Flu season, International aspect and super resistance

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Brian White
Flu season, International aspect and super resistance

I will leave this semi blank

Brian White

So I read that people who got swine flu last year have a "super" immunity to flu this year. It seems that they are immune to several different types due to getting swine flu.


  At the time of reading they did not have results about if this super immunity was there in vaccinated people too.   Another interesting aspect is that this time round a different seasonal flu is doing the rounds in Canada but in Ireland they are getting swine flu again.  And more cases than last year.

  A couple of young children died in the last few days.

So presumably swine flu is also doing the rounds in England. Is there any reason why we are getting a different one than they are? I though with air travel that we would all get the same type.

Anyway, thats it.

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Where did you read it?


I had just seen an initial report of this about an hour before reading the opening post. The BBC's version is here: [url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-12152500]Swine flu offers 'extraordinary super immunity'[/url]

People who recover from swine flu may be left with an extraordinary natural ability to fight off flu viruses, findings suggests.

In beating a bout of H1N1 the body makes antibodies that can kill many other flu strains, a study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine shows.

Doctors hope to harness this power to make a universal flu vaccine that would protect against any type of influenza.

It sounds like this is very preliminary -- the study was on only nine patients -- but the possibility of a universal vaccine would get a lot of people's attention.


polly bee

Maybe that is why everyone in my office is sick this week except for me.  I had swine flu last year, and was sick for a week or so.  This was before the vaccine was even available to everyone.