Listen, isn't that Santa?

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Listen, isn't that Santa?



Listen, isn't that Santa?

Another Wishful Thinker?


Gifts? For those who have ears.

Yes, again I've been caught sleeping at the wheel, not as observant as I should have been, as I would have liked to have been. But it's hard to be everywhere, at once. But now that I think I've seen it, let me tell you about it, and see if you see it too. To see it, may require the omission that you were sleeping too.

About a month ago, while gathering data from an online archive, it emerged from the year 1997. The interview with Lou Frank, a physicist at Iowa University, immediately alerted me to a Galileo class discovery. What Lou Frank did, others could have, but did not, but now must. What Lou Frank learned, we must, to be right. For he was the first to see a truth. Now, to be considered expert in the knowledge of our solar system, understanding Lou Frank's discovery is essential.

While studying satellite imagery, Lou began to question what most had classified as camera errors. His query led him to a place no man had gone before. And many now fear to go. It's to a place where the universe, it is realized, is a figment of our imagination. And it's our acceptance of newly discovered truths which affords imagination the ability to construct the most accurate figment possible, to date. Because God becomes known through the understanding of his creation, and because man is created in the image he has of God, through the knowing of this discovery, man becomes.

Now, I'm figuring chances are you do not know about this discovery of Lou Frank's. Because I think I'm somewhat vigilant when it comes to an awareness of what the mainstream media is disseminating, and I haven't caught wind of this discovery until now. Because the media did not bring this discovery to your attention, probably for the same reason the Catholic Church didn't want us to know about Galileo, many of us can be shown to be extremely ignorant. But since I've found it first, and your not aware of it, my thinking, my understanding, and my statements, you would probably strongly disagree with, simply because they are not yet "mainstream". And only those who take the time to study will understand that I am right, and that you are still being misled by the political experts/priests of today. This is a unique situation, let's try a few statements, and see how wrong you can be in your decision process, when yours is based more on politics then the truth. True or false?

Water ice, about the consistency of fog, in the form of small pods, 20 to 40 tons each, are so prevalent in the solar system that the Earth collides with and absorbs 20 to 40 every minute, about 10,000 a day?

All planets within our solar system with water and atmospheres, have collected those since the planets were formed. And still are?

The nuclear fusion occurring on the sun, may well be fueled from outside the sun itself. And the continuation of such fusion reaction is dependent upon the sun's ability to attract and absorb these abundant "Astro Ice Pods"?

The Earth collects water from space at an average rate of 5 cm every 10,000 years?

Knowledge is power, the power to make accurate decisions, and I'm trying to share some of my power with you? Until you accept it, the power I have greatly exceeds yours? This keeps us from becoming equal, this keeps power in the hands of a few rather than the people? To fulfill their obligation to the Constitution, Americans must be willing and striving to learn, and share equally with others without respect to persons and their positions? It's un-American to leave one's countrymen in the dark?

Go here to check your answers:

The generation that chisels it's opinion in stone, does all a disservice.

Science and learning is something we all should be able to do. Our lives should allow for it.


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Listen to the guy!


I understand that you think your message about icepods from outer space has great urgency and importance but you don't explain why this knowledge gives you power or what Santa Claus has to do with any of this.
I think that you should be made aware that this is a Canadian based forum. The USA Constitution has no relevance to Canadians or to Canada.

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Isn't it obvious?

Alan [b]is[/b] Santa Claus!

He delivers free "scientific" knowledge to everyone who will listen to him. No charge.

You should be grateful.


Alan, I've been naughty. Could you scare up some lumps of coal for me? More value there than in Lou's discovery.


Be fair. Anyone who can make reindeer fly probably knows a thing or two about physics.


I have listened to "as it happens a lot" on shortwave, and it was while going through "quarks" archives that I learned about Lou Frank's discovery. I realize, for economic purposes, Canada shares nuclear technology in the form of reactors abroad. Lou Frank's discovery indicates our understanding of physics needs to be reevaluated. Working under our present assumptions could be dangerous in the field of nuclear physics, until we account for this.



Originally posted by M. Spector:
[He delivers free "scientific" knowledge to everyone who will listen to him. No charge.

Sometimes, after I share my theories, people ask me; "aren't you afraid of someone stealing your ideas?". My response is; "I'm more afraid of having to go to a doctor that is unaware of them".


Alan, you've become quite adept at linking us to pages that say;


Page Not Found

We're sorry, the Goddard Space Flight Center Web site has recently changed and the page you requested may no longer be available.


Please contact the webmaster.
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Visit [url=][/url] to see Goddard's latest news stories.
Browse the links to the left for archived information.

[url=]Lou Frank[/url] from a random google link. His work isn't new to this forum either... red rain, red rain!

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Originally posted by alanejackson:

Sometimes, after I share my theories, people ask me; "aren't you afraid of someone stealing your ideas?". [/b]

[img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img] Thanks for the chuckle alan, that was a good one! [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]


BCG, perhaps you should be more afraid of going to a doctor that has tried to steal his theories [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]

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Noise: [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]



Originally posted by Noise:
[QB]Alan, you've become quite adept at linking us to pages that say;

The site first gave 40 meg. Then after a while they said we are going to 20 meg. They have not dumped my 40 meg yet, but I'm not able to change anything @ anglefire.

We do what we can. I've just been band or block at four or five forums in the last to days.

If my wireless co. is polictal, and they get complants, I'll be back at just the library.

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Originally posted by alanejackson:
[b]... four or five forums in the last [two] days.[/b]

I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the man who can deliver toys to all the children of the world in a single night can also manage to spam half a dozen forums at a time.



The USA Constitution has no relevance to Canadians or to Canada.

Think again.
If our politically picked party puppets continue to violate the principles set forth in the U.S. Constitution, you could be the next Iraq.

Job 21:14 Yet they say to God, Depart from us, For we do not desire the knowledge of Your ways.


Proverbs 26:11--
"As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly." (The Bible, New International Version, translated 1973)

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martin dufresne


This is a narrative of an intense debate about the findings of a startlingly large influx of small comets into our atmosphere.

Anyone who writes like this has my utmost sympathy if not undying belief.


I've heard that a book came out informing its readers of the fact that the U.S. government took effort toward discrediting Albert Einstein and his work. Many times debates are not really for the purpose of education. Their staged to allow politics to maneuver behind the scenes, in an effort to avoid being discredited publicly, and shift investments in the stock market. They are presented as a method to promote education, but those that really study can see them for what they really are, a political attempt at damage control. New insights/discoveries cause us to reevaluate once excepted erroneous conclusions, and those subscribing to/peddling the exposed disinformation. Hindsight reveals these attempts to everyone. Only those that really study, can recognize them as they occur.

History also shows, that often is the case, when a person has been moved by what was taught to him by no-man, thus changing him in such a way that we all must follow, some groups of people seem to show-up, and over time, though political means, these groups twist the truth due to ignorance and self-interest. And then, what was intended to be educational truths, when told through the effects of political interest, end up misleading the many that have looked to the group for what they should be getting from a personal study of the records.

Recent studies cannot find any lives saved through the use of mammograms, as claimed. They suggest mammograms may be causing premature death. We can still see those getting rich through the use of mammograms, though. Do old people get cancer simply because they do not turn their cells sufficiently in a magnetic field? Is this how young people have avoided it, as a whole?

"The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year...". Boy,,, those must have been "The Days".

The days before the media. The media needs something to collect for. And its main reason is a war. War against alcohol, war against Communists, war against drugs, war against smokers, war against welfare mothers, war against.... Those who see THE DOG WAG.

"Few of us take the pains to study the origin of our cherished convictions;... The result is that most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do... We can readily give what seems to us "good" reasons for being a Catholic or a Mason, a Republican or a Democrat. But the "real" reasons are usually on quite a different plane... The "real" reasons for our beliefs are concealed from ourselves as well as from others... We unconsciously absorb them from our environment. They are persistently whispered in our ear by the group in which we happen to live. Moreover, as Mr. Trotter has pointed out [in Instincts of the Herd] these judgments, being the product of suggestion and not of reasoning, have the quality of perfect obviousness, so that to question them is to the believer to carry skepticism to an insane degree, and will be met by contempt, disapproval, or condemnation, according to the nature of the belief in question. When, therefore, we find ourselves entertaining an opinion about the basis of which there is a quality of feeling which tells us that to inquire into it would be absurd, obviously unnecessary, unprofitable, undesirable, bad form, or wicked, we may know that the opinion is a non rational one, and probably, therefore, founded upon inadequate evidence... Our "good" reasons ordinarily have no value in promoting honest enlightenment, because, no matter how solemnly they may be marshaled, they are at bottom the result of personal preference or prejudice, and not of an honest desire to seek or except new knowledge... So we spend much time finding fault with circumstances and the conduct of others, and shifting on to them with great ingenuity the onus of our own failures and disappointments. Rationalizing is the self-exculpation which occurs when we feel ourselves, or our group, accused of misapprehension or error." - The Mind in the Making - James Harvey Robinson - 1920

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