit complaints

Inside Syria - Peace in Syria: How will it happen?

Listening Post - The citizen journalists challenging al-Assad

Tourists shun restive Yemen

US candidates look to swing states for success

Nepal's poor left out of political process

Egyptian candidate seeks election suspension

Germany now divided by an economic wall

Iran bazaar beset by cheap Chinese goods

Slow in S Africa economy upsets small business

Indians feel pinch of Fuel hike

Inside Story Americas - Facebook IPO: Fair risk or casino capitalism?

Medical tourism booms in South Korea

Talk to Al Jazeera - Alaa al-Aswany: 'Egypt, strong but paralysed'

Inside Story - A showdown between old and new in Egypt

Counting the Cost - Where is the money for malaria?

Fastest fingers in football compete in Dubai

Indian Hospital - Episode 4

101 East - Vision Quest

Very Maggie Smith: The Case of the cracked tea cup

CollegeHumor All-Nighter V

CMOT Dibbler

The Aggressives 1/6 (LGBT Documentary)

Shane Koyczan performs his poem "Stop Signs" on Talent Time.

Shane Koyczan, "This is my Voice," Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Shane Koyczan interview, Words Aloud 2007, Canada


'Ireland year away from Greek devastation unless austerity stopped'

Ivan Coyote: Judging a Book

CMOT Dibbler

Cory Booker and the Young Money Clique

The Guild - S5 Ep8: Social Traumas

I Know What Butch Is

Dear Lady in the Women's Washroom

A Butch Roadmap

The Femme Piece (with multiple cameras)

Ivan Coyote interview, Part 1 of 2, Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Feminism and class: an apology

Hugo & Soulem "Orpheus & Persephone"

Double Trouble - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 8

Julian Assange vs Rupert Murdoch - RAP NEWS 13: A News Hope

Lizzie Bennet is in Denial - EP: 15

Shut Up and Say Something - Shane Koyczan

Shane Koyczan - Shine

Nikola Tesla - Master of Lightning 2000 Full video

"The Voice" Deleted Scenes

Albert Einstein- How I See the World

Norman Finkelstein - Political scientist - BBC HARDtalk 2012

Joel Beinin - Workers' Struggles in the Arab Spring, Feb. 25, 2012.

Ivan Coyote, "You are Here, part 1 of 4," Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Rukhsana Khan interview Part 1 of 2, Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Rukhsana Khan The Roses in My Carpet, Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Shane Koyczan, "The Crickets Have Arthritis," Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Shane Koyczan, "Atlantis," Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Why Internet Trolling is a Good Thing

Munchkin: Felicia Day, Steve Jackson and Sandeep Parikh

The Julian Assange Show: Occupy Movement (E7)

Happiness in the Pursuit of Life - Ep:16

Mormon Stories 350: Benji Scwimmer Pt. 1 - Early Years and LDS Mission

CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Aamer Rahman KONY 2012

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita: How to Reform Wall Street

Baltic Blacklist: Professor sacked for speaking to RT

Searching For A Miracle (RT Documentary)

Shane Koyczan - Tomatoes (spoken word poem)

Why I Like Tyrion (Joffrey Gets Slapped)

Louise Bernice Halfe interview, Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Louise Bernice Halfe, Returning, Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Vintage Tintin comic draws record price.

Queen Elizabeth lead jubilee flotilla

Holly gets class-y

Mubarak verdict may have political fallout

Herat burn specialist treats female self-immolation

Herat hospital deals with resource constraints

Zimbabwe's elderly rendered destitute and abandoned

Fishermen bomb Indonesian coral reef

Inside Syria - When will Russia change its stance on Syria?

Tawerghans cast doubt over Libya election

Chavez's health raises concerns over legacy

Srebrenica 'not genocide', says Serbia leader

Mubarak verdict may have political fallout

Suu Kyi visits refugee camp in Thailand

West Indians in UK seek jubilee apology

US to shift naval firepower to Asia-Pacific

Jamaica celebrates 'power of the pen'

Egypt's Mubarak sentenced to life in prison

The rise and fall of Hosni Mubarak

Exam cheating scandal hits the US

Talk to Al Jazeera - 'It was not necessary to kill Gaddafi'

Inside Story Americas - Is it time for the US to intervene in Syria?

Inside Story - Will the eurozone collapse?

Counting the Cost - CEO of Thai Airways: Heading to departures?

Malaysia internet law stirs free speech fears

Listening Post - Listening in at the Leveson Inquiry

Guatemala taps smartphones to ease water woes

US and Israel 'used cyberattacks' on Iran

Irish back EU fiscal pact

Obama blames gas prices for slow US job growth

Les Miserables (2012) Official Trailer [HD]: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway

CMOT Dibbler

Montreal: Welcome to the Revolution

How The Avengers Should Have Ended

The Bourne Legacy - Trailer

Transformers Play Battleship

How It Should Have Ended : How Do You Do What You Do - Part II

Hulk's Smashing Special Effects: The Avengers

Mitt Romney Scares The Crap Out Of Me

RIP Mr. Trololo: Tribute to Eduard Khil (1934-2012)

Tom Cruise Crazy

I Feel Fantastic

Chiron Beta Prime

Skullcrusher Mountain

The Future Soon

Felicia Day Operates Heavy Machinery

The Big Night

Class and Feminism.. Why can't you just get on?!

Support My Kickstarter Project

Swimming with Scissors - EP: 17

More than four million Spaniards out of work

The case for reforms in Bahrain

'Setback' for Nigeria's aviation industry

Indian Hospital - Episode 5

Army and al-Qaeda face off in Yemen's south

Oil workers convicted in Kazakh court

Rwanda accused of fuelling mutiny in Congo

Website leads call for social change

Hong Kong remembers 1989 Tiananmen Square protests

Oil ambitions could jeopardise Canada's nature reserve

Inside Story - Have Egyptians been denied full justice?

Chileans in Patagonia learn science through music

India's capital struggles with worker influx

Overall global military spending on the decline

Troops restore calm in northern Lebanon

Toxic fears in Malaysia over rare earth plant

New US breast cancer drug

Military roped in to get healthcare to people in Brazil's Amazon

CMOT Dibbler

"15 Crucial Facts NEVER Heard On The Mainstream Media" - MOC #141

CMOT Dibbler

Shane Koyczan - Beethoven

Shane Koyczan 's Grandma 's Got it Going On

"Wasted Vote" by Shane Koyczan

The Guild - S5 Ep9: Invite Accepted

Secrets of Barely Political REVEALED

US state governor's fate in the balance

Pakistan expresses concern over drones

Zimbabweans abducted in South Africa

South Korea moving towards vertical farming

Inside Story - Is Syria's conflict being fought in Lebanon?

Canadian pipeline faces opposition

Uncertain future for Afghan dam project

Witness - Burden of Silence

Inside Story Americas - Why is Venezuela so violent?

Russia and China 'delay' UN action on Syria

New Orleans set to lose daily newspaper

The Julian Assange Show: Cypherpunks (E8, p.1)

Keiser Report: Paper Money Collapse (E297)

CMOT Dibbler

The Psychology of Love

Fifty Shades of GAY

Interview with Courtney Trouble, co-creator of Queer Porn TV

Larry King Dubstep

Thronecast interviews George R.R. Martin

Female To Male (Drag King) Makeup Demo

Afghan officials allege civilian deaths in NATO strike

Nepal flood victims suffer one month on

Florida voters asked to prove citizenship

Afghan president attends Shanghai cooperation summit

Growing calls in Aden for South Yemen's secession

Knesset to vote on illegal settlemets

US pastor's anti-gay sermon goes viral

N Korea leader bolsters youth morale

Inside Story Americas - How effective are the US drone strikes?

Inside Story - Can South Sudan combat corruption?

101 East - China: Inventing Innovation

Al Jazeera World - Coming Back

Disney joins fight against obesity

Stargazers watch Venus transit

Plane's condition probed after Nigeria crash

Bounty offered to report face veil

Real estate debt threatens Spain's economy

Protesters press political demands in Egypt

The Stream: The online arms race

Syria allows UN aid presence, but violence continues

CMOT Dibbler

Teeny Tiny Pig Overcomes His Fear of Stairs to Get to a Bowl of Delicious Oatmeal

Yo ho ho! Pirates seize political vessel amid crisis storm

Dinosaur Office: Viral Videos

Keiser Report: Planet Ponzi (E298)

GOP Candidates Play Monopoly

25 Douchebags and a Gentleman - EP:18

Leave Michelle Obama Alone With Your Random-Ass Opinions

Peter Dinklage interview on P.O.V. - No Bigger Than a Minute (2006)

Celebrity Cameos - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 9

The Passion of Tebow

iPhone 4S - John Malkovich Ad!

iPhone 4S - Kristen Stewart Ad!

iPhone 4S - Deleted Celebrity Ads!

That Pesky Jenn: Feminist Music

Shirley Manson and Amanda Palmer rock my world

CMOT Dibbler

The Hunger Games Unabridged

The Rains of Castamere by The National (Game of Thrones s02e09 End Credits)

The Rains of Castamere (Metal Version)

Life's Too Short - Scientology Scene

lifes too short-psychic

life's too short: the making of [1/3]

Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

Rise of the Guardians Trailer

Jessie J - up for marriage? To me? No? OK.

Django Unchained - Official Trailer (HD)

Jamaican drug lord handed maximum sentence

Ban Ki-Moon announces the killings

Dhaka's water shortage could sink city

Japan restarts two nuclear reactors

A slap to the Golden Dawn's popularity

The Stream : Canada's Maple Spring

US scientists make startling Arctic discovery

Spain banking on an EU bailout

Inside Story Americas - What drives US policy in Central America?

CMOT Dibbler

Brother Ali - Tight Rope

Bright Ideas: Maggie Koerth-Baker

Can't hold us down!

Code Monkey

Game of Thrones epic Tyrion scene (spoilers)

Keiser Report: Cuckoo Trading (E299)

CMOT Dibbler

I'm A Feminist Because...

Video Games - Andrew Rose Gregory & The Color Red Band

Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios

Interview with James S.A. Corey and our Tigana kick-off! Sword & Laser

Punts & Clones: Fed up with Euro, Irish town cashes in old currency

Hollande seeks majority in French vote

US defence department accused of water contamination

Myanmar declares state of emergency in west

Kenya minister among helicopter crash victims

Bangkok residents unite to fight floods

Egypt's Nubians seek return to homeland

India celebrates a centenary of film

Inside Syria - Syria: From tipping point to breaking point?

Liberia seals Ivorian border after attack

South Korean expats sign up for army

Spain to access eurozone rescue funds

ICC delegates accused of espionage in Libya

Cyprus students hurt by economic downturn

Family's fury over China activist's cremation

Sanctions threaten ancient tradition in Iran

Argentina buys up US dollars

Unemployed Spanish youth take to the airwaves

A medical first in Latin America

Inside Story Americas - Is American football too violent?

Chilli 'key to safer weight-loss surgery'

Growing number of US soldier suicides

Inside Story - Will racism overshadow Euro 2012?

Listening Post - Blowing the whistle on Obama's America

Russia glamourises Gorky Park

CMOT Dibbler

Gamer Girl, Country Boy - Felicia Day & Jason Charles Miller

Felicia Plays with Toilet Paper and Etc.

Tony Awards 2012 - Neil Patrick Harris - Opening Number (What If Life Were More Like Theater)

Arya - Just A Little Girl

CMOT Dibbler

Richard Phillips Feynman - The Last Journey Of A Genius

"The World in 2030" by Dr. Michio Kaku

Advertising Dads

Men! Feminism! Fatherhood! Yaaay...?

P. Sainath - Globalizing Inequality - SPECIAL EDITION!

Ehrenreich - This Land is Their Land: Reports from a Divided Nation

Adopt a Starving Artist

Batman Blows His Cover

DVD Extras: Taxi Driver in Post-Giuliani New York

Twilight Explains the European Debt Crisis

Why Gwyneth Paltrow Should Just Say "Nuh"

What is Mormon Stories About, and How Can You Help Keep it Alive

Brooklyn Cat Calls

The Green Bean Gelatin Plan - Ep: 19

Damn It Feels Good to be a Lannister

What riot grrrl can do for you - [Guest Video]

Brazil lags in World Cup preparations

Does anti-trolling law inhibit free speech?

Violence escalating in Indonesia's Papua province

Chicago pumps money into railways

Children rescued from Indian factory

Euro 2012: Russia fans march through Warsaw

Thousands in Moscow march against Putin

Cuban boxing hero dies

App sector continues to boom

'Stop and search' app for UK youngsters

Hugo Chavez launches re-election bid

Greeks face stark choice at ballot box

Child freed in Bahrain after weeks in jail

Witness - Seeds of Survival

Migrant workers mistreated in Qatar

Inside Story - Spain bailout: A painkiller or cure?

Inside Story Americas - Who will win the Mexican election?

Coroner finds dingo took Australian baby

Old rituals course through Iranian zurkhaneh

CMOT Dibbler

Brother Ali - Breakin' Dawn

RandomMessage about New Video and Voice/Speech Lessons

ShotGlass Video #4: Misogyny in gaming,when does opinion go too far?

The Guild - S5 Ep10: Strategy Timez

Dan Savage: How do i get my bf to stop checking out other girls?

Dan Savage: My boyfriend likes to talk during sex. How do I get him to shut up?

Craig Ferguson 6_18_9D Late Late Show Sandra Bullock

Craig Ferguson 1/26/11C Late Late Show Betty White

Eurozone nations plagued with questions

Google+ Hangout: The #YoSoy132 student movement in Mexico

NASA launches revolutionary telescope

'Unfit Air Nigeria planes' cleared for travel

Al Jazeera Frames - City of the Dead

An historic moment for Southern Baptists

South Africa jobs hostage to foreign demand

Curfew in Tunisia after widespread riots

Scores killed in Iraq attacks

Inside Story - What is behind Myanmar's ethnic unrest?

Sectarian violence continues in Myanmar

Israel to deport African migrants

Inside Story Americas - Are Venezuelans better off under Chavez?

Videos show scorched earth Sudan fighting

Art's hard to see at London exhibition

World Bank predicts weak economic growth

The World of the Dinosaurs - Symphony of Science

CMOT Dibbler

Mr. Rambo's Neighborhood - Johnny Carson "Tonight Show" (June 1985)

Daniel Radcliffe - The Woman in Black *Interview (Feb.2/12)

Inside The Actors Studio - Ben Affleck

Batman Blows His Cover

Honest New York Times Ad

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Interrogator Part 1 (with Ben Schwartz)

The Stoned Ages - History Channel [HQ] [Full Version]

The Evolution of 8-Bit Art | Off Book | PBS

The Culture Of Reddit | Off Book | PBS

Bad Dads?

History Channel - History of the World in Two Hours (2012)

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BBC: This World - Norway's Massacre (2012)

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Keiser Report: City of Biggest Crooks (E302)

Tel Aviv wary as anti-Israeli moods sweep across Egypt

Fatherhood & Will Smith Being Gr8

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Battlefield Britain - Boyne

Battlefield Britain - Battle For Wales

Jason Momoa Game of Thrones Audition Tape (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Jaron Lanier: The Death of Alan Turing

American Spring: The Documentary (pt.1)

American Spring: The Documentary (pt.2)

Conservatives hold narrow lead in Greece vote

Exit polls predict French Socialists' victory

Israel to airlift South Sudanese migrants back to Juba

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz buried in Mecca

Mexican farmers feel forgotten by politicians

Uneasy calm in Myanmar's Rakhine

Afghans hold mass funerals for quake victims

Ex-rebels tapped to fill Libya's security ranks

Climbing to Amazon's 'roof' for data

Inside Syria - Has the UN observer mission failed in Syria?

Absence of 'revolutionary fervour' in Egyptian polls

Former Brotherhood official undecided in Egyptian poll

Indian province turns rice husks into energy

Greek Americans brace for vote on euro

ECOWAS plans to send troops to Azawad

Suu Kyi: Nobel prize inspired democracy fight

Car bombs target Shia pilgrims in Baghdad

Locals protest against Greek racist attacks

Italians vent anger at austerity measures

Jamal Elshayyal reports from Alexandria

US judo champion strives to rise above abuse

China sends first woman into space

Election day in Cairo

Thai government moves to protect local boxing

Listening Post - Egypt: The media's role in politics

Inside Story: US 2012 - Obama's immigration call: A reason to dream?

Paraguay deploys army to quell land dispute

Talk to Al Jazeera - Zapatero: 'Europe is stronger than the crisis

Counting the Cost - Lessons for Europe from Japan's 'lost decade'

UK doctors tap medical app for chronically ill

South Africa marks bittersweet Youth Day

Obama shores up Hispanic support

US honours Cold War spy plane pilot

Sarkozy faces probes as immunity expires

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Game Geeks #204 War of the Dead by Daring Entertainment

101 East - For Crown or Country

People & Power - Danger Zone: Ageing Nuclear Reactors

Che Guevara: Frankenstein Translator

Henry Rollins: The One Decision that Changed My Life Forever

Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen: Mondo Sushi Rollers!

The Semester is Over - Ep: 21

Castle Panic: Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt and Andre the Black Nerd join Wil Wheaton on TableTop, Ep 6

Gilbert Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades of Grey

The Gentlemen's Rant: Birthdays

The Gentlemen's Rant: iPad

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First Look: Ultimate Teaser Trailer

Bengt Washburn at the 2012 Mormon Stories Conference

Battlefield Britain - Hastings

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Fred Rogers - Archive Interview Part 1 of 9

Alan Alda - Archive Interview Part 1 of 6

George Takei - Archive Interview Part 1 of 6 : George R.R. Martin visits Audible HQ

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Interrogator Part 2 (with Ben Schwartz)

Hoverboard Lightsaber Portal Gun Fight

Office Force

Men in Black 3 Sucks

Keiser Report: Elite Losers & Heroes of Fraud (E303)

The Guild - S5 Ep11: Costume Contest

Make up: good for the puns, bad for the ethics

Make-up: expression or cover-up?

Tensions rise as West Bank mosque vandalised

Drought resistant seeds assist Kenyan farmers

Greece to form coallition government

Pakistan supreme court pushes PM Gilani out of his job

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My RuPaul's Drag Race Audition

Prometheus Pre-Prequel!

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter PARODY!

Chris Brown Siri Ad

Craig Ferguson -_- Intro with Scottish Father and Daughter - 2012.03.07

Craig Ferguson -_- Quentin Tarantino - Part 1 - 2009.09.01

Craig Ferguson -_- Russell Crowe - 2010.05.10

Leap Year: All Hands - Leap Year (season 1, ep. 1)

The layers of SHAAAAME

Al Jazeera World - Greenpeace: From hippies to lobbyists

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Don Knotts - Archive Interview Part 1 of 7 old version

All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones

The Unavoidable Invitation - EP: 22

Skateboarders in Afghanistan take to the streets

Pakistan PM nominee's arrest sought

Xtra-Large Soda Drug Deal

Space Camp 2012

Steampunk & The Guild! - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 11

New YOLO Slang Words

Bare face, bare soul

Keiser Report: Runaway Greek Cash (E304)

Laci's Guide to BUTT SEX

Auditors say Spanish banks need $78bn

Breivik prosecutors push for insanity verdict

Muslim Rohingya protest in Bangkok

uu Kyi appeals for UK support on democracy

Inside Story - Government vs. judiciary in Pakistan

Inside Story: US 2012 - Catholic nuns: Taking on Rome and Republicans

Cancer threatens to wipe out Devils

People & Power - The Great Olympic Greenwash

Brazil's broken Rio summit promise

Malians flee to Burkina Faso amid drought

Mexican students organise presidential debate

UK police say WikiLeaks founder faces arrest

CMOT Dibbler

Assange speaks out: US drums up case against me, time running out

Delta to begin refining oil

Against the odds: One athlete's dream

Inside Story Americas - Have multinationals hijacked Rio+20?

Egyptians united in call for civilian rule

Moody's cuts credit ratings of 15 major banks

The Family - Part 1

Inside Story - Will Nigeria violence spiral out of control?

Kenyan clean syringe drive opposed

101 East - In the Kingdom of Reverend Moon

Lawyers for Zimmerman release video

Inside The Actors Studio - Denis Leary

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The World is Ending in 2 Minutes

Bill Murray

Lizzie Answers Questions PART 2

Keiser Report: Feta Cheese Trap (E305)

Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin)

Kids Teach Anti-Drug Mascot About Bath Salts

Dan Savage: My bf wants to try anal sex and I don't. Should I do it?

Dan Savage: How do I tell my roommate that he is masturbating too much?

Inside The Actors Studio - George Clooney

Inside The Actors Studio - John Goodman

Lady Time

Face the Day! - [Guest Vlog]

Inside The Actors Studio - Jude Law

Syria says Turkish plane violated airspace

Families protest against extradition in the UK

Electricity issue on Pakistani PM agenda

Amazon villagers concerned about environment

Inside Story Americas - Forced sterlisation: Time for compensation?

Unrest escalates in Ivory Coast

Latin American leaders reject Paraguay 'coup'

Migrant workers exploited in Thailand

Thousands remain in Tahrir Square

Anticipation and expectation in Tahrir

Talk to Al Jazeera - Joyce Banda: 'Malawians deserve better'

Voting begins in Papua New Guinea

Inside Story - Has springtime finally arrived in Sudan?

Listening Post - The propaganda behind Obama's drone war

Jordan's Syrians punished for dissent

World's languages under threat

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Scientology: Full Jason Beghe Interview


Scientology and the Clearwater Police

Game of Thrones! Glad You Came - The Wanted Parody

George Dyson: How Turing's Cathedral Was Built

The One Percent

Inside The Actors Studio - Sarah Jessica Parker (first visit)

Kuril Islands: Russia's Eastern Frontier

Georgia wine industry bounces back after embargo

Turkey turning to NATO over downed jet

Peruvians protest mining project

Who is Mohamed Morsi?

Ivory Coast families waiting to go home

Drone designers seek non-violent uses

Australians protest over refugee boat accident

Inside Syria - Turkey-Syria relations: Taking a nose dive?

Nepal deaf restaurant hopes to remove stigma

Nigeria imposes curfew over growing unrest

The Amish: Chapter 1

Trouble In Amish Paradise

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UPLOADED: The Asian American Movement (Official Trailer)

One Sister Behind - Ep: 23

Suzanne Vega The Queen And The Soldier

Alerte Rouge.flv - Which side are you on

The Woman who thinks like a Cow - BBC Horizon

"The Family that Walks on All Fours"

How to kill a human being - BBC Horizon

Only Human - The Strangest Village in Britain HQ

Rufus Wainwright Does Gum


Jane's Journey (2010) Full Movie Part-1/2

Inside The Actors Studio - Martin Scorsese

Inside The Actors Studio - Ricky Gervais

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Concept of the Day | Femme

Game of Thrones Opening (Tudors Style)

Game of Thrones Opening - "Friends" Style

Femme Cam | SlutWalk Toronto 2012

Your Body is Beautiful

Summer Jam Song! Key of Awesome #60!

Summer Jam Behind the Scenes!

The Julian Assange Show: Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali (E10)

Obama Bachelor Party Scandal

Keiser Report: Gold vs Paper (E306)

ABC Australian Story - Fear of a Brown Planet

Aamer Rahman AFGHANISTAN (Fear of a Brown Planet)

Nazeem Hussain (Fear of a Brown Planet) 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival All Stars Gala

Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala 2010 Oxfam

The Guild - S5 Ep12: Grande Finale

Seth MacFarlane's Rejected Pitches (with Mark Wahlberg)

Criticised Obamacare thriving in Massachusets

Europeans seek opportunities in ex-colonies

Colorado wildfire sparks mass evictions

Chad Vader S4 Ep2 "Return of Weird Jimmy Part 2"

One Sister Behind - Ep: 23

Inside The Actors Studio - Kate Winslet

Merkel rebukes appeal for debt action

Sexism in geek culture

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Concept of the Day | Femme

Game of Thrones Opening (Tudors Style)

Game of Thrones Opening - "Friends" Style

Femme Cam | SlutWalk Toronto 2012

Your Body is Beautiful

Summer Jam Song! Key of Awesome #60!

Summer Jam Behind the Scenes!

The Julian Assange Show: Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali (E10)

Obama Bachelor Party Scandal

Keiser Report: Gold vs Paper (E306)

ABC Australian Story - Fear of a Brown Planet

Aamer Rahman AFGHANISTAN (Fear of a Brown Planet)

Nazeem Hussain (Fear of a Brown Planet) 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival All Stars Gala

Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala 2010 Oxfam

The Guild - S5 Ep12: Grande Finale

Seth MacFarlane's Rejected Pitches (with Mark Wahlberg)

Criticised Obamacare thriving in Massachusets

Europeans seek opportunities in ex-colonies

Colorado wildfire sparks mass evictions

Chad Vader S4 Ep2 "Return of Weird Jimmy Part 2"

One Sister Behind - Ep: 23

Inside The Actors Studio - Kate Winslet

Merkel rebukes appeal for debt action

Sexism in geek culture

CMOT Dibbler

Fear of a Brown Planet - Encyclopedias

Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) @ Political Asylum

Concept of the Day | Fat Shaming

Jane's Back and Mom isn't happy - Ep: 24

Erin Gray on The Guild! - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 12


Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer

Perfect Fantasy World

Keiser Report: Zombie Bank Apocalypse (E307)

US Supreme Court upholds healthcare act

Dutch researchers 'invent greener fuel'

Brazil tribes occupy hydroelectric dam project

Wealth distribution key in Mongolia election

Karadzic acquitted on one charge

Division at the eurozone summit

Barclays bank fined $453m for market fixing

Seychelles locking up convicted pirates

Students take lead in Sudan protests

People & Power: Colombia's Emerald Tsar

Inside Story - Is closer European integration inevitable?

Singapore pastor charged in $19m fraud case

Inside Story Americas - Can Morales survive Bolivia's social unrest?

Space is rare luxury in Hong Kong

Striking Argentines demand tax cuts

UK man appeals conviction over Twitter 'joke'

Malaysian palm oil to be privatised

Inside Story Americas - How does the US treats its homeless?

Wheeling across Africa for the disabled

Inside Story - How should Nigeria tackle Boko Haram?

Boy has tumour half his body weight removed

Gunmen storm pro-government TV channel in Syria

Al Jazeera World - Girls FC

CMOT Dibbler

Gloom: Amber Benson, Michele Boyd, and Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17) join Wil on TableTop

Amber Benson Extended Interview from Gloom - TableTop ep 7

UNESCO places Malian Timbuktu n the list of endangered sites

Against all odds: Mary Kom

Michele Boyd Extended Interview from Gloom - TableTop ep 7

Meghan Camarena Extended Interview from Gloom - TableTop ep 7

Mexcians blame state neglect for drug violence

Sudan anti-government protests intensifies

Holder held in contempt of Congress

Mission accomplished for China space launch

Inside Story: US 2012 - Who won the US health care battle?

The Family - Part 2

Eurozone leaders agree to bailout deal in Brussels

Inside Story - How corrupt is Mongolia?

101 East - No place like home

Singapore's 'Gardens by the Bay'

Wildfires rage on in western US states

Mexican Left hoping for resurgence

Poor patients hail US healthcare verdict

US diet pill gets green signal