Atheists: the most distrusted minority in USA - II

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lol! It's obvious to me only now that Jesus was an ordinary conservative who advocated on behalf of the rich and powerful. If he were alive today, the wretched poor would be jealous, steal his fine robes,  and crucify him all over again. And then they would describe his teachings as those of some kind of socialist. It's all a pack of lies, really.


missed this wee article on Dec 29th - heating up in school boards again! Kiss

Handout of Gideon Bibles in public schools ignites passions over tradition


Great story, jan - thanks for the find! Some excerpts:


Rene Chouinard and his wife — atheists from Grimsby, Ont. — are awaiting a human rights hearing expected in March on their complaint against the Niagara school board.

After the parents of three complained, the board changed its policy to allow other religious groups to distribute material as well, but refused to allow him to hand out “non-belief” writings, he said.

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So all he has to do is declare atheism as his "faith", and he'll be able to enjoy his freedom of speech and conscience à l'Ontario!? Cool!

And my favourite:

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has washed his hands of the issue, saying it's up to trustees to come up with their own solutions.
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Love it!



Unionist wrote:
So all he has to do is declare atheism as his "faith", and he'll be able to enjoy his freedom of speech and conscience à l'Ontario!? Cool!

No...not cool.  Pity we don't have an inquisition to get to the bottom of such heresies and to excommunicate people found guilty of describing atheism as a faith.


Hmm. Remember the case a month or so ago up north involving bibles being handed out in schools? 

I believe this would be a case in which challenging that is not complicated by an infringement on Native culture.

But again, this is extremely common.I am sure no political party would ever touch it because of the possible backlash, but it would be nice if these infringements could be worked into a legal challenge.




well Smith I don't think this would be an infringement on Native culture. Secular doesn't mean an absence of religion but just not giving dominance of one. Thus in the secular school system, kids at different grade levels learn about different religions, their beliefs, customs and so on, and it includes First Nation spiritual beliefs. Thus, as long as it is within the curriculum it is okay. The distribution of religious materials is about non-instructural materials that are provided by a said organization and wanting to use the "scarce" resources of a school system as the distribution point.


So who polices the content to ensure that the non-instructional materials do not preach the charter of rights and freedoms, and in Ontario, the human rights code. Who gets to interrupt? And is this the business of education?


Closing for length.


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