Alberta govt. protecting chiroquacks

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Alberta govt. protecting chiroquacks

EDMONTON — The Alberta government is expected to go court Monday in a bid to derail a $500 million class action lawsuit filed by a woman who claims she was severely injured during a visit to a chiropractor.

Sandra Nette of Edmonton filed the lawsuit last year against the province and the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors.

In her statement of claim, Nette says she received an upper neck adjustment that ruptured her vertebral arteries, causing strokes that left her paralyzed.

The lawsuit alleges Alberta chiropractors put the lives and health of their patients at risk by subjecting them to inappropriate and non-beneficial adjustments of their spines and necks.

In the statement, Nette says the association and the government should have been aware that such spine manipulations are without scientific justification and pose a threat to people.


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Thanks for this update, Snuckles.  We had a discussion about Sandra Nette last year; here's the link to the video: