China's 1-child policy, class, and a competitive marriage market

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China's 1-child policy, class, and a competitive marriage market

I've stumbled across these three interesting articles:

First, evidence that the competitive marriage market in China may be a leading cause of their "savings glut"

  1. The mystery of Chinese savings
  2. The struggle of the sexless class
  3. Get engaged in a bed of cash in China

Brief summary, due to the 1-child policy in China, as well as other forces such as traditional patriarchy, heteronormativity and monogamy, there is intense competition among Chinese men for life partners, and it seems to correlate strongly with class lines. The middle article, the best of the three imo, argues that in China there is effectively assortative mating, with beautiful women going with rich men.

It's odd to see this kind of marxist language applied to relationships between people:

That is to say, the men who rent have no stable sexual resources and the men who share rent are basically of the sexless class, the men with sufficient economic means are in the sexual middle-class, and the men with wealth and power are the sexual bourgeoisie. The main struggle is between the sexless class and the sexual bourgeoisie, while the sexual middle-class sits on the fence – they want to be like the sexual bourgeoisie and steal women from the sexless class, but they are also afraid that their own women will be stolen by the sexual bourgeoisie.

The covert war of the sexual classes has been going on for years and now the war has been made public, but the fight has become one-sided. The sexual bourgeoisie use power, money, culture, property, organized crime groups, etc. to launch a comprehensive attack on many fronts. The defense of the sexless class has been completely shattered, and only the system of monogamy is giving them the ability to resist. In the meantime, the observers of the struggle, the sexual middle-class has discovered that one of the armies of the sexual bourgeoisie is attacking and closing in from behind.

The sexual bourgeoisie is not only depriving others of sexual pleasures, they are destroying the entirety of society. Zhao Xiaobo, a netizen, says, "If ‘Dwelling Narrowness’ was banned, it would not be because it contains topics relating to sex, it would be because this TV series is like a needle, it pokes at the sensitivities of the whole society, making us understand exactly what is sabotaging our values system. ‘Dwelling Narrowness’ is a vivid portrayal of society as a whole, it rips down the magnificent curtain and only leaves the tear stains to be seen."


Hmm, and women as the booty in this "class" struggle?

They are not necessarily sexless, but their sexual partners are just like their rent – shared. Once in a while they can find women that other men have slept with before.

The plight of the "sexless"...


In gross contrast: How many is too many?