Creationism Surfaces as Ontario Election Issue

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Creationism Surfaces as Ontario Election Issue



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ORONTO — Publicly-funded religious schools would be allowed to teach creationism and other theories, says Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory.

Speaking to reporters at the a Jewish day school in Thornhill, Ont., on Wednesday, Mr. Tory defended his plan to bring Jewish, Islamic and other religious schools into the public education system.

“They teach evolution in the Ontario curriculum, but they also could teach the fact to the children that there are other theories that people have out there that are part of some Christian beliefs,” Mr. Tory said at the Kamin Education Centre.

I am not very pleased with this turn of events. [img]frown.gif" border="0[/img]

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Don't sweat it. It is costing him even in rural ridings where keeping public schools open has been an on-going battle.


Unlike Stockwell Day (and perhaps Stephen Harper), there is no indication that Tory believes the earth is 6000 years old and god created humans in their present form. However, it is difficult to imagine anyone who is even somewhat aware of the scientific evidence for evolution, responding to the question as he did. In the same response he also stated "It's still called the theory of evolution" as if to put the "other theories" and evolution on similar grounds. It seems that Tory is not given to saying silly, wrong things as a matter of course (like George Bush is) so it does make one wonder just how scientifically illiterate he might be. He appears to be well educated (elite private schools, university).
Tory has stated that funding faith-based schools is a promise he intends to keep, so, if he is elected, I assume he will try to keep it. There are evangelical Ontario private schools which claim to follow the Ontario curriculum, but on their website they also say that everything must be compatible with the bible. Under history, one claims to teach history from creation to modern times. I assume they are not talking about billions of years! Tory has given no indication of how he will handle faith-based schools whose fundamental beliefs are at complete odds with human knowledge. They can cover evolution and still undermine it. Most evangelical private schools do this, saying it is important to know what non-believers say.


He may not believe it himself, but he's willing to pander to the idiots who do, in order to get votes. He knows who the flat-earthers vote for, and it ain't the NDP.

It's sad to see formerly progressive groups falling for it, though. It's so obvious what he's doing - suck in people who would never dream of supporting nasty fiscal policies with a wedge issue that the power brokers really don't give a shit about to begin with, give them their little trinket, and then a whole lot more nasty stuff besides.

If the Tories win the election, be sure to put some of the blame on the third party advertisers, who are campaigning for the Tories on wedge issues, for the nasty fiscal policies that will follow.

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Tory taking this stand is completely consistent with his public education position. And it works in favour of the NDP (maybe the Liberals a little less so), since the Cons sure ain't getting any votes from centre- or left-leaning types with this kinda position. I say excellent. (As long as he doesn't actually get in of course. Yikes.) Let him go further to the right and take those fringe voters with him.

Wilf Day


Originally posted by bigcitygal:
[b]it works in favour of the NDP.[/b]

I'm afraid not. Until this issue Tory and McGuinty looked like Tweedledee and Tweedledum on most issues, with little risk of New Democrat voters being scared into voting for the Liberals. But every time Tory opens his mouth lately, he helps McGuinty.

Luckily he quickly clarified that he was only talking about what could be taught in religion class, not science class.


I agree with Wilf Day that this tends to help the Liberals. I'm a swing voter myself, voting either Liberal or NDP depending on the issues and candidates, although most recently I have only voted NDP. While I'll wait to get to know the candidates better and also see how the issues play out before deciding whom to vote for, this one issue will certainly tilt me toward the Liberals if there is some chance of the Conservatives forming the next government. I would guess that other swing voters would react similarly.

People who know Tory better, tell me he used to be quite thoughtful, but has become more of a politician saying what he thinks he should. I just find it puzzling that any Ontario politician would think it was in his/her best interests to publicly question evolution. Perhaps he has bad advisors or he really is spending too much time talking to fundamentalist groups.