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Inside The Actors Studio - Robert Redford

YouTube Complaints!

The Best of Wheel Voices

Fight Like A Girl: Women in Music and why I love Emilie Autumn - [Guest Vlog]

Keiser Report: Barclays' Bad Bet (E308)

Oreo Pride!

Craig Ferguson - Sir Ian McKellen 2007

Inside The Actors Studio - James Lipton - Hosted By Dave Chappelle (200th episode)

GAY OREOS for PRIDE Month!!! (Facebook Homophobes)

Inside The Actors Studio - William H. Macy

Inside The Actors Studio - Hilary Swank

Punk Song for Babies ft. PASSKONTROL

Geeks, freaks and Special Snowflakes

CMOT Dibbler

Henry Rollins on Gay Marriage

Advice For Young Girls From Belle

Rainbow-colored Oreo filled with controversy

Bella Discovers Twilight: Episode 5

Craig Ferguson 1/12/12D Late Late Show Hugh Laurie XD

Inside The Actors Studio - Colin Firth

Inside The Actors Studio - Hugh Grant

Inside The Actors Studio - Michael J. Fox

Inside The Actors Studio - Ralph Fiennes


John Trudell

AIM Indigenous activist, poet, musician, warrior

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Body Positivity! (Jenn has lots of feelings)

Egypt After the Elections


If All The Presidents Got High

Body positivity: fight your demons

Kristen Stewart Explains July 4!

Perry Michaelson: Monster of Photography

Mormon Stories 2012 Salt Lake City Conference Part 1 of 5 - Jana Riess & Peter Breinholt

Racism A History Documentary flv Pt 1

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Five Steps To Tyranny (2001) - full documentary

Chad Vader S4 Ep3 "Return of Commander Wickstrom"

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Rap News 14: Higgs Boson Unbound (Feat. Prof. Scott Ridley) (this video contains the b word)

'Tology Talkin' TomKat

Ghost Gay!

Sesame Street: Share It Maybe

Chad Vader S4 Ep4 - "The Return of Brian"

Part 1 - Pride and Prejudice Audiobook by Jane Austen (Chs 01-15)

Vidcon Interruption - EP: 25

Apparently we were on TV or something?

Mom's Convoluted Plan - Ep: 26

Welcome to Netherfield - Ep: 27

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Meeting Bing Lee - Ep: 28

Keiser Report: Ponzi Overdose (E313)

Feminism in the mass media, and thank you BBC!

'Russian Amish': Children of the schism (RT documentary)

Amsterdam of Immigrants: Sharing the Motherland (RT documentary)

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Why Stop Now Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Jesse Eisenberg Movie HD

iPhone 4s - Zooey Deschanel Ad!

iPhone 4s - Mitt Romney Ad!

FOPS feat. Willie Garson

Celebrities perform "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" Rap

Feminism In The Media

The Real Housewives Of Tom Cruise

Can't Wait for the Movies: Spider-Man

New Woody Allen Trailer

Little progress achieved at Rio Summit

US state faces lawsuit for sub-standard education

China-Philippines in tense standoff

UK enforces Olympic flight restrictions

Memorial for victims of Costa Concordia

Bangladeshis seek justice at village courts

Inside Story Americas - Is there hope for Haiti's homeless?

Empire - Egypt: A second republic?

Inside Story - What has flared up the fighting in DR Congo?

Wells Fargo accused of discriminatory lending

101 East - Battered and Bruised

People & Power - The Fix

Al Jazeera World - Women who refuse to die

UAE club sacks Maradona

Witness - On the Brink

Rolling Stones mark anniversary

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CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Dutch group mends broken items for free


Venezuelan urban famers under criticism


Spat with China drives tourists from Boracay


AU mulls intervention in Mali


Security in Goma vital for DRC peace


Wave of tornadoes hit Poland


Heathrow readies for Olympics showdown


Explorers attempt to conquer Arctic Ocean


Magic Mike Bachelorette Mix Up


Kiss My A$$ with Denis Leary


Florida farm works to curb hunger


Reviving Canada's indigenous narrative


Witnesses killed in Philippines massacre trial


Inside Syria - Nawaf Fares: 'The Syrian regime is dead'


Inside Story - Is Russia's democracy under threat?


EU moves to clean up e-waste


Nigeria business slumps after attacks


Technology turns mobile devices into medical marvels


Carrom gamers seeks Olympic ambitions


Outrage over Guwahati molestation video


The Flog @ Comic Con 2012!


After tack sabotage, Tour de France is back on track



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CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

The Dark Knight Rises Ultimate Trilogy Trailer - Christopher Nolan Batman Movie Legacy HD

Convertible Carpool - EP: 31

Pitbull - Walmart Challenge: Alaska!

The Lodger - Ep: 3

Reclaiming Words

WARNING: Here be swears (but sadly no dragons)

Why feminism is still relevant - [Guest Vlog]

The Flood

The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could

Wimmin's sports

Chad Vader Harasses People At VidCon

Frack, Baby, Frack? What You Need to Know About Hydraulic

Oz the Great and Powerful Official Trailer (2013) Sam Raimi Wizard of Oz Movie HD

Dorothy and the Witches of Oz - Official Trailer HD (2012)

Gun Violence

The Dark Knight Rises Aurora Colorado Tribute 7-20-12

"Goth Boy" - Written By A Kid Ep 2 featuring Rhett & Link

Felicia Day Tries a Sport!

Challenges of "Goth Boy" - Written By A Kid Ep 2 Behind The Scenes

Mark on ecstasy - Peep Show

Peer Pressure - Ep: 4(this video contains the b word)

Malaysian healthcare giant sees stock boost

Greenland Melting

Only cured HIV patient promotes more research

France announces new recovery plan for auto sector

hKenya's road plan faces conservationist ire

Kenya's road plan faces conservationist ire

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CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Henry Rollins live in St. Louis, MO on his Frequent Flyer Tour 2010 at The Pageant -- PART 1 (contains the P and B word)

Prude shaming and virginity

Lydia vs Mr. Collins - Ep: 37


I'm so sorry I haven't been updating this thread on a regular basis and that the selection of links in this post is so tiny, but I need to go to bed.  :( 

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CMOT Dibbler
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CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Josie Long - Trying is Good (1/6)

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Tale of Two Gents - Ep: 38

Dylan McDermott - Cool Kids' Table

What Do You Think Kathy Bates Is Doing Right Now?

HUSBANDS 1: Waking Up in Vegas

Puppet High - Episode 1

Unlikely Quotes from Batman: 'THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' (a batman parody)

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this is a test...


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The Chicago Code Extended Theme - Billy Corgan

Christine | Ep. 1 of 12 | Feat. America Ferrera | WIGS

Lauren | Ep. 1 of 3 | Feat. Troian Bellisario & Jennifer Beals | WIGS

The Silent City - Episode 01: A Fractured World

Prude Shaming playlist

Punk's Not Dead

  Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell

The Hobbit: Extended Trailer!


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What Do You Think Winona Ryder Is Doing Right Now?

Issue #1: The Super Force Versus The Bottom Line (Uncensored)

Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen: Satan...err, Seitan

My Gimpy Life - Episode 1: Accessible

My Gimpy Life - Episode 2: Two Shades of Teal

My Gimpy Life - Episode 3: Inspirational

My Gimpy Life - Episode 4: Crowded

Avengers- Iron Man Intervention

The Dark Knight- Rooftop Scene Spoof


CMOT Dibbler

Watsky & The GetBand- A Love Story

The Story Board Ep. 1 "Urban Fantasy: Threat or Menace?"

Sword & Laser Episode 10 - Interview with Adam Christopher

The Dark Knight- Joker Mob Meeting Spoof

"Cold East" - Written By A Kid Ep 5 by Efehan Elbi

Jennifer (+ Rochelle Trailer) | Featuring Dana Davis & Dawnn Lewis |


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How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended


Felicia Day & Morgan Webb Master the Art of Archery


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The Mars Underground [HD]

Hardcore Paul Ryan Rap

Michael Bay is on Kickstarter

The Olympic Ticket Scalper with Sir Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg & Maisie Williams


Michio Kaku: The Search for Life on Mars

Knights of Badassdom Red Band Trailer 2011 HD

The Insistent Proposal - Ep: 39

Proposal Fallout - Ep: 40

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Time Comic

Elder Sign: Felicia Day, Mike Morhaime, and Bill Prady join Wil on TableTop, episode 11

"Robots Attack" - Written By A Kid Ep 6 by Jimmy Marble

The Buffy Mustache - "Robots Attack" Written By A Kid Ep 6 Behind The Scenes

What Do You Think Kathie Lee Gifford Is Doing Right Now?

Breivik will not appeal sentence, sorry he did not kill more

Sri Lanka students protest over staff strike

Germany rejects Greece's plea for more time on debt

Empire State shooting news conference

Inside Story: US 2012 - Is the US war on drugs racist?

Beefing up security in Argentina

Hundreds in Egyptian town suffer from contaminated water

Ethiopians prepare for uncertain future

Inside Story: US 2012 - Why do US Republicans distrust scientists?

NASA to launch weather rocket

Julia Child Remixed | Keep On Cooking | PBS Digital Studios

Bob Ross Remixed | Happy Little Clouds | PBS Digital Studios

101 East - China: Broken Dreams

Inside Story - What is driving Lebanon's sectarian clashes?

Australia inspects island for asylum detention centre

Used US clothing reworn in developing world

Petrol supplies across Nigeria threatened

Neo-Nazi music flourishing in US

Ban Ki-moon to attend Tehran summit

Bungled restoration attempt destroys painting

S Africa's Zuma outlines mine protest inquiry

Honduras named murder capital of the world

Balkans hit by worst drought in decades

Somalia swears in historic new parliament

Inside Story - Life after Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi

Australia's Qantas posts huge loss

Canadian students resume protests

Thai school kids get a taste of modern education

An outbreak of West Nile virus is on track to become worst ever in US history

Court backs civil trial for Mexico soldiers

Locked-in syndrome sufferer dies at home

Banks joining in food speculation fight

Apple-Samsung battle in hands of US jury

Fault Lines: Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City

101 East - Battling the Yakuza









CMOT Dibbler

Questions and Answers #4

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me PARODY! Key of Awesome #62

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean

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My Gimpy Life - Episode 5: The Commercial

CMOT Dibbler

Jan | Ep. 1 of 15 | Feat. Caitlin Gerard, Stephen Moyer & Virginia Madsen | WIGS

Your Pitch Needs Work - Ep: 41

50 Shades of Paul

Dear Michael Buckley - A Musical Message from AVbyte

George Orwell - A Life in Pictures a

The Real George Orwell (1/6)

Rochelle | Ep. 1 of 3 | Feat. Rosanna Arquette | WIGS

CMOT Dibbler

'The Hobbit', Audio Book- Part I of III

Holes 2003 Full Movie

Listening Post - Sex, lies and Wikileaks

Channel 4 Paralympics - Meet the Superhumans (Annotated Version)

The Cafe - US: Still #1?

Colombia wealth gap leaves poor short-changed

CMOT Dibbler


Deadly explosion at Venezuela oil refinery

Astronaut Neil Armstrong passes away

Peace brings surge to Mogadishu nightlife

Palestinian refugees escape Syria violence

Inside Syria - Is Syria in a state of civil war?

Spain's rebel mayor fights back at austerity cuts

Nine by-standers injured by police in New York shooting

Salafis blamed for Libya mosque destruction

Watsky's Making an Album Episode 1

50 Shades Of Grey Area



CMOT Dibbler

The Wobblies (Full Documentary)

Dear Michael Buckley - Comments! AVbyte

The Roots of War part 1 of 3

The Spanish Civil War - Part 1 - Prelude to Tragedy

Hitler in Colour

Living Utopia (The Anarchists & The Spanish Revolution)

The Lost World of Communism (Part 1)

Emma Goldman - An exceedingly dangerous woman

Anarchism in America - full documentary

Lacie Greene on STDS


The Pesky Dames on Ableism

Game Geeks #207 Cthulhu by Gaslight and Stealing Cthulhu

40 Years of Complete Isolation (Part 1/4)

Documentary ~ An Anarchist's Story

What Do You Think Frances McDormand Is Doing Right Now?

Expendables 2 part 2!

CMOT Dibbler

Friends Forever - EP: 42

The Winners' Circle


CMOT Dibbler

HOLLOW (Sci-Fi/War Film)

War & Peace Roads (RT Documentary)

Official Rock Jocks Theatrical Trailer

Excellent Slovenian Documentary on the wars in former Yugoslavia (Eng Subs) p1


How to Deal with Rejection Without Prude-Shaming - [Guest Vlog]

Portrait STUdio: Prom Photos

Rejected Pitches: Pulp Fiction

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: Spider-Man and...? Part 2

Darth Vader in Love

Burning Wheels: Palestinian women racing towards freedom

Bear Grylls - Escape to the Legion Part 1/4

The Hitler Family

Activists prepare for march on 'Wall Street South'

Religious cleric arrested in Pakistan blasphemy case

Revisiting an acid attack victim in Bangladesh

Mali Islamist group seizes key town

Inside Syria - Buffer zone raises tough questions

On the campaign trail in Venezuela

Yosemite visitors at risk from deadly virus

Convicted axe murderer welcomed in Azerbaijan

Spaniards unhappy about rise in sales tax

Angola's president dos Santos to return to power

Turkey protesters march in support of Assad

Firefighters contain Spain wildfires

British squatters face eviction after law change

Rise Of The Fourth Reich

Florence and The Machine - Seven Devils

Inside Story - Will elections usher in a new era in Angola?

Funeral preparations under way for Ethiopia's PM

 New wheelchair app helps disabled get around

Thalidomide victims say apology not enough

Counting the Cost - Who stole the American Dream?

South Africa mine shooting highlights police abuse

Inside Story US 2012 - Romney: 'Restoring the promise of America'

Listening Post - Caught in Syria's propaganda war







CMOT Dibbler


THE PARENT RAP  - Funny parenting song from Bluefish TV

Kenya protests rage on after cleric's death

The Cafe: Mexico: Failed state or economic giant?

Artscape: Poets of Protest - Ahmed Fouad Negm: Writing a Revolution

Disability activists protest Paralympics sponsor


CMOT Dibbler

Bill Hicks - Relentless 1992 (Full Show)

Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler

Felicia Day Plays BattleTech with Ryon

"Kendall the Knight" - Written By A Kid Ep 7 by Caleb Emerson

Sword & Laser ep. 11 - Interview with Gary Whitta

Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Ep. 8 "Ill Wind"

Felicia Day Trains Cubby (The Cutest Dog Ever)

Missing Charlotte - Ep: 43

Eichmann (2007) - Full Movie

Vanessa & Jan | Ep. 1 of 6 | Feat. Laura Spencer & Caitlin Gerard | WIGS

CMOT Dibbler

Inside The Actors Studio - Bette Midler

 Katy Perry - Wide Awake

 Inside Story - Hunger Games: the price of feeding the world

 Kenya school teachers strike over pay hike

 Inside Story: US 2012 - Can the US' housing woes be fixed?

 Inside Story - Mali: Time for an intervention?

 What Do You Think Joan Allen Is Doing Right Now?

 Fault Lines: For sale: The American dream

 More than 100,000 refugees flee Syria in August

 Should feminism be taught in schools?

 The Prototype - Trailer

 Silver Linings Playbook Official Movie Trailer [HD]

 Schools and feminism?

 Utah - A Great Place to Have an Abortion

 Stephen Fry Live At The Sydney Opera House

 Stephen Fry - The Secret Life Of the Manic-Depressive (Part 1 of 2)


CMOT Dibbler



Rejected Pitches: Home Alone

Hitler's Children - Seduction Episode 1 of 5

Vanessa & Jan | Ep. 2 of 6 | Feat. Laura Spencer & Caitlin Gerard | WIGS

RAP NEWS 15: Big Brother is WWWatching You


CMOT Dibbler
CMOT Dibbler

Media Propaganda, Rachel Corrie, Bill Nye, iPhone Spying

 Breaking the set debut show

 Drones, Iran War, Nuclear California, NYPD in Israel


 Sword & Laser September Book Club: 'Foundation' Kick-off & Your Feedback!

 Todd Akin's Apology

 Thor and Loki Therapy! Session #17!

 Part 1: About the Fry Chronicles: An evening with Stephen Fry, Singelkerk Amsterdam, 30/06/2011

 Vanessa & Jan | Ep. 3 of 6 | Feat. Laura Spencer & Caitlin Gerard | WIGS

 Class, today we're learning about feminism!

 Lauren Flans Raps on Picture Battle

 Game of Thrones - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens

 Darcy Wickham Drama - Ep: 44

 Bane vs. Cable Guy

 What Do You Think Shelley Duvall Is Doing Right Now?

 How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended - Bonus Scene

 Feminism, Education and the plight of the teenage girl