Eco-nut destroys geology experiment

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Eco-nut destroys geology experiment

An environmental activist on B.C.’s central coast said Tuesday he has resorted to direct action to raise awareness of a consortium of U.S. and Canadian scientists planning to launch a massive seismic program aimed at unravelling the geologic secrets of the Coast Mountains. Ingmar Lee issued a statement saying that at 8 a.m. Tuesday, he went to the Denny Island aerodrome and “broke open the welded steel cover and dismantled and destroyed a large seismic shot which was slated for blasting in the early morning hours of July 17th, 2009.” Denny Island is off B.C.’s central coast, about 200 km north of Port Hardy. The statement went on: “I took this action alone, without the participation or knowledge of any other person, association or organization. I accept full and sole responsibility for my action and look forward to the consequences.” Lee said he took the action because “there has been no prior community information, consultation or discussion whatsoever with anyone here on Denny Island (pop. approx. 80) regarding this massive detonation.” In response, the Canadian lead scientist on the project, University of Victoria earth and ocean sciences professor George Spence, said the RCMP has been asked to investigate the apparent criminal act. The blaster who drilled the hole for the 390 kilograms of explosives was on the way to check first-hand on the damage. Spence said several agencies were contacted in advance about the seismic project, including the federal fisheries department, the B.C. environment ministry and the Central Coast Regional District. Two members of the Heiltsuk First Nation in Bella Bella have been hired to work on the project.
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Well, at least he's courageous enough to identify himself and accept responsibility for his choices.

Nutters like ELF and ALF could take a lesson.