Alberta: Pseudo science costs us bigtime

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Alberta: Pseudo science costs us bigtime


When outrage greets the rational, this time a bus ad questioning the existence of God, we shouldn't be surprised non-science is tolerated.

In Alberta, teaching kids creationist fairy tales as an alternative to real biological science is even paid for with our tax dollars. Last summer, the province quietly began shipping more of our dough to private and religious schools by upping their per student grant from 60% to 70% of the total instructional cost.

Our tax dollars are underwriting ignorance in religious schools peddling myth as science throughout the province, some of which have attached themselves to public boards in a bid to receive full funding.

This, at a time when the anti-science agenda of the Bush administration fades south of the border, increasing pressure on Canada to compete in research and knowledge-based pursuits, as our university heads warn.

Meanwhile, curriculum designers tread gingerly on teaching evolution in regular science classes -- a factual foundation of biology cemented by more scientific proof every day.


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