linguistic derivatives

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linguistic derivatives

Products of job specialization in our pyramidal controlled society are frustration and boredom, along with overwork and anxiety over the real possibility of losing even a lousy job.

Journalists suffering from word specialization resort to phonetic and extended imagery for respite. 

The respite, unfortunately, has taken over the job.

Permutations of the Tory Stafford case were symptomatic of this phenomenon.

Did journalists not stop to think that their singular obsession at the time might have contributed to the captor's obsessions ?

Where has responsibility gone?  All is reduced to selling media, harping on a theme, exaccerbating extremes, leveraging metaphors, hedging priority.

We are subjected to a chase or a circus. 

Circus antics include the dances of the specialists who are paid to talk about certain subjects in prescribed ways.

Trivia balloons, jokes are swapped, essential critical analysis is lost in the crash and crisis.

Even these words will be manipulated.





the gate is always open for those who just like to chase around in circles.

it's harder to get out and walk, or take fences down.