Alberta: Creation rules over evolution at museum

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Alberta: Creation rules over evolution at museum



Oh you lucky Albertans. You get your very own museum of pseudoscience.


Creation rules over evolution at museum
Biblical flood among displays near Innisfail

Paula Beauchamp, Calgary Herald
Published: Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Canada's first permanent creation museum --set to open in Alberta next month -- will use fossil displays to support the Bible's explanation of creation.

The controversial Big Valley Creation Science Museum, located east of Innisfail, is billed as an alternative to the world view presented by the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller and will open on June 5.

Owner Harry Nibourg said in a press release that the museum provides compelling evidence for creation and refutes any unguided, "natural" processes such as evolution.
He said the museum's "fossils and the flood" display, which teams a giant model of Noah's ark with museum-quality fossils, is evidence the biblical flood actually happened.

According to the museum's website, another display called "dinosaurs and humans" disproves evolutionary theory that dinosaurs became extinct at least 60 million years before humans evolved.

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I guess we are all real lucky. Apparently Canada has not one but TWO travelling creation museums for your viewing pleasure.

How icky. And why do I have circus music stuck in my head now?

The Wizard of S...

For the same reason I do whenever I see a so-called green party clown announcing they deserve a free pass to parliament. Because it's funny.

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Innisfail has a museum?

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Every medium town has one, they get funding from the government for them.

One should look into how much they got fronm this government to open their creationist section.

And oh how "icky"