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Flake vs. Flake

Tim Miejan became the editor of a New Age magazine this year. And he found himself smack in the middle of the shifting, fractured New Age world — where beliefs change faster than you can flip a tarot card. "We are about what it means to be human, in the metaphysical, holistic and spiritual realms," said Miejan, of Woodbury, who bought The Edge magazine with a partner in February. As the editor, Miejan has become a New Age gatekeeper, deciding which legitimate beliefs get into the magazine and which are too far out to be included. It's not an easy job. . . . . . .Miejan favors articles on stress reduction and spiritual quests. He welcomes columns on astrology, written by "Moonrabbit." He recently featured an article which pleaded for a halt to construction of wind turbines because of the harm to life-force energy flows called "prana." He says he would include stories about "nature divas," the politically correct name for fairies. "We would never say those do not exist. We are one of the forums where people can share those ideas," he said. But even Miejan's open mind sometimes snaps shut. Channelers — people possessed by spirits of the dead — are out. So is the belief that reptile-like aliens have taken over the bodies of celebrities, including Queen Elizabeth and — according to one Web site — former Minnesota U.S. Rep. Bill Luther. Paganism? Out. "I am not saying that because paganism offends anyone," Miejan said. "But it is a complete niche by itself." Other New Age leaders are appalled. "He is excluding channeling? Yikes. Or pagans? He should not be doing that," said Kathy McGee, editor of the Washington-state-based magazine New Age Retailer.
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martin dufresne

Ach! Who does one have to bless to get that kind of exposure? I write a Goddamn encyclical - sorry, Boss... - and I can't even get a quip on Rabble...

B9sus4 B9sus4's picture

There's the nub right there: "New Age Retailer".. Take the profit incentive away from all religious kookery (ie., not just the far out stuff) and all of it collapses in a heap of gibberish. Religions are made up of three kinds of folks: psychopaths, psychotics, and idiots. They're organized in a pyramid. The psychopaths are at the top, ie., where all the gold is. Next comes the rich vein of psychotics who provide the vital gibberish and bullshit to keep the system roiling. At the bottom are a vast chunk of idiots who labour, toil, and provide the surplus that supports their uppers (I hesitate to say "betters" because in any moral dimension, the idiot towers over the psychopath in all respects.)