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It's Me D

RosaL, I'm not out to pick apart your post but could you clarify what you mean by:

RosaL wrote:
  a more rigorously formulated alternative

to "the Enlightenment" for me?

I'm totally at a loss... Undecided

dr anonymous

Its me d wrote:

PS: It always amazes me when people like dr anonymous look at the world and see in it no evidence of the divine, Earth must be a very gloomy place when looked at that way.

 Why do you think religion reasonably succeeds? Because the earth is gloomy. Human beings kill for $$ and power. Religions kill for the same.

Id rather walk this earth being a good guy and treating people properly- with the knowledge that there most likely is not a divine leader. Id rather be in control of my own mind/life/destiny then let some conmen pedophiles tell me what fairytale to believe in.


I can look in the mirror and know what I see. Religous freaks dont know what they see in the mirror. Stop being so damn scared to die . You will die one day. Live life dont be conned by the church.


If there ends up being a god I hope he's not half the aisshole he seems. He lets some pretty bad sht go on. I dont want a god like that. At least the devil gives it to you straight. But he's a fairytale also so what does it all matter



My point was actually to REDUCE the difference people make between religious/culture dress of non-dominant cultures in our society, and the dress of the mainstream, dominant culture.

The idea that religious people (especially religious people from other areas of the world than Christian Europe) are making some sort of statement with their clothing while the "ordinary" clothes of white European-descended North Americans is not a statement is another way of assuming that the way most North Americans dress is simply "normal" and doesn't mean anything, while the way religious people (especially those from non-Christian religions) is somehow strange and full of sinister meaning.

White, secular, North American dress is also full of meaning, and also tells a lot about what we value, what we believe, etc.  But that's seen as more acceptable than when religious people, especially non-white, non-Christian people, wear clothing that means something to them symbolically.

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dr. anonymous - I'm so sorry that your sense of the divine has been completely sabotaged by The Church. One day I hope that you will be able to think freely about such questions.