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Maybe that's why homeopathy works?  It actually gets people to drink water rather than pop...



I enjoy Huffington Post and I don't see a problem with homeopathy? It works for some, as long as they don't know it's sugar and water! The power of the placebo..


Are you saying homeopathy can cause cavities and drowning?



Pure water is an efficacious remedy--but only if it is diluted 100x


[url=]Vitamin C and Alzheimer's disease[/url]

Gifford Jones wrote:
What causes Alzheimer's disease? No one knows the answer. But an article in the journal Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders claims there's an important link between heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. fie link is atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries). What amazes me is that since it's been shown that vitamin C can reverse atherosclerosis in coronary arteries, why isn't any one advocating its use in trying to prevent this catastrophic disorder? ...

Gifford Jones is really Ken Walker, MD.


Lord Palmerston

[url= scientific is modern medicine, really?, asks homeopath[/url]


Coming Friday, January 14, on CBC Marketplace:

[url=]Cure or Con?[/url]


Erica Johnson investigates one of the fastest growing alternative health treatments in the country: homeopathy. Ontario homeopaths are about to become the first province in Canada to regulate homeopathy — lending credibility to this unproven practice.

Canada's leading consumer ally takes a long hard look at the theories, and the remedies. For the first time in Canada, we conduct a test of homeopathic medicines, investigating the science behind these so-called medicines. In light of our results, we ask both the Ontario government and Health Canada why they are lending credibility to the homeopathic industry. Johnson also meets up with a rep from the world's leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines, who admits that even the company doesn't know how homeopathy is supposed to work.

Watch, as we witness a Vancouver group of skeptics taking part in a group overdose of homeopathic remedies. Perhaps most disturbing we learn that some homeopaths are treating cancer patients with homeopathic remedies — this despite a leading cancer specialist saying there is no role for homeopathy in the treatment of cancer, that it is a "scam that is not evidence-based".