Intelligent Design by Satan

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Kaspar Hauser
Intelligent Design by Satan
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That is frightening...


eww  EEWWWW! ..YUCK!!

I think I may lay off the deeper kissing for a while.  Ya never know.

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My eyes! My eyes!!

Michael, jebus, put a warning on that link fer pete's sake!


And also, GRODY to the max!!!

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After finally banishing the earwig scene from Wrath of Khan, I now have 25 more years of nightmares to look forward to. Thanks, Satan.

Kaspar Hauser

Stephen Colbert talked about this demonic beastie on his show last night:


I am completely grossed and freaked out by this. I couldn't even tell Mrs Floyd about without cringing.

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I wonder how they reproduce?  Lay eggs in the throat?  A big ol' egg sac that bursts open, releasing thousands of little larvae into the water?  Maybe they swallow the eggs, and when they hatch, the larvae release an emetic substance and the fish vomits up the brood?

Anyway, looks like when H.R. Giger died, God gave him an internship in the Ministry of New Species.


Even better is the site where the article was originally posted. Shows a cross sectional photo of what the parasite looks like when the fish's mouth is closed.


I dunno, I think it's kinda cute.


"You gotta be fucking kidding!" Palmer, The Thing, 1982


Now you know why they are appointing parliamentary exorcists

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Jeez, some of you central Canadian overlords are such drama queens... ya can't keep all your sympathy for the cute big eyed seals, sometimes you just have to embrace the aethetically challenged members of the animal kingdom. Of course you should check for missing body parts after embracing them. (Is this the time to adopt a variant of the old question, Cat got your tongue?)



Yet, you guys probably quaffed down a few ham sandwiches while watching Robin Sears when Peter Newman hosted "Politics".  

To each his own toungue eating parasites, I guess.

Ken Burch

In six months, this will be a delicacy in Paris.

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Ah yes.. the THING! There's a film (video) you DO NOT want to watch on an isolated radar station on Baffin Island in the middle of a HOWLING gale in December!!!! Really! Not without a whole bunch of brandy.


Sounds scary. Watch out for the dog. It could be one of those things.

VO Narration- "Who knows what has come from the galaxy? Who knows what lurks in the sky? Beyond God. Watch those around you. For who knows what today, tonight, or tomorrow will bring."